Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 1 - 2                     |
       (00002)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  The second chapter beings with a cutscene, 
|                              |  the only thing you need to know is to keep 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  your hand on the controller, because you'll 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  be prompted to dodge.  Start by picking up 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' from the shelf.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Before leaving the house there's a shelf 
| Emblem (Right Half)...._____ |  with 'Rifle Ammo (5)' and a save point on 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  it.  Leave and head around behind the house 
| Emblem (Left Half)....._____ |  for a quick scene.  This is your first shop, 
| Elegant Mask..........._____ |  you can purchase new weapons/items, as well 
| Brass Watch............_____ |  as improve old ones.  At this point there's 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  lots of good stuff, and it's very doubtful 
| Insignia Key..........._____ |  you can afford it all.  Personally I enjoy 
|                              |  using sniper rifles, so I picked up the 
o------------------------------o  Rifle along with the scope.  Make your 
                                  descision, choose something you like.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Village)......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Scope (Rifle).................7000   |
|  First Aid Spray.............10,000                                        |
|                                                                            |

Just beyond the merchant around the corner you'll find some barrels to smash.  
Now leave through the main gate.  There are quite a few enemies in this area, 
I recommend sniping them if you bought the rifle, until you run out of ammo 
and then switching to the Shotgun, you should be able to do this and keep your 
damage to a bare minumum.  You'll make lots of money here as well, so a return 
trip to the merchant may also be a good idea.  When you're in the clear, take 
the path down the stairs.  Take the left path and enter the house, pick up the 
'Shotgun Shells (5)' from the shelf.  In the next room you'll find 'Handgun 
Ammo (10)' on one of the boxes.  Ascend the ladder to the roof, there's a very 
nice treasure chest here containing 'Emblem (Right Half).'  Follow the walkway 
to a barrel you can smash, then jump down.  There's red drums will explode if 
you shoot them, so stand back if you do.  Follow the path North (according to 
your map remember) and go behind the house to find a barrel.  Proceed up the 
hill, there are another couple barrels at the top, but watch out for the 
villagers above because some of them are wielding dynamite.  Go into the shack  
in front of you and open the locker to find '1000 Ptas' then climb the ladder 
outside to reach the top of it.  Another ladder here will take you to the top, 
but you'll only find a barrel.  Return to the ground again.

Cross over the bridge to the South.  Follow the path to higher ground where 
you'll find two barrels and another chest containing 'Emblem (Left Half).'  
Jump off the platform on the opposite side of the treasure box and examine the 
gate.  It will bring you to a key items menu, select one of the two emblem 
halves and choose combine.  Combine it with the other half then use the full 
emblem to unlock the door.  Follow the linear path, just before you reach the 
metal door check out the enclosed area on your left to find a couple of 
barrels you can break.  Head through the large door, break the barrel in the 
upper left door and continue.  In the next hallway there are a number of 
enemies so be careful.  You may notice they're getting smarter, if they've got 
a laser sight on their face for more than a couple of second they'll try to 
move out of the way.  Keep this is mind and shoot the instant you get the 
chance.  Kill the enemies and run to the end of the hall, break the barrel and 
jump through the window.  Now this part is dangerous, I recommend jumping 
right back through the window again.  Pull out your Handgun and eliminate the 
villagers through the window.  You won't be able to get the dynamite throwing 
ones however, so jump back and pull out your Rifle to snipe them.  If you 
approach the large container you have the option of crouching and using it for 
cover.  Take cover and then pop up when you get the chance.  You may want to 
try grenades or some alternate weapons here.  When you continue forward do NOT 
jump over the potato sacks, shoot the traps and go around because there are 
traps waiting to clamp you on the other side.  Now head through the door.

In this room you'll want to equip your Shotgun.  To get that shiny object 
you've probably had your eye on, use your Shotgun to blast those wooden boards 
out of the window.  Examine the object to receive 'Elegant Mask.'  There's a 
couple of barrels in the water room of course.  Take the only door you haven't 
been through yet.  Navigate the hallway until you reach a couple of ladders.  
If you're low on health, or just want some backup healing, you can jump down 
below and shoot some fish.  They're not dangerous, however the underwater bear 
traps are.  Go back up and climb the second ladder.

Update:  Thanks to the contributions of numerous people, note that you can in 
fact shoot down part of the well and knock the object down without actually 
dirtying it, causing the price to go up.  Thanks to all who helped out.  

To the left of the well you just jumped out of, is a shiny hanging object.  
Shoot it and pick it up to receive the 'Brass Pocket Watch.'  There's a 
barrel and a crate in the cabin just beside this as well.  Take aim and fire 
at the dynamite trap on the tree, before following the path any further, and 
just to when you thought you were clever, a bear trap is waiting as well right 
below the explosive trap.  Head up into the building and examine the door.
__   __
\ \_/ /  You'll need to rotate the object to unlock this door.  It's not too
   |     hard to do, on the left is the approximate shape you need to make in
  / \    order to get it.  Once you're inside check the cabinet for '1000
 |   |   Ptas' and open the box on the shelf which holds the 'Insignia Key.'
         Don't miss the article found on the bed either.  When you're ready, 
and everything is out of the way then proceed through the door and watch the 
scene.  This marks the end of Chapter 1 - 2.  Be sure to save your game.

Update: Supposedly if you retrace your steps back through the house some time 
during Chapter 1 - 3, a bonus scene can be viewed.


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