Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Review

The Splinter Cell games have always been pretty tense affairs, what with a single slip-up often resulting in your death and all that. Double Agent manages to ratchet that up a notch with the espionage aspect. Sure itís just a game, but that doesnít change the fact that itís still hard to kill an innocent to impress some scumbag terrorists.

Double Agent keeps up the Splinter Cell tradition of great graphics.
Multiplayer gaming makes its return in Double Agent, but the maximum number of players supported per game has been increased to six. The multiplayer game takes the form of a team of spies trying to access and download data from a facility while a team of mercenaries tries to stop them from succeeding. Spies are a lot like Sam Fisher, although even more nimble and quick. Spies are not armed for the attack, but have a variety of gadgets and stealth aids such as jammers and flash-bangs. The spiesí goal is to avoid conflict and to make it quick, silent, and deadly when it is unavoidable. Mercenaries are pretty much the polar opposite of the spies. Mercs are slow-moving but heavily armed, and their biggest challenge is locating the spies because if it comes to a brawl theyíll always win. Thereís a co-op mode, but thatís basically the same game with the Mercs controlled by AI bots. You probably wonít spend much time in co-op unless youíre online with a friend. The multiplayer game support is extensive, with ranked and unranked matches, stat tracking, a reward system, and support for clan-like squads among its features. The multiplayer is fun because it is pretty much unique in the online world, but you wonít enjoy it if stealth is not your thing Ö but if itís not, you shouldnít be considering a Splinter Cell game in the first place.

Overall, Double Agent is a solid game in the Splinter Cell series. It manages to add a whole new aspect to the game without scrapping the core gameplay its fans have come to love. Itís not an easy game to pick up and play if youíre new to Splinter Cell, but if youíre a series veteran youíll find plenty to enjoy here.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 90%. Double Agent is the most unique Sam Fisher adventure since the original Splinter Cell game.


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