Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Detailed Walkthrough

| I - xiii - Airyglyph Aqueducts |-------------------------------------(Iximn)-o
Map Completion: 1/60 Scale Bunny
Items: Worm-Eaten Tome, Ring Mail, Blueberries (2), Warrior's Bracelet, Fresh
Enemies: Bogle Leader, Bogle Soldier, Skeleton Soldier, Slime, Toad Beast, Water
Start by pressing start to centre your map.  To the right of the save point is a
healing pad, save your game and head East.  Head down, but before going in the 
room get the chest on the right for a Worm-Eaten Tome.  Now go South.  At the 
Southwest corner of this area is a ladder you can climb down, simply run towards
it until you grab on.  Follow the thin path under the waterfall to find a Ring 
Mail and Blueberries.

Go back up the ladder and take the South exit out of this room, you'll find 
yourself on a ledge with a chest containing a Warrior's Bracelet.  Go back up 
and exit East.  Go up the steps and into the next room, from here exit South, 
then East and North to find a chest with a Fresh Sage. Go back to the large room
right after the bridge (South, West, North from the chest) and exit at the upper
right.  Exit this room to the upper left for a quick scene, you'll find yourself
at the top of some slippery ice.  Slide down the ice, if you need to get back up
simply hold circle to walk.

Slide down the first patch of ice, before sliding down the second enter the room
at the corner and get the chest with Blueberries in it.  Exit and slide down the
second patch.  Prepare your party and save your game.  Enter the next room for a
quick event.


Name: Giant Crab                         Weak: Fire
Hp: 3500                                 Half: N/A
Mp: 80                                   Immune: Water
Level: 18                                Drain: N/A
Exp: 55
Fol: 135
Drop: N/A                                

Boss Strategies:

This boss' attacks are rather easy to predict and block.  Only his huge claw 
swing can break your guard and he takes forever to charge it up giving you 
chance to avoid.  Use this to your advantage and keep your fury meter high.  
When he attacks, you will stun him then you'll have a chance to go in with a 
powerful attack.  Nel will likely keep on top of healing, and Cliff will keep 
the damage rolling.

Defeat Giant Crab within 1 minute:

I had an extremely hard time with this, I may have been underlevelled I don't 
know.  If you have Blazing Sword for Fayt, you should be able to do this no 
problem since he's weak to fire, however I did not so here's what I did to beat 
him (mind you it took over 15 tries for me.)

Remove Cliff and Nel from your party and equip the Aerial skill on Fayt.  You 
need to practice against him a bit and learn all his attacks, what you're trying
to do is stand right in front of him with your fury meter at 100%, wait until he
attacks.  If he goes purple and charges, run behind him quickly and use Aerial, 
it should deal 5-6 Mp damage.  If he does any other attack you will 
automatically block it and stun him, now quickly use Aerial to deal 10-12 Mp 
damage.  (Those numbers will be even higher if you have the Warrior's Bracelet.)
He only has 80 Mp so as you can see if you can get a system going it is possible
to kill him in less than one minute.  Sometimes when you hit him while stunned 
he will immediately knock you down after, there's little I know of to prevent 
him from doing this, sometimes he gets knocked down sometimes he counterattacks.
Keep trying hoping he more often does the former than the latter.

Defeat Giant Crab without taking damage:

Like I said his attacks are easy to predict and block/dodge but if you don't 
want to risk it, just once again stay out of the way and keep Cliff and Nel 
healed.  The battle will take longer and tax your items but it's not 
particularly hard to do.

Go back and save your game.  Now in the room where you defeated the crab when 
you approach the ice be sure to hold circle and walk over it, not run.  If you 
run it will collapse hurting you and sending you back to the start of the room.
Exit to the East and watch the scene.