Fable: The Lost Chapters Review

Unfortunately, your choice of alignment does not have much effect on the game’s overall storyline other than changing the ending that you get to see. In fact, you can easily check out the different endings without replaying the game as there are temples in the game that will allow you to change your alignment for a donation of some gold. You can save the game as a good guy and watch that ending, and then return to the save and change your alignment to then see the evil ending. It all makes the moral choices that you made throughout the game moot, which is a shame for a game that apparently tries to place such a premium on these choices.

The game is played as a series of quests which you take on from the Heroes’ Guild. There are a few optional quests but overall the quests form a pretty linear progression through the storyline. In an interesting touch, you can bet on your performance in a quest while making it more challenging for yourself. For example, you can pledge to complete a quest without wearing any armor and if you succeed you’ll receive some bonus coin. The consequences for failing your challenge are not significant and gold is plentiful in the game, so taking on the challenges is not really all that necessary to your success in the game. As you make your way through a quest you’ll earn experience points that will be assigned to various categories depending on how you earned them. When you return to the Heroes’ Guild after a quest, you’ll be able to spend that experience to improve your abilities. The catch is that you are given a limited number of general experience points that can be spent on anything while the rest are dependent on how they were earned. Slay your foes with your sword and you’ll earn experience that can only be spent on fighting skills, for example.

It is easy to control your character in a fight, and you can quickly lock onto enemies and unleash attacks from the three forms available to you: melee, magic, and archery. Magic is the strongest form of attack in the game and is almost too powerful. Archery is not that useful as your enemies almost always close to within melee range quickly after the start of a fight. Melee attacks form the middle ground, but are certainly powerful enough to allow you to finish the game as a pure fighter.

The game’s campaign is not very long, even when you count the extra quests that were added in The Lost Chapters. The game does extend gameplay by allowing you to continue playing once you’ve completed the game. There’s a lot to do in Fable outside of the storyline so you’ll have plenty to do once you reach this point in the game. The world is filled with hidden keys to unlock magic chests, secret treasures, and talking demon doors that challenge you to solve the mystery of what will unlock them to reveal the treasure hidden behind. You can also integrate yourself with the local population, wooing a lass, marrying her, and buying a home. Or you can take the role of an outlaw loner, robbing stores and terrorizing the locals.

Fable is not an overly challenging game and if you’ve played action games before you’ll have no trouble making your way to the end of the game. This does not mean that the game is not worth your time if you’re good at these types of games. The Lost Chapters is a novel game and will draw you in in ways other games can’t. It’s an interesting experience and well worth your time. However you can’t help but be left with the feeling that it could have been even more – that it is the sum of a number of great concepts in search of a deeper and more intriguing world. Hopefully there will be a Fable 2 – or hopefully another developer will pick up on the game’s interesting concepts – and it will have a deeper story and richer world to fully realize its potential.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 90%. The Lost Chapters provides a unique gaming experience that all action-RPG gamers should enjoy.


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