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I'll report my findings about the Plagas here. The Plagas have 3 distinct 

1. As mentioned previously, the Plagas have the ability to manipulate the 
behavioral patterns of their hosts.

2.  The Plagas are social organisms. By this I mean that instead of living 
individually, they live in perfect social harmony. It is believed that they 
have a collective intelligence.  This type of behavior can be seen among 
insects such as bees and ants. However this kind of social behavior is rarely 
seen among parasitic organisms.  Perhaps it was a learned behavior by the 
Plagas.  I'm finding out if this has any relationship with their first 

3.  The Plagas have exceptional adaptation skills.  They are able to live off 
many kinds of organisms by creating a symbiotic environment quickly. This 
ability, when combined with their social behaviors, allows them to interact 
intelligently between hosts regardless of the host organism.  

I am ashamed to admit that my pure fascination with the Plagas, in hindsight, 
has blinded me to the true research objectives of the Los Illuminados.  Even 
with the knowledge that Saddler was going to abuse the results of these 
experiments, I could not pull myself away from my research. As a result, I am 
just as responsible for this whole mess as he is. I see now that I was wrong, 
but can I stop their evil plans alone...?


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