Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Frequently Asked Questions                                          [ZoneFrequ]

Q: How do I get a 100% complete game??
A: Complete all difficulties in the campaign, get gold in all challenges, find
   all the Vektan Dollars, and finally complete the campaign co-op mode. You do
   not need to go online to do this.

Q: What is this 'popping' you talk about so often?
A: Crouching to get cover, and then shooting small bursts using your weapon.

Q: Argh! I always die when surrounded by enemies!
A: Use strafing by holding the L-button, and double-tap L to dodge bullets.

Q: How do I exit vehicles, mounted guns and other stuff?
A: Press DOWN on the directional pad.

Q: Holy cow! The helghast soldiers have too much health..
A: You can damage them lots by shooting at them after they have fallen.

Q: How do I lock my aim onto objects like crates and other targets?
A: Face your target, then hold R to aim, then L to lock on.

Q: What does north, south, east and west mean?
A: North is UP, south is DOWN, east is RIGHT, west is LEFT.

Q: How do I unlock challenge games?
A: Complete the campaign chapters.

Q: How do I unlock 'xxxxxxxxx'?
A: Collect Vektan Dollars in about all cases.

Q: Why hasn't a certain weapon gotten unlocked yet?
A: You don't have enough Vektan Dollar. Follow the walkthrough for the
   missions to find out where all the money can be found.
Q: How do I upgrade weapons to V2?
A: This will happen automatically when you have enough Vektan Dollar.
   When upgraded, the weapons turn to gold in the weapons-select menu.

Q: I want to carry more grenades and get abilities!
A: Complete challenge games and earn medals there.

Q: When I get the choice, should I take the smoke or frag grenades.
A: Absolutely frag grenades. All the way.

Q: Boo! You forgot to mention a crate of ammo!
A: If I included all mags, the FAQ would end up taking 1MB of space.

Q: Man, this document is way too big and contains unneeded stuff!!
A: No, it isn't and doesn't. Covers everything you need to know, not more.

Q: How do I use another weapon in the challenge games?
A: You can't, unless a depot lets you pick them up.

Q: Spidermines, what are they good for?
A: When you shoot at them, they will attack the nearest soldier, Helghasts too.

Q: Tell me about online and multiplayer!
A: This guide is for singleplayer only, sorry. I don't like internet games.

Q: When I earn upgrades for my weapons in singleplayer, can i use them online?
A: No, you can not.

Q: I want you to add something not related to multiplayer to this FAQ.
A: Mail me about it, then.