Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 5 - 3                     |
       (0000H)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  At the start of the chapter grab the '5000 
|                              |  Ptas' hidden on the left side of the stairs.  
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Examine the article sitting on the table at 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  the top of the room.  Proceed through the 
| Emerald................_____ |  door to the East and watch the scene.  At 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the end of the East path grab the 'Shotgun 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  Shells (5)' sitting on the ground.  Before 
| 3000 Ptas.............._____ |  going down the stairs aim your gun up and 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  shoot the glass of the skylight.  An object 
| 1100 Ptas.............._____ |  will drop, pick it up to receive 'Emerald.'  
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  Get the 'Green Herb' at the bottom of the 
| Elegant Headdress......_____ |  stairs and go through the door, but watch 
| Green Herb............._____ |  out for enemies waiting on the other side to 
| Emerald................_____ |  attack you.  Blast all the enemies in this 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  area and go through the Southwest door to 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  find 'Flash Grenade' and '3000 Ptas.'  Climb 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  the stairs and get the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' 
| Green Herb............._____ |  off the table in the office and '1100 Ptas' 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  from the locker.  Enter the room at the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  bottom of the stairs.
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  
| Green Herb............._____ |  Continue onward and you will soon find 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  'Shotgun Shells (10)' on the ground right in 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  front of you.  Examine the elevator terminal 
| Green Herb............._____ |  and ride it up.  Run forward and watch the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  scene, be sure not to put down the 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  controller.  When it's over jump down the 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  East ladder and go through the East door.  
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  This room is trapped with laser beams which 
| Blue Stone of Treason.._____ |  will murder you if you touch them.  For the 
| Emerald................_____ |  first ones simply wait for the lower beam to 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  raise up.  For the second ones it's the same 
| Green Herb............._____ |  idea, the beam on the bottom will rise and 
| Green Herb............._____ |  you can move between the others.  For the 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  third ones you need to tap the dodge buttons 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  when prompted and for the fourth, there are 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  two dodge prompts resulting in the most 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  impossible thing on the planet.  Press the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  switch and get ready.  Some lasers will 
| Holy Beast, Panther...._____ |  approach at a very high velocity, press the 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  dodge buttons right before they hit you.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Now you can go through the door.  Walk 
| Green Herb............._____ |  toward the throne but turn around before you 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  reach it.  Aim upward and shoot the shiny 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  object attached to the arch.  An 'Elegant 
| Holy Beast, Eagle......_____ |  Headdress' drops.  Now examine the throne 
| Green Herb............._____ |  once for an 'Emerald' and another time for a 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  mini-scene.  Enter the door behind the 
| Holy Beast, Serpent...._____ |  throne and ride the elevator to down. 
|                              |  
o------------------------------o  Descend the stairs and check underneath them 
                                  to find a 'Green Herb' and an 'Emerald.'  Go 
down the hall to reach the merchant and a save point.  Through the gate beside 
the typewriter are 'Magnum Ammo (5)' and a 'Red Herb.'  Continue through the 
huge wooden doors to the East.  The metal net in front of you has a rip in it 
so you can access the 'Yellow Herb' inside.  Head South and grab the 'TMP Ammo 
(50)' beside the barrel of fire.  Follow the path up and watch the scene.  
Whip out your Shotgun and start blasting at the creature.  Eventually it will 
jump out of the cage and run off.  Head down the path in in one direction then 
the other to find 'Green Herb' and 'Shotgun Shells (10)' both in the corners.  
Follow the path North around until you reach a green door facing South.  Shoot 
the panel beside it to reveal a terminal.  Press it and then run around to the 
other door, be on guard and ready to hit the dodge buttons at any time.  Blast 
the panel on the other door and press the switch at the top to unlock the 
large red door.  Head through it before the thirty second timer runs out.

Turn right and pick up the 'Incendiary Grenade'  Follow the centre path to be 
attacked by the monster again, fend it off with your Shotgun.  Look up and you 
should see a total of three green panels to shoot if you didn't already hit 
them accidentally with your Shotgun.  Go North and make a right to find 'Hand 
Grenade' then make a 180 degree turn and press the button behind you.  Head 
South and then East at the bottom to find the other terminal.  The red door is 
located near where you found the Hand Grenade, go North to the top and then 
East.  In the next area press the red button on your right and start blasting 
the boss.  Take the mini-hallway in the middle which takes you on a linear 
path to a dead end with a steel bar gate.  Aim through the gate and blast the 
green panel to open up the door near where you entered this section.  Return 
to the front door and head North to reach the other button.  Now run to the 
other side via the middle hall and go through the red door.  Approach the 
railing and press A to jump and trigger a scene, walk forward for another.

o- Boss (U3) ----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| Forget about fighting the boss to start, turn around and pick up the       |
| 'Green Herb' and 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  Lead the monster around the back  |
| past the red barrel and shoot the barrel as the boss passes by.  Pull the  |
| lever on the gate beside the barrel to open the gate, then close it using  |
| the one on the other side to protect yourself.  Pick up the 'Handgun Ammo  |
| (10)' and then whip out the Broken Butterfly or any other weapon of        |
| choice.  Once you've dealt enough damage the monster will bury underground |
| and start attacking from below, always be on your guard and prepared to    |
| dodge.  When the monster jumps back out of the ground it won't be up long  |
| enough for any decent implementation of the gate technique, so just fire   |
| wildly at it whenever it's above ground.  By this point he shouldn't       |
| take more than a couple of shots from your most powerful gun or grenade    |
| to go down anyway.  When the dies, pick up the resulting '50,000 Ptas.'    |
|                                                                            |

