Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 1 - 3                     |
       (00003)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Examine the cabinet at the end of the hall 
|                              |  to find a 'Green Herb.'  Down the stairs 
| Green Herb............._____ |  you'll find a save point on the table, if 
| Brown Chicken Egg......_____ |  you wish to save your game again so soon.  
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  If you open the oven in the kitchen there's 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  a 'Brown Chicken Egg' inside.  On the 
| Red Catseye............_____ |  opposite end of the house, break the glass 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  on the shelf and pick up the 'Incendiary 
| Spinel................._____ |  Grenade.'  There's '1000 Ptas' in the 
| Spinel................._____ |  cabinet behind you here as well.  You can 
| Elegant Headdress......_____ |  check out the washroom as well, beside the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  stairs but all you'll find is a crazy 
| Green Catseye.........._____ |  villager in there.  Leave the house and 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  be very careful as there is another crazy 
| Spinel................._____ |  chainsaw man here.  Be sure to kill 
| Spinel................._____ |  him though since he usually drops something 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  nice.  Take care of all the enemies in this 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  area and head down the path.  There's a 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  crate you can break in the first shack on 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  your left.  There's even more enemies 
| Antique Pipe..........._____ |  guarding the gate at the end of the path, 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  fight your way through them and continue. 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  
| Gold Bangle w/ Pearls.._____ |  There's quite a few more villagers to fight 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  in this area.  Once they're eliminated and 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  the town quits down a bit there's something 
|                              |  you can do.  To get the rare treasure 'Red 
o------------------------------o  Catseye' take the Northeast path back to the 
                                  area where the dynamite villagers were.  Up 
in the tree near the house you'll see a large white object, shoot it down to 
obtain the Red Catseye.  Back in the main village examine the door with the 
large symbol on it, where all the villagers went originally and use the 
Insignia Key when it brings up your inventory to gain access to the building.

Break the crate, and pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the desk.  There's a 
save point on the table here as well.  Go through the door and shoot the 
light, but stand back!  When the flames go out pick up the 'Spinel.'  There's 
a trap door in the floor, open it up and jump down.  When the tunnel opens up 
you'll find two shiny objects in the room, shoot them both down to get a 
'Spinel' and 'Elegant Headdress.'  Follow the path to the South and soon 
enough you'll reach another merchant.  Pick up some new items here.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Village)......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Stock (TMP)...................4000   |
|  Scope (Rifle).................7000   First Aid Spray.............10,000   |
|                                                                            |

The only thing new that he sells is the Stock (TMP) but there's lots of old 
stuff you may not have been able to afford the first time.  Proceed further 
and climb the ladder.  This is another Blue Medallion area.  Walk along the 
path for a quick scene.  Just to be safe, before hunting for all the 
medallions kill all the enemies in this area.  Medallion 08/15 is hanging from 
a tree at the Southwest corner.  Medallion 09/15 is right in the opposite 
direction hanging from the closest tree.  Go into the shack to the West and 
get the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the table, as well as breaking the crates.  
Medallion 10/15 is hanging from a tree in the Northern-central area.  You can 
find 11/15 dangling from a tree to the left of the large building.  Run around 
to the back of the building to find a pedestal.  Don't do anything with it 
yet, look up and shoot medallion 12/15 hanging from the roof.  Head back and 
take the Southeast path.  You'll get a call about how you shouldn't be 
deviating from your destination, but take the path anyway.

When you come to the wooden walkway the enemies are quite easy.  Just use your 
Handgun to shoot them once in the face, then kick them off the edge.  Stand 
where you can jump over and you'll clearly see number 13/15 in front of you.  
Step into the hut and get the article off the table, watch out for the crates 
though as they may contain snakes which attack you.  As you exit the  hut you 
can see 14/15 hanging from below the path you already crossed.  Continue 
forward but before jumping across the next gap, shoot medallion 15/15 on the 
underside of the walkway.  Now go all the way back to the merchant, you can 
obtain your special gun for free now that you've shot so many.  Return to the 
greveyard and examine the door to the large building.  Once you've established 
that it's locked, go around and examine the pedestal behind the building.

You need to highlight the three symbols on the twin gravestones out front.  In 
a clockwise direction from the very top, these symbols are the first, the 
third and the fourth.  There may be a really quick way of doing this, but 
here's the following method I used that works, spin it: 3 -> 4 -> 4 -> 4 -> 3 
-> 4 -> 4 -> 4 -> 3.  This should complete it correctly and allow you to pick 
up the 'Green Catseye' inside.  There's nothing you can do in the church right 
now so head down the scenic path on the wooden walkway that you took 
originally to get the Blue Medallions.  Head through the door at the end.

