Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Shooting Range                     |
       (00013)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

You will notice in quite a few places in the game where you find the merchant, 
you will also find the shooting gallery.  There are five shooting galleries in 
the game and four different game types, type A, B, C and D.  The basic idea 
for this game is that if you score over 3000 points you will get a prize, and 
there are six prizes per game type.  Every time you score over 3000 the 
diffuculty increases just a little bit.  On each level of diffuculty there is 
one special prize to win for scoring over 4000 points or hitting every single 
target.  Note that every time you score above 3000 it gets more diffucult, so 
if you keep getting scoes in the 3000 range it's just going to get harder and 
harder so always aim to get the rare prize first and then go for all the rest.  

The game itself is pretty straightforward.  Shoot the targets to get points, 
there are men and women villagers targets.  Bodies on both are worth 50 
points.  Head shots on men are worth 100 points and head shots on women are 
worth 200 points.  When you hit five targets in a row without missing a little 
pod will appear in the background.  Shoot it before it goes away for 500 
points.  If you see an Ashley target appear, avoid shooting it otherwise 
accept the 1000 point deduction.  Your prizes come in the form of bottlecaps 
which can be viewed in the treasure menu.  Each time you collect all six 
bottlecaps on a row you get a special cash prize, they are as follows:

Type A: 15,000 ptas                     Type C: 35,000 Ptas
Type B: 25,000 Ptas                     Type D: 50,000 Ptas