Pokemon - Emerald Tips & Secrets

"Beat the Elite 4, then go to the UPGRADED SAFARI ZONE then you can catch pokemon from Gold,Silver an Crystal Version! (miltank,houndour,stantler ect.)" - sousa

"Hey. Probably already use this tip. I just want to submit something that will help. If you don't want to battle certain people...if they look in more than one direction at times...wait until they look at the direction you want to go...as soon as they change from that side to another...hold in on B and run by them...95% of the time they won't see you." - MORKA

"The best way to be successful at the Battle Frontier is to import some of your powerful Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, Colosseum, Fire Red, and Leaf Green. Although the game says that legendaries aren't allowed, you can in fact use Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, the legendary minerals, the legendary "dogs", and Latios and Latias. (I am not sure about Mewtwo, as I have not imported mine into Emerald yet.) These legendaries (especially my Articuno in my case) may prove very helpful in gaining the Frontier Symbols." - Lolafreak

"If you want to win a double battle easy, just knockout one opponent's pokemon.Then you only have one pokemon to worry about instead of two!" - kane112

"for the seventh badge its a double battle will be on Lv 41" - jesse jewell