Scarface: The World is Yours Review

All of your various nefarious activities will generate two types of “heat”, one with rival gangs and the other with the police. Gang heat results from you taking out your rivals, which will irritate the other gangs as well as no one likes a war. When your gang heat gets too high you’ll find yourself coming under attack whenever you’re spotted by someone from a rival gang. You generate police heat by shooting up the town or driving recklessly. Police heat works a little differently in that once the police are after you, you need to outrun them or risk death or jail. A red zone will appear on your onscreen radar and to outrun the police you’ll need to leave the police far enough behind to get yourself out of the red zone. This is a good mechanic for helping you see what you need to do to ditch the cops, but it is hampered a bit by a second meter that acts as a timer. Take too long to get away and you’ll automatically wind-up busted. The second meter can be annoying, especially if the cops decide to give chase during a mission. Both types of heat can be brought down by paying out some cash to the cops or gang rivals.

The game isn’t just all about Tony going solo all over Miami; you’ll have to hire some muscle to help protect your empire. Early in the game you’ll be able to hire a driver who will bring you one of your cars whenever you give him a phone call. He’ll also stick around after delivering the car to give you an extra gun on your next bit of business. As you earn more reputation and money, you’ll be able to hire other henchmen that range from guards to keep your fronts from being taken over by rival gangs to specialists like assassins that you’ll be able to take control of for special missions.

There’s a ton of gameplay packed into The World is Yours and it will take you some time to rebuild your empire and take out Sosa. Not only will you need to take control of Miami, you’ll also be spending some time in an island chain reminiscent of the Bahamas and will even travel to Bolivia when it comes time to visit Sosa. The mechanic of securing drugs and then selling them to individual dealers can get a little tedious at times, but there are plenty of missions with a variety of objectives to break up the monotony of the business side of things. The game is sure to appeal to fans of the movie, but it will also have its fans in those gamers who enjoyed the GTA games but want a little more direction and story in their “living city” games.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 86%. The World is Yours captures the character and spirit of the gritty crime epic.


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