Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Walkthrough

3.8.                         Chapter 8 - Janemba


The eighth chapter starts in Hercule Town, where Hercule tells the people that
he is going to save them from Majin Buu. He travels to a grassy area where he
has been told that Buu lives. As Hercule, walk north to find Buu's house. Buu
lands behind Hercule, and Hercule gives him a bomb. After Buu eats the bomb, he
decides that he likes Hercule and wants to be his friend. The game will switch
from Hercule to Goku, who has returned to Snake Way in the Other World.


Goku notices that various souls are floating around Snake Way. Go east through
the snake head at the end of Snake Way and continue north to see Yenma, who has
been trapped inside his building. Yenma says that an evil spirit named Janemba
from the Demon World has taken over the Other World. He tells Goku to get some
help from Vegeta. Walk onto the Instant Transmission circle and travel to HFIL.


Walk north and defeat the three Living Dead. Go to the top-right corner of the
area and use Instant Transmission to travel through to the button on the other
side of the ledge. This will lower a set of spikes in another area of HFIL.
Walk east, north and east to arrive in an area with spikes at the right side.
Carefully walk up the path at the right side of the area to avoid the spikes.
Open the chest near the tree at the top-left corner to collect the Talisman of
Light, then walk west to the next area. Defeat the Nosferatu and go south past
the spikes that were lowered by pressing the button earlier in HFIL.

Walk north twice and defeat the Annihilator. Walk east, north and then south
down the right path. Walk down to the bottom-right corner of the area and walk
north up the path at the side of the spikes to arrive in the next area. Walk
east and use the save circle at the bottom-right corner to save the game. Open
the chest at the top-right corner to find the Spirit Geta, then walk south down
the path at the bottom of the area. Walk south to the purple spikes at the
bottom of the path to see a button on the other side.

Use the L button to select instant transmission, and use it to teleport onto
the button in the middle of the area. Go south past the first set of purple
spikes and teleport to the button again. Follow the path along to the east
until you arrive at the next set of spikes in the middle of the area. Teleport
onto the button, walk west past the spikes and teleport to the button again.
Follow the path along to the next set of spikes. Press the button, walk north
past the spikes that have just lowered and then press the button again.

Instead of heading toward the spikes this time, follow the path west and open
the chest at the end of the path to find the Doom Amulet. Return to the spikes
and teleport onto the button. Walk past the spikes and press the button again,
then continue north to the top of the area. Walk west along the path with the
series of spikes until you arrive at the top-left corner of the area, then walk
south down the next path. Walk east to the bottom-right corner of the area,
north to the top-right corner, and finally east to exit the area.

Talk to the top-right soul to find Vegeta, who agrees to help Goku. Meanwhile,
Hercule is still at Buu's house. Buu has found a puppy that keeps following him
around. After Hercule points out that the puppy has an injured leg, Buu heals
the puppy. Hercule changes his mind about destroying Buu, and talks him into
not destroying cities or killing things again. Up on Kami's Lookout, Dende and
Pikkon notice that Majin Buu has changed, and they realise that they might not
have to fight him at all. The game returns to Goku in HFIL.

Walk west to return to the maze with the button in the middle. Go back through
this maze in the same way that you came, lowering the spikes by using instant
transmission to teleport to the button in the middle of the area. After exiting
the maze, walk west, south, north up the left path, south down the left path
and west to the area with the Annihilator. Walk south twice, north up the right
path, east, west along the path at the bottom of the area, south, west and
south to return to the area with the Instant Transmission circle. Use the save
circle to save the game and switch characters to Vegeta.

As Vegeta, walk through the exit at the top-left corner of the area and hit the
character gate to open it. Walk north and use the save circle to save the game,
then continue north to meet Janemba. The Janemba hand will frequently appear in
this battle, so it's best to keep moving and not stand in one place. Start by
attacking Janemba as quickly as possible. When he jumps, move away from his
shadow, as when he lands it will cause five Mini-Janembas to appear. Defeat all
of the Mini-Janembas, and then keep attacking Janemba to defeat him.

After the first battle against Janemba is over, Super Janemba will appear. This
is a more difficult battle as Super Janemba has much more health, more powerful
attacks and can now move around the area. Fortunately, Super Janemba doesn't
have the ability to make the five Mini-Janembas appear. Move up close to Super
Janemba and keep attacking. After winning the battle, Super Janemba will still
be standing, so Goku and Vegeta decide to fuse. Enter the commands shown to
fuse into Gogeta. Attack Super Janemba in the same way as before to defeat him.
After Vegeta flies away, go south three times and use the instant transmission
circle to travel to Yenma's Office in the Other World.


Walk north to enter Yenma's office and move to the front of the desk. Talk to
Yenma and he will tell Goku that Gohan is still alive. Back on Earth, Hercule
is making dinner for Buu when he is killed by someone that jumps in through the
window. Buu brings him back to life, and as Hercule is thanking him, Buu tells
him to quickly get out of the house. Hercule hides and watches as Buu walks out
of the house. Another different form of Buu appears. A fight between the two
Buus starts, with the Buu from earlier losing to this new form of Buu. The new
Buu transforms into Super Buu, and the eighth chapter will end.