Fable: The Lost Chapters Walkthrough

| P. Maze's New Information |                                [FABLEMAZENEWINFO]

Quest Type - Gold
Prereqs - Trader Escort
Money - 0
Renown - 0
Boasts - None

Heroes' Guild
Before we rush into Oakvale however, teleport back to the guild hall. Let's 
pick up that quest we had to pass over earlier, since you should now have 
enough renown to accept it.

P1. Hobbe Cave                                                 [FABLEHOBBECAVE] 
Quest Type - Bronze
Prereqs - Protect / Attack Orchard Farm 
Money - 5,500
Renown - 400
Boasts - No Protection, Without a Scratch, Fist Fighter, Cave Dweller, 
         Sacrifice Innocent, Protect Boy

Now, before we leave the guild, you may want to spend some experience points. I 
am going to highly recommend you take Physical Shield right now (2 levels, if 
you can get it). The reason is that we're going to open some of those demon 
doors we passed up earlier, and one of them requires a high combat multiplier, 
which you are never going to get without some sort of magic shield. Also, pick 
up Heal Life if you can afford it.

While we're here, visit the shopkeeper and buy out his supply of red meat and 
as many mana potions as you can get. Also grab at least one box of chocolates. 
Head over to the barkeeper in the mess hall and grab his supply of red meat and 
perhaps buy out his beer as well (we need to bulk up for one of those doors). 
With all your new loot in tow, it's time to head for the doors. The first door 
we skipped was the one in Greatwood Gorge, but we're still going to skip it for 
now, as you aren't going to have enough chicks to get it open yet. Instead, use 
the teleporter to transport yourself to the Greatwood Cullis gate. We need to 
speak with Grandmother Rose to advance our Hobbe cave quest, but before you do 
that, we are going to prepare to open one of the more difficult doors in the 
game, the combat multiplier door. You need to have a decent weapon for this one 
(I used an Obsidian Cleaver (damage 82) that I picked up off the merchant in 
Darkwood Camp with a couple of augmentatios).

Teleport to Greatwood Cullis Gate, then run to Greatwood Caves and stand in 
front of the door. Teleport back to Greatwood Cullis Gate again. This sets our 
recall point to be in front of the door we want to open. Now run to the 
entrance to Rose Cottage, but DO NOT enter yet. Do a World Save right here 
(that way, in case we fail the following mission, we can at least start from 
here). When you are ready, enter Rose Cottage.

Rose Cottage
First, notice we have yet another demon door. Fortunately, we've come prepared 
for this one. Talk to it, then use your chocolates. He will let you into his 
protected area.

The Secret Haven
Hmmm, interesting hobby grandma has here. Anyway, inside you'll get a full set 
of will user's bright clothing (gloves, boots, upper robe, and lower robe). 
When you're done looking around in here, head back outside.

Rose Cottage
Head up to the house and look in the yard to the left. Note the circle of 
flowers. Remind you of anything in particular? Maybe shovel shaped? Dig here to 
grab your tenth silver key. In addition, some brambles are hiding a chest with 
500 gold.

Knock on the door to talk to granny. She'll hand you a hexagonal key. Return 
to the cullis gate (run, don't teleport or you will mess up your recall point), 
and then run to the Greatwood Caves.

Hobbe Cave Entrance
When you get into the cave, turn on your physical shield. Make sure to watch 
your mana bar at all times, and when it gets low, quaff a mana potion (you 
should have this set on a hotbar so you just have to press a number key to use 
it). Also, watch your combat multiplier carefully. The magic number we are 
after is 28. If at any point your multiplier hits that level, immediately 
activate your teleport and recall back to the demon door (you multiplier will 
halve to 14, which is the number the door wants to see) and talk to the door to 
open it up. Chances are, you won't reach this level until near the end of the 
quest, and I'll assume that's what's going to happen. But if it happens to get 
to 28 earlier than that, by all means take advantage of it and get that door 

All right, back to the task at hand, you're in the cave entrance. Kill all the 
Hobbes. Not much else to do in this area. The first door leads to a side 

Cave Side Chamber
Head in here and take out a hoard of Hobbes. You can elect to take the bandit 
with you if you like, or not, it's up to you (personally, I wouldn't, he's 
going to take kills away from you which will make it harder to get to the magic 
28 number. On the other hand, if you are evil, you can get rid of him in a very 
evil sort of way pretty soon). Anyway, once you are done, return to the 
entrance chamber. The next door will take you to a larder.

Cave Larder
Inside the cave larder you'll find quite a few more Hobbes to remove. Once 
they're done, there's a health potion on the ground. There is also a silver key 
chest which requires 5 keys (no problem for us). Open it up to acquire a Will 
Master's Elixir. Return to the entrance and continue onward.

Main Chamber
More Hobbe killing here. In the treasure chest you will find 500 gold, and a 
second chest holds another 500 gold and a Flame Augmentation (these chests will 
only appear during the Hobbe Cave quest). Continue forward, the hexagonal key 
will allow you to go through the door.

