The Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Review

Battle on the Babylon rooftops.
As you may know, The Two Thrones introduces the Dark Prince which is the alter-ego to the Prince. If you ever saw Animal House, think of the Dark Prince as the little devil on your shoulder. The Dark Prince haunts the Prince's thoughts and finally is able to actually take over his body as well. The Dark Prince is much stronger and thus has a few different types of attacks that takes this into account. He also has a weapon called a Daggertail which is kind of a long chain that can be used to...well, really hurt people. It can also be used to get across areas that would normally be uncrossable. As the Dark Prince your health is continually draining and when you drink water you turn back into the Prince. There are certain areas that can only be passed as the Dark Prince.

As with the past games, The Two Thrones is a nice game to see and the smoothness of the animations are like butter...or some thing that is really smooth. The environments are very detailed and there always seems to be something going on in the background that helps bring about the sense of life. One thing that did happen while I was playing should be brought out. I was watching a battle between a few people going on below where I was standing. The battle was pretty much nothing more than a few moves repeating themselves. Through some odd bug in the game I was able to fall down to where this “battle” was taking place and not die. So now I'm at a place where there is no way out watching a battle that will never end and feeling a little like Sisyphus. That was lame. Not lame is the sound that includes some nice voice acting. Interesting and often assuming are the conversations that the Prince will have with himself and the Dark Prince.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 83%.  While maybe not as awe-inspiring as the first time we saw the Prince, The Two Thrones is a great way to end this series.