Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                     Playing the Game                    |
       (10003)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

It's important to have the basic idea of how the gameplays down before 
actually getting in to it.  It's not too hard so just read closely.  There are 
a number of new game mechanics introduced in Resident Evil 4 fro mthe camera 
angle, to the shops to the chapter system.  I'll try to outline everything as 
best I can and avoid spoilers doing it.

You've probably got the basic idea of moving around pretty well.  You can go 
up to things and interact with them by pressing the A button.  Some things can 
be interacted with in different ways like ladders, which you can push over and 
pick back up at will.  You've got control of your basic camera with the C-
stick, this will come in handy when trying to view an entire area.  You've 
also got a menu accessable by pressing Y, here you can equip different weapons 
and use healing items.  Each item you pick up takes up some space in your 
inventory.  As you go through the game it is possible to get bigger cases 
however it is quite small to start.  Use the X button to pick items up and R 
to rotate them, this way you can arrange your inventory to pick up everything 
you get.  If you happen to overflow put an item in the area on the right side 
and you can discard it.

Open your map by pressing the Z button, many things are displayed here and it 
will be essential when using the walkthrough to know the different between 
East and West when your camera is comstantly moving around.  You have two 
different kinds of weapons, short range and long range.  Short range is 
limited to the knife in your inventory, equip it by holding L and you can 
slash things like the many crates and barrels you will find.  Long range 
pretty much applies to every other weapon in the game.  Hold R to bring up 
your gun, each gun is equipped with a laser sight which acts as your 
crosshairs.  Point at at something and press A to fire.  

Lets examine some of the more advanced item use in this game.  You've got four 
type of healing items, red, green and yellow herbs, as well as FIrst Aid 
Spray.  The green ones heal you, the red ones can be combined with the green 
ones to heal you fully and the yellow ones can be combined with the green ones 
to increase your maximum health.  First Aid Spray always heals you fully.  
COmbining items is simple, if it can be done then you just select an item, 
choose combine and then put it on top of another.  They will be combined if it 
is a possible combinatin.  Here are all the possible combinationsfor herbs:

Green + Green = Heals twice as much as Green
Green + Green + Green = Heals thrice as much as Green
Green + Red = Heals to full health
Green + Yellow = Heals Green amount and increases max health
Green + Red + Yellow = Heals fully and increases max health

A new mechanic introduced in this game not seen in previous ones is the 
currency system.  As you go you'll find many Pesetas (Ptas) which is the money 
you will be using.  There are various merchants which can be found throughout 
the game and they are always willing to sell you new weapons and tune up your 
old ones.  Weapons can be tuned up as well as purchased, each of the four main 
categories.  You can also sell you weapons, items and such.  One thing you can 
sell is the treasure you find.  Treasure are special items that do not take up 
space in your menu.  To view them along with your key items press the L button 
when in your menu.  Treasure looks nice bu serves no purpose but to be sold, 
the money you can make from these is quite good especially if you complete 
them before selling.  What this means is that often you will find treasure 
that was slots in it, try combining some of the jewels that you pick up to 
make the treasure more valuable.  Remember that treasure serves no purpose but 
to be sold so don't hang onto it longer than you need to.

In case you were wondering, the merchants that you visit can be shot... and 
killed.  They won't ever appear again where you killed them, but if you go 
visit another he is perfectly good and healthy.  Try to avoid it!