Break the barrel on the right side.  In the small shack ahead of you there's 
'Handgun Ammo (10)' and a 'Spinel' on the table.  You'll find another 
'Spinel' on the cart to the left of the shack.  Along the lower wall there's a 
bunch of tiny little huts, most are empty but the last one contains 'Handgun 
Ammo (10).'  Just before you leave the area there's a small staircase leading 
to a door.  Take that door.  Jump down and grab the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off 
the boxes.  You'll find a save point to the Southwest as well.  Beside this is 
the merchant again, but he doesn't have any new things to sell.  The only 
other thing you'll find here is a barrel.  Climb the ladder again and leave 
the area through the mteal doors, take the gate now which leads East.

In the shack on your right there's 'Handgun Ammo (10' and a barrel to break.  
Walk forward and get ready to tap the A button again, it's the same idea as 
the last sprinting scene.  As you proceed further you'll come to an above-
water area with some enemies occupying it.  For the first guy what I like to 
do is shoot him in the face with the Hangun, then run up and kick him.  If you 
aim it right he'll fly into the dynamite trap and explode.  Shoot any 
subsequent villagers that come, then drop down the left side and turn around 
to find a 'Hand Grenade' on the ground.  Climb back up and walk across the 
main walkway again.  There are quite a few dynamite traps in this area, 
however you will find that it's quite easy to lead villagers to run right into 
them if they're in the water.  Most of the routes leading to the ramps are 
trapped.  Enter the small hut on the left of the central platform and break 
the barrel.  From here just make your way across this swamp, be careful and 
watch your back.  A number of villagers will run in from the area you started 
from and you mind find yourself ambushed from behind.  Along the walkway near 
one of the Eastern corners there's a 'Incendiary Grenade.'  Look up into the 
nearest tree and shoot down the nest, it'll drop an item.  If you go around 
and pick it up you'll get the 'Antique Pipe.'

Continue Northeast and into the shack back on land to find 'Handgun Ammo 
(10)' and a crate which probably has a snake in it.  Follow the path up to the 
gate and head through.  When you come to a fork stick with the direction you 
were already going and watch the scene at the top.  Grab the 'Red Herb' 
growing at the bottom of the tree beside you, then go back down the path and 
make a left at the fork.  On your way along before you reach the first shack 
on the right, look up into the tree and shoot down the nest.  There's a 'Gold 
Bangle w/ Pearls' inside.  Enter the shack and pick up the 'Handgun Ammo 
(10),' then beak the crate.  This crate should contain a new 'Yellow Herb.'  
If you combine this with your Green Herb your maximum HP will go up.  Keep 
following the path to another cabin where you'll find a 'Green Herb,' a 
barrel, and a save point.  Be sure to save here.  Make your way up to thedock 
and get on the little motorboat.  It's quite easy to drive, just move your 
analog stick around.  You're trying to make your way to the Southeast corner, 
as you approach it you'll automatically trigger a scene.

o- Boss (Del Lago) ----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| If you've been disappointed in the lack of boss fights thus far you're     |
| about to see this game redeem itself far beyond anything you could         |
| imagine.  The entire thing takes place with you being dragged about by     |
| this huge monster all over the lake.  While you don't have a lot of        |
| control over your forward momentum, you do have control of your direction  |
| and you'll need to use it.  As the boss drags you throughout the lake it   |
| will knock huge piles of debris in your path which you must manouvre       |
| around.  Use the analog stick to move left and right to avoid this huge    |
| piles.  Soon afer this it will descend into the water and stop pulling     |
| you.  This is your cue to drive your boat hard to the side, either left or |
| right because it is going to burst out of the water and if you haven't     |
| changed directions you'll be aimed directly into his mouth.  This brings   |
| up the other things, which is that in the event you are knocked off of     |
| your boat, you won't die but you'll take a hefty amount of damage and have |
| to pound the A button in order to swim back to your boat and avoid being   |
| swallowed by the huge creature.  This pattern will continue for basically  |
| the entire fight except for one contingency which I will get to in a       |
| moment.  Obviously the next most important thing after staying alive is    |
| defeating the boss.  Your normal weapons are useless however the boat is   |
| heavily loaded with an infinite number of harpoons.  You'll need to use    |
| these in order to kill the boss.  Hold the R trigger and similar to most   |
| weapons a crosshair will come up which you can aim and throw.  This        |
| is how you will damage the boss, you must aim and attack while also        |
| dodging of course.  The one contingency I mentioned is that at certain     |
| points you will come to a dead stop and be automatically put in the attack |
| position.  You must determine where the boss is coming from, and aim a     |
| harpoon down his throat and he accelerates toward you to stop him from     |
| ramming your boat.  The boss gives adequate preparation time and the game  |
| gives you a handy little red arrow telling you which direction to look     |
| so it shouldn't be too hard.  Continue this strategy until the boss is hit |
| by a fatal blow.  When this happens there's a quick scene and you must     |
| rapidly tap a button to untangle the rope, but nothing you can't handle.   |
|                                                                            |


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