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|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                        Our Mission                      |
       (0100T)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The real power of the United States lies in three areas.  The Justice 
Department, the Administrative bodies, and the Military.  In order to take 
control of these areas, we must influence the minds of the people who advise 
the President.  After this is done, the rest of the departments will quickly 
fall under our sway.  If by chance the United States were to figure out our 
plan, the damage caused should be minimal.  We will still be able to conquer 
the country as planned using our backup plan.  Once we control the country, we 
will use their international influence to our advantage.  The rest of the 
world will fall swiftly.  As already stated, if our first plan doesn't go as 
smoothly as expected, we'll proceed with out secondary plan.  By sending in 
our "special" forces we will infiltrate the country from within.  Fear and 
chaos will spread through the nation like a virus.  It'll only be a matter of 
time before the country loses its stability.  At that time, when they're most 
vulnerable, we will strike.  Rejoice my brethren; the world shall soon be 


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