After the fight go back through the gate you came from originally and head 
into the room on your right.  Follow the tunnel to the end and step onto the 
moving platform.  Operate the panel and you will be brought back over to the 
other side where you can pick up the 'Green Herb' and little else.  Return to 
the other side and climb the large ladder.  Climb up again and grab the 
'Shotgun Shells (10)' from the table and then 'Hand Grenade' from the cabinet.  
Exit the room and break the barrel outside.  Before venturing down over the 
edge of the cliff, take the time to blast the red barrels and make short work 
of the enemies below.  Jump over the edge and smash all the barrels in the 
area.  Pick up the 'TMP Ammo (50)' off the crates and the 'Yellow Herb' from 
the Eastern are, the enter the main tent and jump down into the hole.

Walk forward and check the small area on your right to find the 'Blue Stone of 
Treason.'  Back at the ladder where you dropped down, if you look up at the 
ceiling you will see a shiny object which turns out to be an 'Emerald' when 
you shoot it.  Make a left just before the end of the path to find a couple of 
crates, one containing '5000 Ptas.'  Get some tune ups done to your weapon 
from the merchant and save your game.  Read the note on the side of the table 
and check out the firing range.  Climb the ladder and go thorugh the door.

Run along the path and break the barrel on your left.  Jump down into the 
urban area and head West for a scene.  Don't bother going for cover as the 
gunshots will penetrate the wall and hurt you anyway, just keep moving.  
Ascend the stairs to the West and go in the door, grab the 'Green Herb' off 
the ground and break the crate on the table.  Check the gate on your right to 
activate the timer lock, which means you'll just have to dodge his attacks and 
deal with him until it announces that the gate has opened.  Climb the ladder 
and pick up the 'Flash Genade' sitting on the ground at the top.  If Krauser 
attacks equip a fast firing weapon and start blasting to drive him away 
temporarily.  When the gate unlocks go through and grab the 'Shotgun Shells 
(10)' on the left side.  Run to the top and head East then North.  At the 
bottom of the stairs on one of the window ledges is 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Turn 
around and go South, then East.  Jump through the window and break the 
barrels.  At the top of the ladder is a pack of 'TMP Ammo (50)' and little 
else.  Jump over the edge and make your way East, along the path there is a 
'Green Herb' sitting on the stones before you reach the spiral stairs.

Ascend the stairs and watch the scene to get the 'Piece of the Holy Beast, 
Panther.'  Pick up the 'Red Herb' behind Krauser and run South to find 
'Handgun Ammo (20)' in the corner.  You have to fight Krasuer now, you don't 
havea  choice.  Get him angry buy shooting him with a fast firing gun and then 
when he runs up to your start knifing him.  You have to knife him a few times 
before he'll eventually run off and a statue will come up.  Push the statue 
over to the side and then up into the middle where another gray panel sits in 
the ground.  With the statue on this the lever becomes available, pull it to 
open the gate and head down the stairs.  Northwest of the stone enclosure is 
the other gate, but watch out as Krasuer is in hiding waiting for you around 
the corner.  Push the lever up and jump down the ladder.  Blast those little 
robo-spiders before they see you then pick up the 'Green Herb' and 'TMP Ammo 
(50)' from the ground.  Make your way to the Northwest end of this, use your 
Shotgun to blast all those crazy machines before they are able to run up to 
your and explode.  Proceed through the arch and the gate will slam, pick up 
the 'Yellow Herb' and climb the stairs, then the ladder at the top.  Sitting 
atop walkway is the 'Piece of the Holy Beast, Eagle,' then watch the scene.

o- Boss (Krauser) -----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| In this fight you are faced with a time limit, so everything you do is     |
| crucial.  Run to the other end of the tower and pick up the 'Green Herb'   |
| and 'Magnum Ammo (3).'  Stand in the middle of this area and whip out      |
| the Shotgun.  The Shotgun can be used for the whole fight however there    |
| is a different tactic I recommend.  The Broken Butterfly or Killer7        |
| work well, but they are very hard to aim at his legs while the Shotgun     |
| can aim however doesn't deal much damage.  The solution although it        |
| involves quite a fair bit of menu access is to blast Krauser's legs        |
| with the Shotgun until he drops down, then quickly equip one of the        |
| Magnums and get a shot off on his head.  This will save Magnum ammo and    |
| also ensure maximum damage with minimum difficulty.  The majority of       |
| Krauser's attacks revolve around the dodge commands so if you're           |
| proficient at dodging you should be able to handle his attacks pretty      |
| well.  When he gets really close he can use a normal knife attack or trip  |
| without prior indication of it, so in order to be safest just don't let    |
| him get to close.  Make sure you kill the boss with at least enough time   |
| to pick up the 'Piece of the Holy Beast, Serpent,' jump down the ladder,   |
| run out the door (do not descend the stairs) and jump down to put all      |
| three pieces in the panel to your right to reveal a door.  This entire     |
| process will take about thirty seconds, so if you're down to about ten     |
| seconds and just manage to kill him, you may as well load and try again.   |
|                                                                            |