Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Walkthrough


2.                                    Tips


1. Like the previous game, a device named the Scouter can be used to record the
   statistics of all characters in the game. This is done by pressing select
   and L at any point in the game. If any characters are present, you can move
   the target onto them and press A to record them. To view the statistics,
   travel to Dr. Brief's laboratory in Capsule Corporation and walk west to
   arrive in a room with a computer. Use the computer to view the stats.

2. As well as recording statistics, the Scouter is also used to record the maps
   of locations. All you need to do is walk through the various locations in
   the game to record the map, which can then be viewed by pressing select at
   any point in the game. The maps are quite detailed and will list objects
   like flight pads and save circles, but unlike the enemy list, the maps
   cannot be viewed at a later point in the game. In chapter 9, the Scouter
   is upgraded so that areas that have not yet been visited can also be viewed.

3. Press start to access the start menu. The first screen will display the
   status of the character and will list various statistics. The important part
   of this screen is the stats at the right side: Strength, Power, Endurance
   and Speed. Though speed cannot be altered, the other statistics can,
   although it is quite possible to go through the game without noticing this.
   Whenever you level up, press start and then A to start changing the points.

4. The second start menu screen is the inventory, which lists of all the items
   that have been collected in the game so far. The supplies section will list
   all of the items that make a character recover health (HP) and energy points
   (EP). The second section of the item list is accessed by presisng right on
   the d-pad while on the item list menu. This list shows the story items that
   have been found so far: Items like Hercule and Z-Fighter Exhibits, and items
   like the Ninja Key which make the story progress in some way.

5. The third start menu screen is the equipment, which gives four categories in
   the form of body, hands, feet and accessories. All equipment is either found
   in shops, or by battling the various enemies. The best equipment is usually
   found by defeating bosses. When you select any of the categories, move the
   arrow down the list of the equipment you have collected so far and look at
   the statistics on the right. Red means that the this statistic will be lower
   than what it was, while green means that it will be higher. A description
   about the equipment will also appear at the bottom of the screen.

6. The A button is used to attack. Try this out by walking up to any enemy and
   hitting them. You should notice a red number appear above the enemy when you
   hit them: This number refers to the amount of HP you have taken off the
   enemy in the hit. You can walk toward the enemy while attacking, although be
   careful when doing this as the enemy will likely strike back. If you time
   the hits correctly, you can reduce the chance of the enemy attacking.

7. The B button is used for special techniques. Not all techniques are
   available at the start of the game, although ones that are can be seen by
   pressing start and down on the d-pad. While playing, press the L button to
   cycle through the different techniques in the window at the top-left corner,
   then use a technique by pressing B. An energy blast is the most simple of
   these techniques, and is very effective as it can hit enemies at a distance.

8. A new feature to Buu's Fury is the block. To do this, just press R at any
   point in the game. You can't move while blocking, but it is a very useful
   way to guard against enemies that have a strong single attack. Make sure
   that you face the enemy while blocking, as the enemy will still be able to
   inflict a normal amount of damage from the side or the back.