Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Challenge Games Explained                                           [ZoneExpla]

The challenge games can be found on main singleplayer menu, and consists of
several challenges that will be unlocked when you complete the chapters in the
campaign. For example, Chapter 1 Challenge Games are unlocked after completing
Chapter 1 in the campaign. If you do well enough, you will be rewarded with a
medal in each challenge. Bronze gives 5 points, Silver 10 points and Gold 20
points. When you have enough points, you will unlock new abilities. Check the
Challenge Games Rewards section for a list of abilities. Below, in this
I will explain what each challenge will have you do.

 Target Practice
 You will be the only friendly character on the field, and you will be standing
 in the middle of a barricade.  Colored shooting targets will appear at all
 sides. Your goal is to shoot or hit all the targets until they are destroyed,
 as long as they are not colored green. The red ones will explode, but is more
 valuable than the other ones. If you mistakenly destroy a green one, you will
 be punished and your score will not be as good as it had been if you had not
 blown it up. If you run out of bullets and have to reload, you can use melee
 attacks on the targets. You should however, reload as fast as you can, after
 destroying all the targets on the screen.

  Target Practice Run
 This is very similar to Target Practice, and the same rules count here. The
 difference however, is that you need to move to a certain point before the
 time runs out, and you need to destroy targets while running there. As 
 earlier, do not destroy green targets, as that will count towards your score.
 Remember, the goal is to have most possible time left at the end of the

 C4 Course
 Your goal here is to destroy all the targets marked with circles on the
 ground. You do this using C4 from the depot. There are enemy soldiers guarding
 the area. When more than one appears at a time, use grenades. My best tip is
 to use lots of grenades, and run STRAIGHT, not loosing too much time. The
 moment you have planted a C4, head for the next target!

 Object Course
 This mode will have you searching for cases, looking similar to the 1000
 Dollar suitcases from the campaign. The crates are located at the same places
 as in the campaign as well, so finding them will not be too hard on you. The
 problem is to do it fast enough! As in C4 Course, do not be afraid of using
 grenades on the enemy soldiers.

 Spidermine Catch
 This is a very funny way of playing the game. Your goal is to go close to a
 spider and have it follow you. Do not go so near that it explodes tough. After
 it has started following, you should run behind one of the cages, and then the
 spider will run into the cage and get trapped, if you ran straight towards the
 cage. One cage holds only one spider. Good luck!