Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Game Basics                                                         [ZoneBasic]

 Popping is one of the techniques that you will be using most in Killzone:
 Liberation. The game focuses on close quarters battle, with lots of places to
 take cover from deadly bullets. To 'pop' enemies to death, you should crouch
 behind objects like walls, plates, fallen trees and so on, and when the enemy
 soldiers stop shooting towards you, you can pop up and fire at them. This is a
 very nice strategy on almost all the levels and missions in the game. You
 crouch with R and shoot with Square. Once Square is released, you will crouch

 When fighting against dogs snipers, or just enemies with usual weapons,
 strafing can be a nice solution to avoid taking damage. First you need to aim
 at your target, and then hold L. This will lock your aim onto the enemy, and
 make you able to strafe to the left or right while you are shooting. Accuracy
 will be lowered, but sometimes it is worth it. When strafing you will often be
 very close to your enemies. When they fall onto the ground, be quick and run
 close to them for better accuracy, and shoot them while they are trying to get

 Enemy Threat Indication
 The helghast soldiers have laser-goggles that have a certain colored light in
 them. These colors indicate the soldier's awareness of the situation. If the
 color in the goggles is yellow, he does not know you're there. If the color is
 orange, he suspects that you might be some place close to him. And Finally, if
 the color is red, he absolutely knows that you are nearby.

 Many players often forget that grenades are an important part of Killzone:
 Liberation, and get stuck, not thinking about the fact that throwing frag
 grenades is one of the most useful features in the game. By using the Circle
 button, you can enter grenade mode - if you have grenades in your inventory.
 When you do this, some dots indicating your target will appear. If you are
 close to an enemy, you will auto-target him. Press Circle once more to throw
 the grenade. Frag grenades are very powerful and can kill an enemy soldier
 with one hit if you're lucky. You can lob them over walls to surprise enemies
 as well. By using smoke grenades, you will make your enemies, and yourself,
 unable to lock onto each other.

 Buddy Ordering
 When you have a mate on your team, like for example Rico, you can order him or
 her around by first pressing UP on the directional pad, and then using the
 directional pad to tell them where to go, or to perform tasks like blowing up
 gates with C4. If you enter buddy ordering mode by pressing UP, and then just
 press Circle to exit, your buddy will simply follow you around.