Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough

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There are a number of special actions you can perform through the game.  Many 
of them involve pressing A, the action button at appropriate times however 
there are some more advanced (and not so advanced) techniques to learn.

Reloading - This would fall under the less advanced category, to reload your 
            weapon hold the R trigger to bring it up then press the B button 
            to reload the gun.  You can also reload by firing an empty gun.
Quick Turn - The quick turn is one of the most important techniques to master 
             in this game, it will save your life more than a few times.  TO 
             perform the quick turn simply press Down + B and you will do a 
             quick 180 degree turn.  Useful for running away then flipping 
             around to shoot.
Kick - The kick is a powerful melee attack which is good for both conserving 
       ammunition and hitting multiple enemies at a time.  To kick enemies 
       first you must stun them by shooting them in the head, or in the leg so 
       that they are either staggering or on their knees.  You can also stun 
       them with a Flash Grenade.  In this stunned position run up to them and 
       press A to perform a kick.  Try shooting the enemies in the castle 
       portion of the game in the leg, and then try the Suplex!


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