Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Walkthrough

   i.   Before you Start Playing...                   :IBYSP:

  Rule #1: Save often. In different slots.

  Rule #2: Never save over the first save when you get to a new planet.
           Especially Nar Shaddaa.

  Rule #3: If you hit a glitch, don't panic.

  Warning #1: Under no circumstances do you destroy the Console outside the
              Bumani Exchange Corp. on Telos. LEAVE IT ALONE! If you destroy it
              and kill the guard, you will make your game unwinnable.

  Warning #2: Under no circumstances do you destroy ANY Utility Droids on
              Goto's Yacht. (Only possible if you change the Droid protocols)
              Leave them alone! In fact, don't ever use the Droid protocols.
              If you destroy the first utility droid there without getting the
              Shutdown code, you will make your game unwinnable.

  You do not need to play Knights of the Old Republic 1 to enjoy this game. It
  doesn't load up any of your old saves, or use the data from the first game in
  any way. That said, I would recommend playing the first game as it is quite
  an enjoyable game. (Although I like this one more) KotOR2 will ask you early
  on how your KotOR1 game went, and you can set Revan as male/female and

    Note:  The game has gender confusion when Revan is a female. Many people,
           Vrook seemed the worst, will forget and call Revan "him". I haven't
           seen this happen in reverse. With Revan set to male, no one called
           him a "her." (Although I've been told that happens too)

  After a point, you can head to different planets in different orders. I
  picked one that I liked the best and used it for the walkthrough. Feel free
  to disagree and go to the others in any order you want. Bear in mind that the
  difficulty of the fights (from numbers of opponents, to Vitality levels of
  Bosses) is determined by your level. So, regardless, the game should stay
  challenging enough no matter which way you go.

Quick Definitions:

  KotOR2 - this game

  STR - Strength
  DEX - Dexterity
  CON - Constitution
  INT - Intelligence
  WIS - Wisdom
  CHA - Charisma

  XP - Experience Point. The basic economic unit of the RPG is these bad boys,
       not "credits."

  LSP - Light Side Point. Any action that moves you towards the light side is
       said to give you a Light Side Point. I use the abbreviation LSP. For
       larger LSPs, I sometimes use the term 2xLSP (or even 3xLSP). This means
       that you get more Light Side Points out of it.

  DSP - Dark Side Point. Same.

  INF - Influence. In the game you can influence your companions. It has two
       effects, first, there alignment gets closer to yours; and second, they
       will reveal more information about themselves and even give you bonuses.
       In my conversatin trees, I use +INF+ to note gains in Influence, and
       -INF- to note losses in Influence.

  DC - Difficulty Class. Basically a number you have to reach to do something.
       A lock might be a DC 15 lock, so your security skill has to be able to
       hit a 15. (All skill rolls get a +1-20 + your skill level to beat a
       DC)  Also used for saving throws.

       If you aren't in combat, you get the full 20+Skill Level on your DC
       checks, so a DC 40 Recover Mine operation will require that you have a
       total bonus of +20 yourself to recover that mine.

  DEF - Defense, or how hard you are to hit. Starts at 10. You are hit when 
       they "roll" higher than your defense. (Attacks are on the same 1-20 
       random chance, plus they add their attack modifier, if they get over 
       your DEF, they hit) Armor and Dexterity improve this.

  Max Dex Bonus - in armor, how much of your Dex bonus will stack with the
       armor. An armor with a Max Dex bonus of +3 will allow only that. If you
       have an 18 DEX (+4), then only +3 is used, the rest is wasted. Note,
       however, that you still get your DEX for attack rolls (ranged and
       finesse only) and for Reflex saves.

  Critical Hit - in the "d20" system, attack rolls are figured by a 1 to 20
       chance. If you get a "20" you get a critical hit. This usually does
       double damage (x2). However, Critical Hit chances can be changed, both
       by items and feats. Some weapons might have a Critical line that reads:
       17-20 / x3. This means you critical on a 17 to 20 (a 20% chance), and
       do triple damage.

  Swag - another name for treasures, items, booty, shinies, junk, and other
       things that you'll pick up. Since most of the items you'll find are
       randomly determined by the game, and you'll get different things every
       time you play, I can't really say what you'll get (except in some
       specific instances). So, I use the old pirate terms. Arrh.