Rise of the Kasai Review

The game tries to vary the play by giving you the opportunity to add a little stealth to your repertoire of attacks. If you successfully sneak up on an enemy, you’ll be rewarded by a spectacular stealth kill. The game even ups the challenge by adding things to the environment that can alert your enemy to your presence – for example if you disturb a group of birds they will fly off in a cacophony of chirps and wing flaps. However, when you get down to it there’s just not really a need for stealth in the game. Even if you alert an entire cohort to your presence you’ll be able to wade through them faster and more effortlessly than you could ever do by knocking them off one by one through stealth.

As mentioned earlier, you can play as one of four characters. At the beginning of each level you’re given your choice of playing as one of the two characters available for that level’s position in the timeline. No matter which you choose, though, the other will still accompany you on the level, just under AI control. The experience can be ever so slightly different depending on your choice of character as there is some minor branching in the levels where the characters take different paths through a section of the level or take on different roles in a boss fight. However, for the most part there’s not really that much a of difference no matter who you choose. Each character has his or her own weapons and animations, but you’re pretty much in full button mash mode no matter who you’re controlling.

Rise of the Kasai scores the most points in the area of presentation, especially when it comes to its cutscenes. The cutscenes are visually striking, with a hand drawn look that is very much unique to the game, and the narration is Hollywood A-quality. The character animations in the game are smooth and realistic, and they each possess an amazing number of unique moves and attacks.

When you take the game’s graphics aside, you’re unfortunately left with an unchallenging and repetitive task. And if you’ve ever held a minimum wage job, you know that that’s not that much fun. The game will appeal most to the fans of its predecessor who want to follow its related storyline or who simply could not get enough of the original. Everyone else should give it a rental as they will probably find that a few hours with the game will get the Kri out of their system.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 65%.  Rise of the Kasai is visually stunning but ultimately it is simply just another repetitive button masher.


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