Chromehounds Achievements

Achievement (Points)

All Tact Complete (20) Complete all missions in Story Mode
Biped Specialist (20) Deploy on bipedal chassis 50 times
Bloodless Award Win 5 times without attacking the enemy
Bronze Flag (20) Secure COMBASs 100 times
Bronze Hammer (20) Destroy enemy HQ and win 50 times
Bronze Patriot (20) Stay with same nation for 3 seasons
Bronze Wing (20) Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs
Capital Occupation (20) Destroys another nation
Combat Award (20) Win 10 times when outnumbered
Command Complete (20) Complete Commander arc in Story Mode
Command Valor (20) Reach max Commander experience
Crushing Award (20) Completely eliminate enemy 100 times
Defense Complete (20) Complete Defender arc in Story Mode
Defense Valor (20) Defender experience level maxed out
Distinguished Service (20) Destroy the unidentified enemy weapon
Gold Cross (20) #1 in seasonal fame at end
Gold Eagle (20) #1 in total fame for a given period
Gold Hexagon (20) #1 in average seasonal fame at end
Gold Lion (20) #1 in seasonal conquest points at end
Gold Sword Cross (20) #1 in total conquest pts for period
Gold Wing (20) #1 in average total fame for a given period
Gunner Complete (20) Complete H Gunner arc in Story Mode
Gunner Valor (20) H Gunner experience level maxed out
Hound Specialist (20) Own one of each part in the game
Hover Specialist (20) Deploy on hover chassis 50 times
Humane Award Avoid killing any enemies five times in a row
Inverse Specialist (20) Deploy on inverse chassis 50 times
Marching Service (20) Travel 1,000,000 km
Military Service (20) Deploy 300 times
Multi Spec (20) Deploy on multi chassis 50 times
Nation Resurrector (20) Revive an affiliated nation
Neroimus War Medal (40) Win the Neroimus War
Red Flag (20) Win 100 times
Scout Complete (20) Complete Scout arc in Story Mode
Scout Valor (20) Scout experience level maxed out
Silver Flag (20) Secure COMBASs total of 300 times
Silver Hammer (20) Destroy enemy HQ and win 100 times
Silver Patriot (20) Donate to an affiliated nation
Silver Wing (20) Destroy total of 100 enemy HOUNDs
Sniper Complete (20) Complete Sniper arc in Story Mode
Sniper Valor (20) Sniper experience level maxed out
Soldier Complete (20) Complete Soldier arc in Story Mode
Soldier Valor (20) Soldier experience level maxed out
Storming Award (20) Make the first attack 30 times
Survival Award (20) Survive without dying 10 times in a row
Tact Instructor (20) Get top marks in every Story Mode mission
Touring Service (20) Deploy to every battlefield in the game
Tread Spec (20) Deploy on treaded chassis 50 times
Wheel Specialist (20) Deploy on wheeled chassis 50 times