Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Evacuation                                   [Helg13]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 4000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Enter ISA base

You will have to exterminate all hostilities before you can proceed with the
evacuation. This can be pretty hard, as this mission is tougher than the two
first ones - be prepared! Well, move a little northwest and crouch behind the
barrage there. Shoot and kill two Helghasts shooting at you from the north.
Popping and crouching is recommended here if you do not want to take lots of
damage. Well, now you should retreat and hide behind something, as a jetplane
with two additional Helghasts will appear. They will drop down on the ground
and start shooting. Make sure to reload before taking them on. Now, clear the
rest of the area of eventual remaining enemies, and then the a door will open.
Before doing anything else go all the way southeast to find 1000 Vektan
Dollar. There is also a crate in the middle of the area with some health in.
When you are done collecting stuff, go north into the gate, and talk to the
ISA soldier there.

 + Destroy the AA gun

The soldier says that you need to take down an AA gun placed near the
flight pad. Go north, but watch out for a helghast that is hiding behind the
green container on your left side. Kill him with a grenade and run east onto
the flightpad to kill the helghast at the other side. Strafing is smart here.
There is a health pack at the southern part of the flightpad. With that one
taken, go to the east side of the flight pad to find 1000 Vektan Dollar. You
have now cleaned the area up a lot, but the AA gun is still here, to the north
of the airpad. You will need some C4 to blow it up.

To find the C4 start going northwest and hide on the south side of the truck
there. Use popping (crouch with R and time your shots with Square) to kill the
enemy shooting at you from the north. There is also an enemy on your left side
that you should take care of afterwards. Now, deactivate the mines close to the
truck. There are two mines, not just one. Kill the helghast that enters by
opening the northern gate. Behind this gate is a depot with two C4 sets in, and
two crates with health and 1000 Dollar. Take them all and return to the AA gun,
that is placed above the flight pad. Use the C4 to blow it up. A jetplane
with reinforcements will now land, and ask you to find three ISA VIPs and bring
them back here.

 + Find and rescue three ISA VIPs

First go northwest again, and kill the bad guy that attacks when you get near
the truck that had mines on it earlier. Inside the door on your left side is
one VIP, a lady. Just bring her back to the jetplane - no one will harm her.
Head up to the truck again, kill a new helghast, and blow the gate on your left
open using your last C4. Kill the helghast on the far left side by popping, and
then deactivate the mine near him. The ammo that he dropped can not be used by
you yet, if this is your first time playing. Well, in the depot there are some
grenades. Pick whichever of them you want, and take the health as well. Go
south, not up the stairs, and kill the bad guy you meet. Open the three crates
at the far south for some health and ammunition. Nearby, to the right, you will
see a door. When you get near it, two Helghasts will attack from the right.
Kill them by using a grenade and then open the door to find a VIP. There is
also a depot close to the door should you need treatment. Now you should just
escort this VIP back to the jetplane.

The thing now, is that you need more C4 to save the last VIP. Remember the
gates that opened when you had cleared the first area in this mission? Go
there, and open the depot there to find one C4. Ok, now run northwest to the
truck again. Kill two bad guys, and if you need ammo, open the nearby depot to
find a Machine Gun. Run all the way southwest, up the stairs and then all the
way north. Blow the electrified door here open using your C4 to make the VIP
appear - just don't touch the cables, since they are dangerous.

With the VIP here, walk a little north to find the last 1000 Dollars. You
should have 4000 Dollar if you have found all the money in this mission. Jump
down the ledge on the right side and have the VIP follow you. Kill the helghast
down here, and command the VIP to move as far right as possible to avoid the
attacker that appears on the left side, close to the gap. Kill the attacker,
and then just head back to the flight pad to end the mission.