Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Character Descriptions                                              [ZoneChara]

 Captain Templar
 The ISA veteran Captain Templar is a hero of his faction, and heralded as a 
 great leader by his allies. He has spent most of his life fighting against the
 Helghast, in order to liberate Vekta. He's a great asset to the ISA in combat
 situations, as well as in strategics. Templar might be ISA's strongest card in
 the conflict against the Helghast, and is the main character in Killzone: 
 Rico Velasques
 Rico was born and raised on Vekta, and has been hating the Helghast since the
 day he was born. He is the only survivor of his squad of soldiers, and has 
 seen both friends and family being crushed by the Helghast. Rico uses his 
 anger as a weapon, and is always armed to the teeth, hungering for revenge.
 Shadow Marshal Luger
 Luger plays an important role to Templar in this game. She is always telling 
 him what to do, and where to go via live radio-contact. A brilliant assassin,
 Luger is also highly trained for support-roles, as well as in the use of light
 weaponry. When being in the field, she carries a crossbow.