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o------- Item Checklist -------o  When you first get control of your 
|                              |  character, start walking down the path.  If 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  you try to turn around and leave across the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  bridge, the game won't let you.  Approach 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the cabin for a quick little scene.  Before 
| Green Herb............._____ |  entering the cabin, go around the left side 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  and you'll find a crate sitting on a wagon.  
| Red Herb..............._____ |  Shoot the crate and pick up the contents 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  using the A button when standing 
| Shotgun................_____ |  close.  Go back to the entrance and enter 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  the cabin.  When you walk toward the main 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  room a scene will occur.  Once the scene 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  is over you have no choice but to fight.  
| Spinel................._____ |  Press the R2 button to bring up your 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  gun, and hit A to fire.  Aim with the left 
| Pearl Pendant.........._____ |  analog stick, try for head shots by 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  positioning your laser scope on his face.  
| Spinel................._____ |  Another scene occurs after the 
| Spinel................._____ |  fight.  Examine the man's body.  Head up the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  stairs to find some more 'Handgun 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  Ammo (10)' on the table.  When you're ready 
| Beerstein.............._____ |  examine the window and jump through it, be
|                              |  prepared to act quickly, have your weapon
o------------------------------o  at the ready before jumping out the window.

When you land you'll be ambushed by three villagers, before you begin firing, 
navigate to a safe place with your back to a wall so that none of them are 
able to come up behind you.  As previously suggested, aim for the face and if 
they get too close, try the "Kick" attack by pressing A when prompted.  You 
should be able to find more ammo and money if you examine the bodies.  If 
you're inexperienced with the controls, you likely took some damage in these 
fights.  If your character is injured, which is easy to tell by the way he 
limps, go to your menu with the Y button and use your First Aid Spray to heal 
yourself.  You don't have an unlimited number of these however, so avoiding 
damage is always the best practice.  Run back to the bridge and stand by the 
cliff, use the "Look Down" option when you get it.  You are now left with no 
choice, but to turn around and make your way toward the village.  

As you pass through the gate there's a small shack on your left.  Inside 
you'll find a number of crates, rather than shooting them save ammo by holding 
the L button to bring out your knife and slashing them.  Take the 'Handgun 
Ammo (10),' and break open the crates to get whatever is inside.  Examine the 
typewriter, you may find yourself thinking that you will be unable to use it 
due to your lack of an ink ribbon, however those days are gone and you may 
save here as much as you like.  Further down the path, just beyond the warning 
sign on your right, is a wolf caught in a bear trap.  Examine it and free the 
animal.  A dozen metres or so down the path there are a number of panels 
attached to the trees, these are explosives and if you look closely there is a 
wire running between them.  It's quite easy to see the safe path between the 
two middle trees, however if you prefer to be extra cautious, you can shoot 
and detonate the explosives from a safe distance.  Continue forward until you 
hear someone yelling, stop moving and pull out your gun as a man is about to 
ambush you.  From this distance you should be able to dispatch him with ease.

The path reamins linear to another shack on your left.  There are crates to 
break in here too.  You'll find 'Green Herb' on the table  When you leave the 
shack you'll be attacked by another two villagers, find a safe place to attack 
from a distance.  Cross the bridge and you'll see some more villagers, however 
you are lucky and they don't attack you.  There a cabin around the corner with 
someone waiting inside, if you're careful you can actually approach the door 
and get a shot in before he sees you standing there.  Inside the cabin is 
'Handgun Ammo (10)' and two crates to break open with you knife.  Leave the 
cabin and open the gate to the village for a scene.

As you walk down the path, the option to "Look" will appear.  Zoon in using 
the C stick with your Binoculars.  Now approach the village, slowly to avoid 
being seen.  You will be able to walk in and take the path on your right 
without alerting them.  Along this path on your right is a small stone 
structure with two crates.  Now try to get back to the entrance without beind 
seen.  Just before you come into the village there is a fork.  Take the left 
path, examine the logs on your left beside the cabin to find a 'Green Herb.'  
Walk forward a bit, you still shouldn't have alerted them at this point.  
Enter through the door of the next cabin you see, the door should be facing in 
your direction.  Inside the house, smash the barrel.  Break the crates on the 
table as well.  To get the rest of the stuff you'll inevitably be seen.

Leave the house and go Northwest to near where the woman is forking some hay.  
Smash the neary crate.  Continue North and follow the path to the central area 
of town.  At the North, where you should be, on the left is a large tower with 
a ladder inside.  Climb up it and pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  Now run 
around to the East side, on a cart behind one of the houses you'll find a 'Red 
Herb,' and to the South you'll find a crate.  Now enter the house South of the 
bell tower and watch the scene.  Run to the right and push the shelf in front 
of the window.  Behind the stairs are two barrels you can break open, also 
pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the shelf behind them.  By now they have 
probably broken through the door.  Climb the stairs and pull the 'Shotgun' off 
the wall.  There's '1000 Ptas' on the shelf upstairs, also break the cabinet 
glass and pick up the 'Hand Grenade.'  On the bed at the other end are 
'Shotgun Shells (5).'  Examine the window and choose "Knock Down" to keep 
villagers from climbing into the window.  Jump out the side window, beside the 
table onto the roof.  Follow the outer walkway around to the other side of the 
house you were just in to find a 'Spinel' on the roof.  Now your only task is 
to continue killing villagers until you've killed enough, and enough time 
passes.  Try and kill the chainsaw man, he'll drop something nice.  Watch the 
scene afterward.

