Drakengard 2 Review

Doing a little dragon riding.
There are a few things thrown into the combat for good measure, though. Youíll eventually be joined by a couple of other characters that you can switch between on the fly. Some characters do better against some enemies than others, so there actually is a touch of strategy creeping into the game here. There are also magic attacks designed to clear your immediate vicinity of enemies, but you wonít really need to go to the magic well that often. If youíre outdoors youíll also be able to call in help from Legna in the form of some fireball blasts, which basically amounts to another spell in your arsenal.

Between your ground-based missions youíll face aerial missions starring Legna. It sounds exciting to command a dragon in a battle in the skies but it doesnít work out that way. You can shoot fireballs, homing fireballs, and unleash magical breath attacks. The homing fireballs are too weak to help with most enemies and the regular fireballs are too difficult to aim, so youíll find yourself avoiding this frustrating situation whenever you can and trying to simply fly past any attackers on your way to your destination. You wonít really be missing out on anything interesting as the game features an inordinate amount of combat against floating blocks for some reason. Making matters worse is that Legna does not control very well, so itís not even that much fun to just soar through the air.

The game does have some good voicework and the story is a bit interesting, but who plays action games just for the story? Itís hard to recommend this game for purchase unless you loved the original Drakengard and couldnít get enough of it. If youíre curious about it, give the game a rental and see if it can hold your interest until itís due back in the store.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 65%. A multitude of flaws takes the enjoyment out of fighting off multitudes of enemies.


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