Killzone Review

Unfortunately Killzone begins to lapse when you start looking at its execution, primarily in the area of the AI. The AI can be pretty inconsistent, sometimes fighting competently but just as often suffering mental lapses. Youíll notice something strange right from the gameís opening level in the trenches when some of the Helghast charge your trench and then just stop and stare without firing a shot. Good thing for them that some of their squadmates remember that this is a shooting war. Youíll run into this type of thing fairly often, to the point where taking out a few Helghast at a time is pretty simple and the challenge comes at the times when you are facing larger numbers of enemies. To even things out a bit I suppose, your squad is not much better, and manages to get through the campaign without killing much of anything.

The explosions look great.

The game is also hurt by some interface issues in that the controls are slightly sluggish and touchy. It can be frustratingly hard to line up precise shots during firefights, and when you miss your problems are compounded by the fact that the weapons in the game have extremely long load times Ė which is a handicap your enemies do not seem to share. Also, the hit locations do not seem consistent. Sometimes perfectly aligned headshots do not drop an enemy, but clipping their shoulder will take them out. Lastly the physics model does not seem to be fully developed. Grenades donít bounce all that realistically and explosions seem to toss bodies at random rather than in reaction to the actual explosion. Itís as if the whole combat model needed more tightening up and tweaking before the game was released.

The game supports multiplayer online play, and the online game can be quite enjoyable. You have a variety of game types available, including standards such as deathmatch. The maps are drawn from the single-player game environments and are just as good looking and detailed as their campaign game counterparts. The slow reload times are still present online, though, and this can be an annoyance to players used to the standard fast reloading weapons in other shooters and who have a hard time changing their tactics.

Killzone is not a world-beating shooter by any means and the level of enjoyment you get from the game will depend somewhat on your expectations going in. If youíre looking for an interesting setting for a shooter and can put up with the gameís shortcomings, Killzone will provide you with the variety that are looking for. If youíre more concerned about the action itself or have a limited gaming budget, you probably will want to seek your shooter thrills elsewhere.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 74%.  If the gameplay matched the atmosphere, Killzone would be a real winner.


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