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Leon Kennedy - The hero of the tale, this is Leon's second tale in the 
 Resident Evil series, as he was one of the two main characters from Resident 
 Evil 2.  Seperate from R.P.D. now Leon works for the government and he's be 
 assigned to a special mission.  The president's daughter has been kidnapped 
 and the perpetrator has eluded everyone.  Intellegence has tracked her mostly  
 likely location to a small village in Europe where Leon is sent.  Everything 
 seems rather routine at the beginning, however things quickly escalate into 
 an encounter so intense, it rivals the one from six years ago...

Luis Sera - Luis Sera is a mysterious person who Leon first meets unexpectedly 
 when searching for the president's daughter.  The man seems unwilling to 
 reveal much about himself or what he's doing there, however the circumstances 
 they find themselves in give the impression this man knows far more than he's 
 willing to let on.

Ashley Graham - Ashley is the daughter of the president of the United States 
 of America.  She is the reason Leon has been assigned to this mission in a 
 far off town in the middle of Europe.  Finding Ashley will be an ordeal to 
 say the least.  Even more elusive than who kidnapped her is why they 
 kidnapped her, the signs point to much more than a simple ransom.

Bitores Mendez - Mendez is responsible to the majority of the written memos 
 Leon finds throughout his mission.  Mendez himself is as mysterious as the 
 circumstances however, it seems as though he is working for someone known as 
 Lord Saddler, but how or why he got into this situation and what his true 
 motives are cannot be obtained by any reasonable means.

Ramon Salazar - Ramon Salazar is the descendant of the Salazar family which 
 has occupied the castle for many generations.  His immature behavior and 
 small stature are not good indicators of his vile nature.  Salazar seems to 
 have fallen victim to some outside influence, however who or what this 
 influence is undetermined.  Leon can however expect to encounter him more 
 than a few times.

The Rest - A woman in red, a violent knife fighter, a cloaked individual... 
 they all play important roles in Leon's mission and his very survival (or 
 death) through the story.  To avoid spoilers these people will have to remain 
 as nameless as they are from the very start...


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