Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 4 - 3                     |
       (0000D)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head forward and break the two barrels on 
|                              |  the left.  Tune up your weapons and save 
| Spinel................._____ |  your game in the shack, then read the notice 
| 2200 Ptas.............._____ |  posted near the door.  Continue past the 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  shack, in the area of the ruins you first go 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  into there are two enemies with torches, 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  blast them.  Beyond this don't go too far 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  otherwise you will alert the almost ten 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  villagers to your presence, instead climb 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  the ladder on the left and either send a 
| Key to the Mine........_____ |  rocket down into the fire pit or throw a 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  couple of Hand Grenades, both methods should 
| 2000 Ptas.............._____ |  work.  Sniping is also effective if you lack 
| 1500 Ptas.............._____ |  the explosives.  Just down and collect all 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  the items they dropped.  On a table to 
| Green Herb............._____ |  inside the first ruins to the right is a 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  'Spinel.'  Over on the opposite side you'll 
| Handgun Bullets........_____ |  find a box of '2200 Ptas.'  In the Northeast 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  ruins you can find '1800 Ptas' and a 'Velvet 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  Blue' in the well.  Make your way to the 
| Stone of Sacrifice....._____ |  well at the North end, behind the house.  
|                              |  There is a window in the back of the house 
o------------------------------o  you can jump through.  Break the crate and 
                                  examine the crank to reveal the ladder.

Follow the tunnel East, break the two crates on your left and right along the 
way.  Make a right at the fork and go down the stairs, follow the right path 
to the end and there's a shiny 'Velvet Blue' on the ground.  Watch out for all 
the enemies in this area, even a chainsaw man is running around but luckily 
he's on an upper level and you won't have to worry about him for now.  Now 
make your way West, in between the central staircase going down and the North 
staircase going up is a 'Velvet Blue.'  Make sure you've killed all the normal 
enemies in this place then find the North ladder but don't climb up, instead 
head East a bit and then left.  The should find a door facing West here, when 
you go inside you'll be face to face with a chainsaw man.  Use your best gun 
to take him out, he's not quite as strong as the one you faced in the mine.  
There is still however another one upstairs so deal with the both of them, 
each drops '10,000 Ptas.'  There's a plethora of barrels, crates and items 
around here so get them all.  Upstairs on the pedestal the 'Key to the Mine' 
is sitting.  Leave the room and go West to reach the centre stairs leading 
down.  At the bottom in the stone container is the 'Staff of Royalty.'

Make your way to the East door and use the 'Key to the Mine.'  In the next 
room you have to face a similar situation to the one in the castle.  The room 
is falling and you must shoot the four red panels to stop it however there are 
two parasites attacking while you do it.  To complete this easily equip the 
Shotgun and blast the parasites while shooting the ceiling, the Shotgun will 
ensure that you don't have to be too accurate when shooting the panels.  After 
you stop the roof check the container to the South to find three boxes of 
'1800 Ptas,' '2000 Ptas,' and '1500 Ptas.'  There's also 'Handgun Ammo (10)' 
on the floor left of the exit door.  Descend the stairs through the exit and 
break all the barrels, then proceed through the door.

Smash the barrels on your right and pick up the 'Green Herb' on your left.  
Jump into the mine cart and then hop to the front.  Equip your Rifle and look 
down the tunnel, you should be able to see three villagers standing on a 
platform, shoot them from here.  Now stand in the middle cart and fire at the 
base of the switch to start up.  Jump back to the front and equip your Rifle.  
As you go do your best to snipe people from the platform.  If they land in 
your cart just shoot them normally.  At one point you'll approach a low 
hanging area be ready to press the dodge buttons here.  Following this you get 
stopped at a small area where quite a few enemies jump onto the cart insluding 
a chainsaw man.  Use your Shotgun and annihilate them all as fast as possible.  
Grab the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' from the left of the first cart, 'Handgun Ammo 
(20)' from the right of the last cart and '10,000 ptas' for killing the 
chainsaw maniac and then shoot the switch ahead of your cart to get moving.

The next run is similar to the first, snipe the villagers as you roll down the 
mine rail.  At one point another chainsaw man jumps down, but you are given 
adequate free rolling time to eliminate him, which will net you another 
'10,000 Ptas.'  Keep a close eye on the screen and be ready to press L_R at 
any time, your life depends on it at the end when you perform an amazing feat 
of human physique.  Quickly tap A to climb up and you're set.  Proceed through 
the door and examine the pedestal to get the 'Stone of Sacrifice.'  Before 
leaving you can pick up a reward which is given to you in increased amount 
based on how many people you were able to snipe off the platform.  The money 
is located at the Southeast corner of this room and is invisible, just keep 
pressing A until the fountain of money goes dry.  Now climb the ladder to the 
West.  Examine the Northeast door and select the Stone of Sacrifice from your 
inventory.  Check the control panel and ride the elevator upward.