Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Counter Attack                               [Helg11]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 8000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Go west to the ruined house

Welcome to your first mission. You're fighting on the ISA side, against the
Helghast. After landing the jetplane, Luger will call you. When finished
listening to Luger, you can turn tutorial mode off by pressing triangle on your
PSP. Walk close to the nearby crate and press X to open it and find 35 light
bullets. Since your objective is to meet Hugo in a destroyed house to the west,
run up the stairs in front of you and break the crate near the dead soldier to
find 1000 Vektan Dollar. There is a dirty trench on the left of the crate. Use
it to get a little west, but don't run right into the helghast that is at the
opposite end of it. Now, run a little closer to him, crouch using the R-button,
and then aim at him using the analog stick. When a health bar appears above
him, it means that you are aiming right at him. Hit the square-button a few
times to shoot him dead.

Before going close to the body of the helghast you just killed, go a little
south and then over a small bridge made of a plank. At the end, there is a
shining object containing another 1000 Vektan Dollar. Now go to the dead body
and collect the health from the supply depot above the body. Go a little left
up a small hill to see one of your comrades get killed by a helghast. Be quick
and crouch close to the concrete wall that your comrade was hiding behind.
There is a helghast at the other side that you should kill by pressing square-
button while still holding R to crouch. This will make you pop up quickly and
shoot. When you want to duck again, just release square. A helghast will attack
from the left. Hold L to strafe while shooting to kill him off. Walk west, open
a crate for more light bullets and then go south to find yet another crate with
1000 Vektan Dollar in.

To the west is the first checkpoint. You will see a soldier controlling a
mounted gun, but he dies, so go use the gun yourself. Aim using R and L and
shoot using square. Kill enemies until you get a radio call from someone
needing help at a shelled-out house. Use the directional pad to stop using the
mounted gun, and go a little left to a supply depot with some health and C4.
Run left, pick up some grenades from a depot and use the circle-button to throw
one over the wall on your left. This will kill a baddie.

 + Destroy the wall with C4

Luger will tell you that Rico is nearby and that you should destroy the
wall using the C4 you found earlier. Before that, run left, strafe and
shoot a helghast to death, and then pick up 1000 Vektan Dollar from the
nearby crate. If you missed the C4 earlier, there is some in a depot here
as well.Now go back and destroy the wall near the circle on the floor.
You need to hold down the X-button to set the C4 up, and then take cover
before it blows up.

 + Use C4 to get access to the front line

Behind the wall, a wounded soldier will tell you that Rico is having trouble on
the front line. If you need health, take the pack on the ground. An enemy will
attack, so crouch and pop up to kill him, then move on. Northwest is another
1000 Dollar, so go there first. Then walk southeast and over a new plank
bridge. Kill two helghast soldiers, and use the dodge-roll function with L if
you feel like. Now, blow up the gate marked with a circle on the ground. Before
going up the path that appeared behind it, open the grate directly south of the
gate for 1000 Vektan Dollar. Now, proceed up the path. On your left is some
health, and in front of you is a helghast. Finish him with grenades or bullets.

 + Help out Rico at the front line

Drop down in the trench on your left and use R to aim and L to lock onto the
explosive barrel to blow it up. In the depot, there is some health and ammo,
and to the left of the depot, you can find 1000 Vektan Dollar. Now, you need
to go left, but watch out since a helghast will come from northeast, which
means behind you. Go kill that one first, and the finish the one on the left
side. Now, run a little back and wait for another two enemies. Just crouch
behind some concrete blocks and pop up to kill them. As you know, there is
still health left in the depot - if you did not use it up already of course.
Now, with the two soldiers dead, go north and open a crate for another 1000
Dollar. You should now have all 8000 Dollar from this mission. Go northwest
to find Rico, who looks like Vin Diesel (no, that's not cool, he has too much
buff) and complete this mission.