Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 3 - 2                     |
       (00008)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Walk back a few steps, then enter the door 
|                              |  leading East.  Break the barrels and then 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  follow the path to a trap door that will 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  bring you down to the sewer.  Follow the 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  tuneel away from the stairs and make a 
| Butterfly Lamp........._____ |  right, then another right immediately which 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  will bring you to a crate.  Return to the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  hall but before continuing look down to the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  end, you should see a distortion of the air 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  and some odd steam.  The huge bug monsters 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  in this area are invisible, so to be safe 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  you had better snipe it from a distance.  
| Illuminados Pendant...._____ |  Continue until you reach a pit, there are 
| Elegant Mask..........._____ |  two more monsters down in the pit.  Once 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  they're dead drop down, in this little are 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  you can find 'Handgun Ammo (20),' 'TMP Ammo 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  (50)' and 'Velvet Blue.'  Climb the ladder 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  here and go into the door.
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  There are three of those monsters in the 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  immediate area.  Go down the East hall and 
| Gallery Key............_____ |  into the jail cell, it will lead you around 
| 1600 Ptas.............._____ |  to a door.  Inside of it, break the crates 
| Green Herb............._____ |  and open the chest to receive 'Butterfly 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Lamp.'  There's also a valve to turn here 
| Spinel................._____ |  which will drain the water.  Leave the room 
| Goat Ornament.........._____ |  and you'll encounter two more monsters, then 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  another two when you get back to the main 
| Spinel................._____ |  prison area.  Enter all the cells and you'll 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  find quite a few good items which include 
| Spinel................._____ |  'Shotgun Shells (10),' 'Incendiary 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  Grenade,' 'Handgun Ammo (20),' and 'Yellow 
| Spinel................._____ |  Herb.'  There's also a memo in one of the 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  cells for you to read.  Jump down into the 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  Southern area and head through the gate.  
| Red Gem................_____ |  Watch out for the monster in here.  Pick up 
| Moonstone (Right Half)._____ |  the 'Velvet Blue' sitting underwater at the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  upper left corner, then go up the stairs and 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  into the next room.
| Moonstone (Left Half).._____ |  
|                              |  Big swinging death blades, that's what 
o------------------------------o  you'll be thinking when you walk around 
                                  the corner.  Fortunately for you getting 
through here is pathetically easy.  The first one is swinging back and forth 
over the darker line in the ground, wait for it to pass and keep running.  
You've got to jump for the second one, same deal applies, just wait for it to 
pass and hit the A button.  As you go forward you'll come to two side by side, 
since they're moving at the same pace just in opposite direction, all you need 
to do is wait for them to pass and run.  It's that easy.  Up the small stairs 
just beyond the last blade, look on your right to find a 'Velvet Blue.'  
Continue onward and ascend the ladder.  There's a couple of barrels at the top 
for you to break open, head through the door and watch the scene.

Now this part is fun, you need to kill as many of those people as you can 
before they escape.  Your main target is the leader, but try to get most of 
them.  Your best bet is to toss a Hand Grenade down there is you still have 
on, or a Rocket Launcher should do the trick easily.  Try and snipe down and 
get anyone remaining after it goes off, if a few people escape it doesn't 
matter.  All the cultists drop Sipinels which is nice, but the leader drops 
the 'Illuminados Pendant' which is ever nicer!  Go and save your game at the 
North end, then climb the stairs.  If you wish you can use the chandelier to 
swing over to the upper East walkway and find an 'Elegant Mask' up there.  
Ascend the central stairs and the merchant is waiting for you at the top.  
Head through the nice red door beside him.

Walk forward and get the 'Red Herb' off the table.  In the next room on the 
central table you can find a memo to read, and 'Handgun Ammo (20)' on a nearby 
chair.  Head through the green door.  Quickly run to the North side of this 
room and eliminate the two enemies here.  The ones above you are equipped with 
crossbows so you'll need to snipe them down with your Rifle or equivalent 
weapon.  There are a lot of pots lining the outer railing of this room with 
nice things, but it'll be hard to get everything unless the crossbow enemies 
are dead.  Once you're satisfied enter the door to the upper left.  Break the 
barrels and climb the stairs to reach one of the armoured skull enemies, 
obviously this means no head shots!  Now that you're on the upper catwalk, try 
to snipe the red leader and his lackeys before they run, but if they do that's 
fine.  Run to the end of the walkway and jump down.

After a quick scene, get the items in the right room which include 'Shotgun 
Shells (10)' and four boxes of '1000 Ptas.'  If you didn't kill the red leader 
you need to chase him down now.  Try using the Shotgun from a distance since 
some of the spread is bound to hit him and stun him enough to let you get 
close.  When you manage to kill him he drops the 'Gallery Key.'  Go back to 
the North area of the large room where the leader stood originally and use the 
Gallery Key to open the locked door. Break the pots then examine the pedestal.

