Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 2 - 1                     |
       (00004)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Read the Anonymous Letter on the bed, then 
|                              |  pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  table.  Break the crate and get the 'Flash 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  Grenade' off the shelf.  If you didn't save 
| Green Gem.............._____ |  at the end of the chapter now would be a 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  good time, do so then leave the house.  Make 
| Spinel................._____ |  your way North and get back onto the boat.  
| Spinel................._____ |  Ride it into the cave located on the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Northeast edge.  When you're inside break 
| Amber Ring............._____ |  the barrel on the left and push the box.  
| Round Insignia........._____ |  This will give you access to two more 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  barrels and a ladder.  Climb the ladder and 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  push the two boxes here, it'll make a thin 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  path for you to reach another three barrels, 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  one of which holds the 'Green Gem.'  Jump 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  down the ladder in the middle and you'll 
| Spinel................._____ |  land inside the shop where you can get 
| Green Herb............._____ |  'Rifle Ammo (10).'  Talk to the merchant and 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  make some purchases even though he has 
| Spinel................._____ |  nothing new.  Return to the front of the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  shop and go around the right side to find 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  two barrels, then shoot the torch above them 
| 3000 Ptas.............._____ |  which drops a 'Spinel.'  Return now to the 
|                              |  cabin where the chapter began and walk in 
o------------------------------o  the opposite direction toward the gate.

Follow the path and go through the gate.  You'll encounter a new type of enemy 
here, make sure to keep your distance as most of your weaker weapons won't 
daunt him enough to prevent him from whipping you at close range.  Once 
they're dead go up the stairs and jump across the raging river, then down a 
little and back across again.  Use the rope to climb down into the town.  If 
you look up after you land you'll see a shiny object of the cliff, shoot it 
and pick it up to receive a 'Spinel.'  Go up the ladder beside the fire but 
watch out for the villager at the top.  Break the barrel and grab the 'Handgun 
Ammo (10)' off the railing.  Head to the bottom of town and look across the 
water.  You'll see a crate hanging and no way to get across.  Shoot the chain 
and the box will drop, giving you the ability to jump over.  Run West toward 
the waterfall and look up between the two torches to see a shiny object.  
Shoot it down and pick it up to receive the 'Amber Ring.'  If you look on your 
left you'll see a crate hanging from a chain on a moving crane, shoot this 
chain and go back down.  Jump onto the box and pull out your Rifle, if you 
don't have the Rifle you'll need to go back up and climb the ladder.  Use 
whatever means necessary to shoot the chain holding the higher crate to the 
Northwest.  This will give you two crates beside each other and enough room to 
jump across to the other side.  Ascend the ladder leading to the roof of the 
house and operate the large switch to stop the flow of the water.

Jump back across to the middle platform, but watch out because this will 
trigger an attack from a bunch of enemies.  Fend them off as best you can as 
you make your way toward the now-dry waterfall.  At the end of the cave 
examine the large emblem on the wall to receive the 'Round Insignia.'  Take 
the shortcut and break open the barrels before stepping onto the boat.  You 
should recognize this place.  Ahead of you on your left is the merchant and a 
save point.  Ascend the ladder and take a couple of steps West for a scene.

o- Boss (El Gigante) --------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| This giant hulking monster will be your opponent, he certainly lives up    |
| to his name.  There are quite a few attacks this boss has so it's hard to  |
| predict them, as he follows no particular pattern.  Basically he has two   |
| primary attacks which are grabbing you and kicking you.  Both are close    |
| range attacks so he won't do them if you're on the other side of the area. |
| For long range attacks he can interact with the environment, this involves |
| picking up large rocks or even trees.  The rocks can be avoided by running |
| in one direction, the tree can be avoided by a quick tap of L + R when     |
| prompted.  After not too much time has passed, the wolf that you saved at  |
| the beginning of the game will appear and start to run around the field,   |
| distracting the boss.  The wolf cannot die so this is your opportunity     |
| to attack while he isn't chasing you.  Pull out your most powerful weapon  |
| and begin shooting at him.  Don't put too much emphasis on shooting him in |
| the head since it really doesn't make much difference.  In fact this isn't |
| how you damage the boss at all.  After he has been shot enough times he'll |
| crouch down in pain and the true enemy will expose itself, the parasite in |
| his back.  Refrain from shooting this thing as well and approach the boss  |
| from behind, you'll get the option to climb up.  When you do you'll either |
| have to tap A or B as fast as possible to start cutting the monster.  Soon |
| he will stand up and you can repeat the process over again.  The tentacle  |
| takes about fifteen cuts to die, so it should take about two tries or      |
| maybe three if you're a bit slower.  One more thing to note about this     |
| battle is that the boss will only interact with the environment if you     |
| lead him to it.  If you're not good at dodging trees then don't ever run   |
| near one.  There are some exceptions of course but this is the general     |
| idea.  When he's bounding in your direction try to avoid running between   |
| his legs since it will usually just result in being kicked, go around to   |
| one side and you should be able to avoid both of his close range attacks.  |
| Also try to stay away from the huts at the lower part of the field,        |
| if they remain in tact you can find items in them after the fight.         |
| Also I figured it was a given but I've received a number of emails about   |
| so I guess people would like to know.  The Rocket Launcher which kills     |
| virtually every enemy in the game in a single hit makes quick work of the  |
| El Gigante as well, saves you a lot of parasite-chopping time.             |
|                                                                            |

Examine the boss' body to receive '15,000 Ptas.'  If you didn't already during 
the fight grab the 'Red Herb' and 'Yellow Herb' as well as the 'Handgun Ammo 
(10)' from near the cart.  In the first hut you can get 'TMP Ammo (50),' 
'Spinel,' and 'Green Herb.'  In the second there's '1000 Ptas' and 'Handgun 
Ammo (10).'  Finally in the last one you'll find 'Spinel,' 'Shotgun Shells 
(10),' and '1000 Ptas.'  A nice reward for keeping the huts up.  Continue your 
trek West and go through the door.  Run across the walkway, but stop in the 
shack because the crates have respawned.  Before going up the hill that leads 
to the church prepare yourself very carefully.  Awaiting you at the top are 
some extremely dangerous wolf enemies, and if you're caught off guard there's 
almost no way to escape.  The crates have respawned as well in the shack West 
of here.  When you're ready go up to the church and examine the door, you'll 
be brought to your inventory.  Select the Round Insignia and use it to enter.

Break the barrel on the right side of the church, then get the '3000 Ptas' 
from the cabinet behind the altar.  Follow the East hall to a ladder you can 
climb.  As you go along the path, check your right side for the option to 
jump.  When you do you'll land on the chandelier.  Keep tapping A as fast as 
possible so that when the option to jump again appears, you'll make it across.  
Head left and break open the two barrels, then examine the control panel.

This puzzle is actually quite easy.  All you have to do is rotate each colour 
so that they match the outline of the colour on the centre circle.  To do this 
is quite simple, you need to turn the red one two times, the green one three 
times and the blue one only once.  Then select the option "Combine" from the 
possible choices and the gates will unlock.  Follow the hall around and enter 
the door to trigger a scene.  After the scene break all the barrels in the 
room and exit.  Jump down the ladder and press A when you hit the ground to 
catch Ashley.  Head forward to trigger another scene.


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