Moonlit Tunnel
Nothing to see here, just continue onward.

Focus Chamber
Here's where some action is going to happen. Approach the prisoner, and you'll 
get a short cut scene that will give you a few options. If you have the bandit 
tagging along, you can give him up to the sprite in exchange for the boy. Or, 
you can just start attacking. The nymph is easiest to take down using lightning 
or something similar. You will be surrounded by Hobbes during the fight, so 
watch your health and mana level. Once the nymph is down, the field around the 
boy will dissipate. However, I'm going to suggest you don't do this quite yet.

Here's the trick. Don't kill the nymph. Clear the chamber of Hobbes, and before 
the nymph summons any more, leave through the door. Don't worry about the boy, 
he's not going anywhere. There are two reasons you want to do this. One, you 
probably still need to get your multiplier up to 28, and two, the caves are 
going to be just crawling with Hobbes, who are quite happy to attack the boy 
and kill him if you have him in tow. It's pretty difficult to complete this 
mission unless you clear the caves first, the boy has a nasty tendency to get 
killed before you get out of the area. So head out the door and start clearing 
the caves.

There's going to be a lot of fighting. Your best (and final) chance to get a 
combat multiplier of 28 will be in the Hobbe Cave Entrance, which is just going 
to be swarming with Hobbe. Kill 'em all, and teleport to the door as soon as 
you get that 28 value.

So, you've opened the demon door (if not, don't despair, there is still hope). 
Obviously you can go in once it's open, but for now you may want to return for 
the boy. Work your way back down to the focus chamber and finish off that nymph 
to release the boy. Before you leave the focus chamber, look around for a 
circle of mushrooms. Digging there will reveal a silver key. It should now be a 
relatively easy walk back to Rose Cottage (if the boy does suffer any damage, 
you may want to heal him if you picked up the Heal Life spell, after all that 
work, and you definitely do not want him to die on you now). 

Rose Cottage
Once you reach Rose Cottage, talk to granny, quest over (you will pick up a 
Hobbe Head trophy). If you go inside her house, you can pick up a Will Potion 
and a book (A Hero's Journey II).

If you missed any stuff along the way during this quest (most likely you were 
in a hurry in order to keep your combat multiplier high), go ahead and grab it 
now (except the main chamber treasure chests, which will no longer be there).

One last comment: What if you still couldn't get that door open? You have a 
couple of options. After the Hobbe Cave quest is over, a rock troll will spawn 
at the cave entrance from time to time. You only need to reach a multiplier of 
14 (since you don't have to change areas) to get that door open, and that troll 
is your best shot. Also, the Hobbe caves will have quite a lot of Hobbes in 
them once the quest is done, so you may be able to work your multiplier up to a 
high enough level.

The Butterfly House
Inside the demon door at the Greatwood Caves is the Butterfly house, which has 
a chest. Inside the chest is the cutlass Bluetane. Congratulations, this is 
your first Legendary Weapon! With a damage of 165, you almost certainly want to 
equip this blade now.

Darkwood Marshes
When you're done in the Butterfly House, return to the cave entrance, and go 
through the Darkwood Entrance to the Darkwood Marshes. Here's another door we 
skipped while escorting the traders. With your new sword, this should be a 
piece of cake. Talk to the door and accept his challenge, then beat the tar out 
of the five waves of Hobbes that attack. When that's done, go inside.

Darkwood Sanctum
Inside this area you'll find chest (big surprise, right?). Open it up to get a 
full set of Dark Will users clothes (Dark Boots, Gloves, Upper and Lower 

Barrow Fields
Continue making your way south (just follow the gold flashing icon) until you 
reach Barrow Fields again (yes, you can teleport if you like, but you may as 
well pick up the experience along the way, up to you, though). Once again, 
there's a demon door here to contend with. Lucky for us, we came prepared for 
this one as well. Head for the door, then open up your inventory. 

Go to the produce section and drag the red meat icon down to one of your hot 
keys. Hit it a few times, and then talk to the door again (if you're not fat 
enough yet, eat a few more). That's all it takes to gain entrance to this 
protected area.

The Old Kingdom Spring
Inside this rather pleasant area, you find a chest that contains a Will 
Master's Elixir. 

Welcome back to your hometown! Everything is more or less as you left it, the 
town has been rebuilt, and you now have a lot more access to the buildings than 
you did when you were a boy. When you come in, a short cut-scene will play. It 
seems like you still may have a few lingering issues.

Once you have control again, the first thing you are going to notice is that 
there are about four thousand green dots on the map. Yipes! Don't worry though; 
we'll get to them all.

