Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 5 - 2                     |
       (0000G)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' on your 
|                              |  left.  As you go further a paper airplane 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  floats in the window.  Read the note and 
| 20,000 Ptas............_____ |  leave the cell.  There are a number of 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  enemies here and watch out because most of 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  them spawn the parasite.  Leave this room to 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the South and you'll encounter another swarm 
| 20,000 Ptas............_____ |  of enemies, when you kill them press the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  switch on the computer panel to trigger even 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  more of them!  When you're finally clear of 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  them, make your way West down the hall.  
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  Watch the scene when you arrive at the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  garbage disposal area.  Walk down and 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  flip the lever to open up the next area, 
| Green Herb............._____ |  this causes the Iron Maiden to come alive 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  and go after you.  Defeating it however is 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  easy, on the other side of the lever is 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  another lever for the same gate so pass 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  through and lower the gate.  Now you can 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  safely use your Infrared Scope to snipe the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  key points on the monster's body.  It drops 
| Green Herb............._____ |  '20,000 Ptas' when it dies.  Grab the 'Rifle 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Ammo (5)' from the floor and open the gate.
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  With Ashley's help push the large red crate 
| Green Stone of Judgmnt._____ |  into the water to make a bridge.  Another 
| 1500 Ptas.............._____ |  pack of 'Rifle Ammo (5)' sits on the ground 
|                              |  on the other side.  Head South and pick up 
o------------------------------o  the 'Green Herb.'  Another Iron Maiden will 
                                  now be intent on hunting you.  To be safe 
return to one of the gates and use it as protection while you snipe from afar.  
This guy will net you another '20,000 Ptas' as well.  Go East of where you 
picked up the Green Herb and push the block out of your way to reveal the path 
to the exit door.  Blast all the enemies you encounter in this area and smash 
the barrels.  Pick up the 'Green Herb' sitting near the wall and proceed into 
the next room.  There's an ambush here, get ready to find a good vantage point 
fast.  You'll notice the large pool of liquid burning magma in the centre of 
the room, this makes the kick attack very effective when facing toward it.  
Eliminate all the enemies, including the ones that drop down from above, then 
check the corner room for  'Red Herb' and 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Use the 
controls in this room to activate the wrecking ball.  You can have Ashley do 
this if you wish to go back out and fight.  Each time it strikes wait for the 
handle to return to its position and strike again, soon the wall crumbles and 
the door is revealed.  Make sure Ashley is with you and head through the door.

Take a few steps down and make a right, in this room you can find 'Rifle Ammo 
(10)' and 'Incendiary Grenade.'  Return to the main hall and go South, open 
the large door by pulling the lever on the left.  This reveals one of the 
original Regenerators, you should be able to kill them just fine by now.  
Collect the '5000 Ptas' when you do.  At the next fork make a left and enter 
the room.  Press the button then pick up the 'Green Herb' and 'Shotgun Shells 
(10)' from the locker.  Open the door and you'll be face to face with another 
Regenerator, kill it and collect your '5000 Ptas.'  Examine the door in the 
hall and send Ashley under to get it open all the way.  Grab the 'Yellow 
Herb' at the South end and make a right.  A 'Red Herb' sits in the locker, and 
a typewriter and merchant also occupy this room.Nothing new to buy but lots of 
good stuff you've seen before.  Head East and you will reach a locked door.  
Examine on of the levers and tell Ashley to "wait" beside it.  Examine the 
other and you'll have to pull them at exactly the right time.  Wait as the 
first three notches light up then press A on the red light in the centre.  If 
all goes well the door will be unlocked and you can go through.

Pick up the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' and 'Shotgun Shells (5)' on the left side of the 
room, then break all the crates on the right side.  Now climb onto the back of 
the bulldozer.  As it starts going the ride is quite enjoyable, but it 
obviously doesn't remain that way for long.  Enemies beginning sprinting 
toward you from behind.  If you're interested in getting all the items they 
drop, stand close to the front of the truck beside Ashley and kill the enemies 
as they jump on.  If not a better idea would be to stand as close to the back 
end as possible and keep them at bay with your Shotgun.  Soon enough a large 
truck will begin barreling toward you.  Blast it with your Shotgun when it 
nears to set it ablaze.  Keep firing at enemies after that only to be subject 
to a return visit from the truck.  Blast away at it as much as possible and it 
will flip over on its side.  This is enough to stop it now.  You'll reach a 
dead end and come to a stop.  Jump off and climb up the North ladder, grab the 
'Green Herb' at the top.  It is very important to protect Ashley here, some 
enemies will jump down onto the truck and try to kill her, do not let this 
happen!  Make your way to the middle area where the lever is, break the crates 
around here the pull the central lever with the light.  Now take the opposite 
path to the one you climbed up, grab the 'TMP Ammo (25)' and jump back on.

Another bulldozer sequence here.  This time some enemies drop down on you from 
above so scratch the idea of standing at the back and stay close to Ashley.  
Use your Shotgun to take out clumps of enemies at once and you should be fine.  
When you break through the wall another (assumingly different) truck heads 
straight for you, pull out the Rifle and land a single shot to the front panel 
of the truck and it should light up.  Crash through the building to safety.  
Pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' and enter the next room.  In the cabinet on 
your left you will find '5000 Ptas.'  In the cabinet on your right is a 'Hand 
Grenade.'  Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' off the chair and the 'Green 
Stone of Judgment' from the suitcase against the North wall.  '1500 Ptas' 
rests on the upper left shelf beside the save point, and the merchant as well.  
Still no upgrades but that's okay.  Save and head South for a scene.