Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Retreat                                      [Helg12]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 8000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Reach the ISA base

Rico gets shot in the back of his head, and will need a syringe from the nearby
depot. Get one from the depot, and press X when nearby Rico to heal him. Now
you will be called back to HQ to escort some VIPs. To manage Rico, go you can
go into buddy ordering mode by pressing UP on the directional pad. Just go into
ordering mode and press Circle to have him follow you for now. Walk southwest
to find 1000 Dollar. Continue right and a friendly soldier will die and a
helghast will attack. As you can see by going into ordering mode again, you can
tell mates to attack certain enemies by using the directional pad. I will
however not tell you to bother with this, since Rico will attack even if you
just have him follow you.

The main path is blocked by a tree, so go south and approach the mine slowly
until a tool icon appears, and then hold X to deactivate it. Be quick to pick
up the supplies from the depot, and then shoot the attacking helghast. Rico
will help you. When they are dead, deactivate the other mine and go east for
1000 Dollar and some light bullets. Now drop down into the trench and enter
ordering mode to have Rico blow up the tank that blocks the path. Before going
south past the tank, go north to find a depot and 1000 Dollar. The friendly
soldiers will be killed by helghast, but you can try to protect them. Now go
south past the tank.

Kill the enemy on the left side and order Rico to use the mounted gun, just
like when you ordered him to blow up the tank some seconds ago. Helghasts will
attack from left, north and right. You should mainly concentrate on the ones
from left and right, while Rico kills the northern ones. You can find some ammo
in the nearby crate, and the Helghasts drop lots as well. When the attackers
finally stop coming, have Rico follow you again. Go southwest for 1000 Dollar,
then directly south from where the mounted gun is, over the bridge and there
will be two crates. One of them has 1000 Dollar. Three Helghasts will appear
on your right side, on higher ground. Run up to them, and kill them one after
the another. Just have Rico follow you as earlier. Now, you will have to find
1000 Dollar that have been hidden at a weird location. If you go a little
south, you will see a fallen tree. It is possible to walk on this tree, and end
up close to a crate - which has the Dollar. Now, go back again to the other
side of the tree again. Walk down straight south to find another 1000 Dollar,
then east to find a depot, and kill the helghast that is shooting at you from
higher ground. Walk east to higher ground, west again over a bridge, and you
will find the last 1000 Dollar.

Take the southern path now, but do not walk straight into the enemies, since
there is a mine blocking the path. Kill the enemies at long range, and then you
can finally move close and deactivate the mine. There is an enemy on the crates
to your south that can be pretty touch on Rico if you do not watch out. Of
course you can heal him using a syringe like earlier, but its better to just
kill the enemy. Now, press the green button to the north so that the gate
opens. Rico will now get separated from you. As a reward, the
StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle will now be unlocked for you to use in next mission.