Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                  Village's Last Defense                 |
       (0100C)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

I clearly underestimated the American agent's capability.  He's still alive.  
I thought that we could wait until the egg hatched, but at this rate, he could 
destroy the whole village before it does.  We must take care of this nuisance.  
We shall change our priorities - for the time being, we will cease our hunt 
for Luis and ambush the two Americans.  There is a building used to enlighten 
betrayers just beyond the point where you get off the lift.  It's a perfect 
place for ambushing them.  If all else fails, they still would need to face me 
in order to get past the last gate that leads out of the village.  For only 
before my sight will the gate open.


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