Animal Crossing: Wild World Game Guide

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+-- (______) RAZY REDD'S ------------------------------------------- 05.07 --+

Crazy Redd's is a tent sale that only appears one day of the week.  Every 
Saturday, a mole-man named Lyle will appear out front of your house.  He will 
ask you which day of the week you want Redd to come and after telling him 
which day Redd can be found in his tent on that day.  Lyle also sells you 
insurance for 3000 Bells and it's a very good idea to buy it, I'll explain why 
later.  For now you need to know that on the day he appears, Crazy Redd's tent 
is located directly below the town hall and it's really quite conspicuous.  
When you try to go into the tent you won't be able to until you give Redd the 
password.  Redd will say something, and then you will have to give him a 
response.  If the response is correct then you'll be let inside the tent.  The 
following is a chart of all the responses I'm aware of, undoubtedly there are 
more, so if you have any of them feel free to drop an email my way:
(Note that all responses you give are case sensitive so read carefully)
|| REDD SAYS...                        || YOU REPLY                         ||
|| Ask and you shall                   || be charged                        ||
|| An open wallet                      || is often empty                    ||
|| Bottom dollar                       || top dog                           ||
|| Courage is nice                     || cash is freedom                   ||
|| Crazy Redd                          || is 35                             ||
|| Even robbers                        || have safes                        ||
|| Fan in one hand                     || cash in other                     ||
|| Foot in the door                    || eye on prize                      ||
|| For my fans                         || shop here again                   ||
|| Get an education                    || or win it big                     ||
|| Give 2 cents                        || ask for change                    ||
|| Gold Ingots                         || Redd bells                        ||
|| Healthy souls                       || can be bought                     ||
|| Hot and cold                        || money makes it                    ||
|| I'm all alone                       || but I have cash                   ||
|| Life expectancy                     || Redd is 35                        ||
|| Look at people                      || wallets full                      ||
|| No flowers                          || just cash                         ||
|| No money                            || means no fun                      ||
|| Rough childhood                     || lax adulthood                     ||
|| Someone to wed                      || no way Nook                       ||
|| Spoiled rotten                      || bean curd                         ||
|| Talk is cheap                       || so is Redd                        ||
|| Thankless task                      || goes unpaid                       ||
|| The grass is greener                || on my side                        ||
|| The pen                             || is cheaper                        ||
|| Tom Nook                            || one ugly fellow                   ||
|| Top dollar                          || top dog                           ||
|| What smells?                        || bean curd                         ||
|| What's inside                       || is fabulous                       ||
|| When the cat's gone                 || mice shop                         ||
|| Why buy the cow                     || get milk here                     ||

If the password isn't listed there, or you want to know how to get it another 
way, then you can try going around your village on the day Redd is visiting 
talking to everyone a number of times.  Eventually one of the animals in your 
village should give you the password.  Once you give the password to Redd you 
must have 3000 Bells at the ready to join his club.  When you join the club 
Redd will send you a letter before he comes each week, with the password.

Crazy Redd's is the place to shop when you're buying paintings.  He also sells 
a number of other things including some nice furniture sets, but the paintings 
are really where it's at.  Unfortunately there is a condition with each of his 
paintings... before you buy it you'll have no way of telling whether the 
painting is a forgery or not!  After you buy it Redd's response will pretty 
much indicate whether it was fake or not, the actual response itself varies 
however.  Paintings are taken to the museum and put on display there (if 
they're real of course).  There is one upside however, remember how I told you 
to buy insurance from Lyle?  Well after buying a forged painting you will 
receive reimbursement from the insurance company in the mail.  Pretty nice of 
them to cover something like this. Insurance also covers falls and bee stings.

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