Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Walkthrough

3.11.                        Chapter 11 - Kid Buu


The eleventh chapter starts on the Planet of the Kais, where it is explained
that Majin Buu has changed into his original form. The Kai explains that Buu is
now into a form of Buu which is pure unrestrained evil.


On Earth, Goku and Vegeta realise they will have to train before they attempt
to fight Kid Buu. You can level up by fighting enemies if you want, but level
140 should be high enough to defeat Buu. When ready, go to the barren wasteland
and select yes to confront Kid Buu.


Goku and Vegeta land at the wasteland and Kid Buu appears. Instead of fighting,
Kid Buu decides he is going to blow the Earth up instead. He explodes, and Goku
and Vegeta manage to teleport to the Planet of the Kais.


Supreme Kai explains that Buu is reforming after destroying the Earth, and Goku
realises that Buu can now even use Instant Transmission to teleport to other
places. Buu is destroying even more planets, so Goku and Vegeta become Super
Saiyans so that Buu can find them on the Planet of the Kais. After Kid Buu
arrives, Goku will chaneg into Super Saiyan 3 and the battle will begin. Buu
uses Instant Transmission to teleport to different locations on the planet, and
he can also split himself in two. When there are two Buus, try and attack them
both at the same time to prevent the other Buu from attacking.

Eventually the fake Buu will disappear and the real Buu will continue to fight.
Hit Buu until his health bar decreases to about 75%, and Vegeta will then take
over. Attack Buu until his health bar reaches about 40%, and Goku will then
continue the battle. Buu's health will be restored, so attack him until health
bar reaches 75% again. Vegeta tells Goku to transform into Super Saiyan 3, but
Goku tells him he needs time to get his energy back. As Vegeta, walk behind the
cliff at the bottom-right corner of the area and wait there until the timer
reaches zero. Goku finds that he can't change into Super Saiyan 3, and Vegeta
tells Dende to gather the Dragon Balls as quickly as possible.

On New Namek, Dende tells Vegeta that the Dragon Balls have been found. Vegeta
tells him to restore the Earth, and to bring back the people that were killed
since the Martial Arts tournament. After the Earth is restored, Vegeta tells
Goku that he wants to try a Spirit Bomb. King Kai lets Vegeta speak to Earth,
and he tells everyone to offer up their energy so Buu can be defeated. The
spirit bomb is small, and it seems that only a few people on Earth are giving
energy. Vegeta decides to give Goku more time, so walk back to the cliff at the
bottom-right corner of the area and stay there until the timer reaches zero.

The people of Earth still don't trust the strange voices from the sky, so
Hercule talks to Earth and persuades them to give energy. The spirit bomb will
become large enough to use against Buu, but as Goku about to throw it Vegeta
finds that he hasn't got enough energy to move. Hercule rushes in to save him,
and Goku throws the spirit bomb at Kid Buu. Vegeta makes a third wish for Goku
to have enough energy to transform back to Super Saiyan 3. Press the A button
as quickly as possible to fill the strength bar to green, and Goku will push
the Spirit Bomb into Kid Buu, which finally defeats him.

You can view the ending sequence by flying to Capsule Corporation in West City,
although there is plenty to do in the game before that. New enemies have now
appeared in different areas of Earth, and you can now open the new character
gates in some of the previous locations. A new airship has appeared at the top
of the large continent of the map which contains the most powerful enemy in the
game: Shadow Colossus. You can also use the instant transmission circle in
Kami's Lookout to return to locations outside of Earth. And there are also all
of the Hercule and Z-Fighter Exhibits. When you're ready, fly to West City.


Walk east to Capsule Corporation and north to the lobby. Walk up to the doors
at the top of the lobby and select yes to end the eleventh chapter.