First off, we may as well talk to Maze (he's the gold flashing icon) and get 
our gold quest done. With that out of the way, make your way into the pub and 
talk to the Dawkins, the game master. We're going to advance the doll quest 
now, so get ready to play some coin golf. To win, you must complete all four 
holes in 13 shots or less, but to get a doll (this one is of Whisper) you need 
to get a better score than that (I got mine with 11 shots, and 13 is definitely 
too many, so the cutoff is somewhere between 11 and 12 to get the doll). Once 
you've got the doll, you can go behind the counter to smash three barrels 
(health potion) and raid the cabinets (you'll find a book, The Sock Method, and 
a Firis Head Tattoo). This will almost certainly get you into trouble, so 
teleport out for a bit until the guards calm down, and then return 
(alternatively, if you've picked up the "Apologize" expression by now, you can 
use it to immediately get your fine forgiven).

There's another fight ring here, down by the barns (where, as a boy you guarded 
the guys stock). Come here after about 10:00 P.M. to win the second level 
championship. While you are over here, there's a digging spot in one of the 
barns that will net you a Balverine Skull Tattoo.

P2. Chicken Kicking Competition                           [FABLECHICKENKICKING] 
Quest Type - Bronze
Prereqs - Guild Training 
Money - 0
Renown - 0
Boasts - None

Talk to the green dot guy near the southeastern side, by the beach. He will 
want you to take care of a little ghost problem. Run down to the beach where 
the chicken kicking competition is set up to find the ghost. Talk to him, which 
brings up a whole new bronze quest.

P3. Treasure of the Ghost Pirate                             [FABLEGHOSTPIRATE] 
Quest Type - Bronze
Prereqs - Guild Training 
Money - 100
Renown - 150
Boasts - None 

He'll give you the location of his hidden treasure. Just before you leave, 
check out the shack on the beach to find a treasure chest that contains an oak 
crossbow. Now that you've got that, go to the western beach (you have to go 
through town to get there) where the dock is. The treasure is buried to the 
left of where the dock begins (as you are looking out to sea). There is no 
obvious marking, so just watch your quick icons to see when the spade symbol 
pops up. Once you have the treasure, you need to find the ghost's wife. 
Fortunately, she's right on the beach where you are. Give her the gold. While 
you are here, there's a treasure chest on the beach (assassin's boots) and a 
barrel (apple pie). Once you have these, return to the pirate and let him know 
you've taken care of his wife. He'll give you the location of even more 
treasure, which is yours to keep.

Once the ghost is gone, talk to the guy who started this quest again. He'll 
thank you and head down to the beach. Talk to him down there to start the 
contest. If you want all three prizes, you'll need to enter the contest three 
times. Here is what you get:

50 - 145 points: A Cock-A-Doodle-Do expression
150 - 245 points: A silver key
250 or more points: A chicken hat

Getting the top prize will require you have a physique of around 4 or so. If 
nothing else, you need to get that key (should be your 12th key). Note that 
this is one of those quests that never leaves your logbook. Once you have the 
quest, it will always be in your book. While it may be a bummer for bookkeeping 
purposes, you can always make some money by getting over 50 points.

On the east side of the map, north of the beach, you'll find Myra (over by the 
well). You should give her the letter you've been carrying for her all this 
time. She'll give you a reply letter in return. You almost have that fourth 
mushroom now.

Up near the entrance to Memorial Garden, you'll find a grave (just past the 
mercenary). Digging here will net you 500 gold. There is also a chest near here 
(south of the merc, in the glade of trees) here that contains a resurrection 
phial. Speaking of chests, remember where you found the cheating husband? Check 
in that area for another chest that contains 250 gold.

Now let's talk about the houses. We're up on the hill, so we'll start there. 
Begin with the house where the chest is, and you'll find two books (Making 
Friends and a Hero's Journey III), as well as a Health Potion. The next house 
up the street contains The Trials of Aarkan, a Dark Lower Dress, and a Short 
Hair style card.

The next house up the street is your old boyhood house. You should buy it now, 
assuming you can afford it (5,000 gold). You can even fix it up a little (2,500 
gold, 3,500 gold, and 5,000 gold), but don't spend every dime you have. You 
need to keep a bit in reserve to buy a wedding ring and a couple of gifts 
(perfume or roses will do). Across the street you'll find a Will Potion and a 
Youngster Style haircut card.

Head down the hill into the town proper. We've already sacked the inn, so move 
on to the houses near the Memorial Garden exit. In the first house, you'll pick 
up a book (The Oakville Raid) which you should find an interesting read. The 
house next door contains a Dark Upper Dress and a Will Potion. In the two story 
house across the street, you will find three books (The Ugly Guide, Windbreaker 
Rule Book, and The Sock Method) as well as a Spiral Dementia Tattoo card. You 
will find a Health Potion in the final house.

With that, we've completed Oakvale (that wasn't too bad, was it?). Head over to 
Memorial Garden.

Memorial Garden
There are three digging spots here, assuming you've completed the ghost quest 
in Oakvale. Dig under the axe of the statue to get your 13th silver key and an 
obsidian greataxe. Two of the graves are also digging spots, where you'll pick 
up a golden carrot and a health potion.

Guild Woods
Teleport back to the guild. As long as you are here, grab the next gold quest, 
and then run over to the woods to deliver Mrya's reply to Cyril. He will hand 
over the fourth mushroom!


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