Now that everything's quiet again, approach follow the past leading Northeast 
away from the village.  You can confirm these directions on your map by 
pressing the Z button.  Be sure to check the house on your right along the way 
to find 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table.  Proceed through the gate.

Walk toward the central area, the shed on your left has a save point in it, as 
well as a barrel you can break open.  Update:  Thanks to the contributions of 
numerous people, note that you can in fact shoot down part of the well and 
knock the object down without actually dirtying it, causing the price to go 
up.  Thanks to all who helped out.  Beside this shed is a well with a shiny 
object hanging down, shoot the object with your handgun and pick up the 
'Pearl Pendant.'  Shooting your gun will alert a couple of people to your 
presance, but they won't be much trouble to take out.  Head to the left 
(North) area over the fence.  Look behind the shed here to find a barrel.  
You'll find another barrel in the small two-doored barn.  Down at the Southern 
area just above where you came in you'll find a note on the tree.  Read the 
note to learn about Blue Medallions.  The first of these medallions is hanging 
from the tree to which the note is pinned.  Shoot it, that's 01/15.  In the 
barn North of here there's a number of barrels and a crate on the shelf.  
Climb the ladder and open the blue cupboard to find 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Jump 
out the upper window.  Directly opposite the window is an area you can jump 
down.  Break the crate to find the rare 'Beerstein' item.  Go back up the 
ladder in that barn to reach the walkway outside the window aagin, run to the 
North end of this walkway and jump down.  Break the crate directly in front of 
you.  There's a small hut under the walkway you were just on that you can 
access from this area, go inside to find a crate.

Now for the Blue Medallions.  Look at your map and you'll see a number of blue 
dots.  These are the locations of the medallions.  Go back to the central area 
of this map and lets start.  First head to the North end, hanging from the 
tree on the right of the small shack is medallion 02/15.  Go to the South end 
and turn around to face the barn in the middle.  Hanging from the upper window 
is medallion 03/15.  From the Southern area head East and stand on the pile of 
hay in the corner.  Look up to the top of the barn to see medallion 04/15 
hanging from the roof.  Enter the barn and climb the ladder, turn around and 
face North to see 05/15 in the window.  Jump out the window and run to the 
North end of the walkway, but don't jump down.  You should be able to see the 
last two from here, the first is right beside you on the right, hanging from 
the windmill.  Be careful because it's moving, this is 06/15.  The next one 
can be seen above the Northeast gate from here, but it's hard to shoot at this 
distance so you may want to drop down and shoot it from just in front of the 
gate, that's 07/15 and the last one in this area.  

Since the Northeast gate is locked, leave through the Southeast gate.  Begin 
down the path and get ready, the instant a scene occurs position your finger 
above the A button.  When you see the icon on the screen, start pressing it as 
fast as you can.  After about fifteen seconds or so a button combination will 
appear for you to dodge, you really don't have a lot of time to push it, and 
unfortunately it's random so you just have to have a sharp eye.  Two of the 
most common ones are L+R and A+B.  When you've avoided the rock, you can 
backtrack and get revenge on the two villagers standing on the bridge if you 
wish.  You destination lies beyond the tunnel.  As you go through it, shoot 
down the gems from the roof to get two 'Spinel.'  Continue to the other end.

This area is certainly the most dangerous you've encountered so far.  Make 
note of a couple of things before going in, the cabin directly in front of you 
is home to two dynamite-throwing vilagers, this as you can imagine is very 
dangerous.  When you run forward do not stop or you will be blown to bits!  
This in itself creates a problem because there are bear traps all over the 
ground, but they're mostly situated on the right side so stay left when you 
run.  You can't open the door to the cabin, but is has a large hole in it so 
you can safely eliminate the villagers in there without fear of being 
exploded.  There's another person running around free with dynamite in his 
hand, this guy's dangerous so kill him from a distance.  Watch out because if 
he dies while holding an explosive, his corpse will also explode!  When the 
area is free of enemies, make your way into the small shack to the Northwest.  
Trip the bear traps by shooting the centre of them with your Handgun.  Be 
careful not to walk across the explosive trap in this shack, break open the 
crates to get the items inside.  Head West and go around to the right side of 
the house, break open the crate at the base of the tree.  Once you've done 
this it's time to enter the house itself.  Kick it three times to open.

There's 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table here and '1000 Ptas' in the cabinet.  
Be sure to save your game using the typewriter.  In the next hall, stand back 
as far as you can and shoot the explosives from a distance.  The same applies 
for the next room.  Pick up the '1000 Ptas' from the table and get the 'Green 
Herb' from the cabinet.  The shelf on the North wall can be pushed out of the 
way to reveal a door to another room.  Approach the large cabinet, which is 
the source of all this pounding, and examine it for a scene.


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