This puzzle is quite simple, your goal is to set it up so that a total of six 
people are shown being killed in the portraits.  If you can't figure it out 
yourself, the silution is as follows:  Switch 4, switch 3, switch 1, switch 2.  
Select the "Ok" option now and the wall will open up revealing your next path.  
Take it and go into the door.  Watch the scene here.  There's an ambush of 
enemies so watch out, your Shotgun is the perfect weapon for this battle.  
Don't stay where you are, find safety in a corner then begin shooting.  You 
probably won't be able to stand still for long because the cultists can use 
their scythes from long range.  Soon enough some new enemies will appear, 
mostly crossbow wielding but two enemies with one-shot rocket launchers also 
pop up.  Just run!  They'll almost certainly miss and end up hitting a few of 
their allies.  Climb the stairs to the second floor regardless of whether you 
wiped up downstairs or not, you need to eliminate the crossbow cultists so 
just chase them around the walkway gunning them as you go.  Any stragglers 
remaining on the other side can be easily sniped.

Now you can pick up the treasure around the room.  There are a number of pots 
to smash as well as some items to find including '1600 Ptas' at the bottom of 
the stairs, a 'Green Herb,' 'Handgun Ammo (20),' and 'Spinel.'  Head to the 
West side and press the button, once you do two more enemies with rocket 
launchers pop out and try to hit you, just run around one of the corners to be 
safe.  Now go South and into the door, break the pot to reveal a switch which 
makes a walkway to the treasure chest.  Now be careful, open the door and then 
turn around and run right back into the room!  The reason for this is that two 
enemies with rocket launchers wait outside and this will allow them to see 
you, but running back into the room causes the door to shut and they'll waste 
their rockets firing at a wall.  Go out and waste the two of them, then open 
the chest to receive the 'Goat Ornament.'

Head through the Northeast door leading to a stairwell and pick up the 'Yellow 
Herb,' then go back out and proceed through the Northwest door beside the 
alarm switch.  Be sure to save your game here, then make your way down the 
hall.  Break the pot on the end table, then go West since the North door won't 
budge no matter how many times you kick it.  Before going into the second West 
door, aim up above it and shoot the shiny object to drop a 'Spinel.'  Head 
through the door and go North, examine the fountain three times to get two 
'Velvet Blue' and a 'Spinel.'  You can't get through the door above you so 
take the other North path past the barrels.  Exit through the double doors.

Run down to the end of the path and watch the scene.  Now enter the garden.  
Through the gate you'll find two barrels on the left side.  Before going any 
firther equip a Shotgun or equally powerful weapon, because you're going to be 
attacked by an evil tentacle dog.  Blast it to bits, then move South, and 
West.  You'll come to a gate where you can see three dogs locked up just past 
it.  Don't open the gate, use your Rifle to shoot them from here because a 
single shot will cause them to break down the door.  When they're eliminated 
go back near the first get, and head around behind the bridge to find a 
barrel.  Two dogs might come to break down the gate just to the North, but if 
not go in and carefully tread until you find them.  There's another in a cage 
but if you get anywhere near him then he'll break out so shoot him from a 
distance.  From the North end, head East and navigate along the path to reach 
a 'Spinel' on the ground.  Return to the Northern area and go West past the 
dog cage.  Break the barrel, then head South until you reach the hedge, then 
make a left.  You should see a treasure box in front of you here, it contains 
'First Aid Spray.'  Backtrack to the centre of the garden

Make your way to the Southern cage that held the three dogs and go West.  Up 
the second path on your right is a 'Yellow Herb.'  Up the first path are two 
dogs to watch out for.  At the upper left area is a staircase, ignore it for 
now and head a little bit East below it.  You'll notice two paths leading 
South, one is the one you took to get here, the other leads to a chest 
containing 'Red Gem.'  Go back to the stairs and ascend, examine the fountain 
to receive 'Moonstone (Right Half).'  Backtrack again to the South-central 
area with the dog cage.  Make your way East this time all the way to the end 
where it leads you around to a chest containing 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  
Opening this will trigger a back attack from two dogs.  Follow the path back 
and make the first right turn to the North that you can make, you should find 
yourself at a staircase.  Run up the first side and down the other, then make 
a left the instant your reach ground again to find a chest containing 'TMP 
Ammo (50).'  The path North of the stairs leads to a fountain with the 
'Moonstone (Left Half)' on it.  On your way back you'll be ambushed by three 
dogs from the bushes, don't stop just keep running!  At the top of the stairs 
turn around and let them have it with your Shotgun.  This is the best way to 
remain unhurt.  Now head back to the entrance, use your map if you must.

On the outer stone walkway you came across to reach the garden, there is a 
door with an indentation.  Examine it and when you're brought to your 
inventory combine the two halves of the Blue Moonstone to unlock the door.
Watch the scene to trigger the end of this lengthy chapter.


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