Silent Hill 4: The Room Walkthrough

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+-- (_/        PARTMENT WORLD - PLOT SUMMARY ------------------------ 2.16 --+

Henry wakes up in his apartment, but things are not normal, the walls are red 
as if covered in blood, and the floors are made of a metal mesh.  Eileen is 
there as well as a mysterious man knocking on her door, room 303.  Henry 
begins by going into room 301 where he finds a diary sitting on the table:

               "The last few months, Joseph, the guy next door 
               to me who gave me that rare porn magazine, looks 
               like he's been working super hard.  He said he 
               found another rare one, he'd give it to me but he 
               hasn't shown his face around much lately.  He 
               said he was a journalist and he is always 
               investigating stuff.  But I think something 
               strange is going on with him.  He's been shut in 
               his apartment and I can hear all these weird 
               noises coming from there.

               July 1 - Mike

               Oh my beautiful Rachael, What's with the note on 
               the red paper?  I thought you'd written a note 
               back to me... But I guess maybe it was somewhere 
               else... He took it along with my clothes.  Those 
               were my best clothes.

               July 2 - Mike"

Beside the diary is a piece of red paper with nothing written on it.  Henry 
decides that he will stick it under room 302's door (his room.)  In the 
bedroom Henry finds a magazine article lying on the bed there:

               "Teaching Despair: "Wish House"

               "Wish House," an orphanage on the outskirts of 
               Silent Hill.  But behind its false image is a 
               place where children are kidnapped and 
               brainwashed.  Wish House is managed by the 
               "Silent Hill Smile Support Society," a charity 
               organization sometimes called "4S."  It's true 
               that 4S is a well-respected charity that "takes 
               in poor children without homes and raises them 
               with hope."  But at its heart, it is a heathen 
               organization that teaches its own warped dogma in 
               lieu of good religious values.  Mr. Smith (temp), 
               who lives near "Wish House," had this to say: 
               "Sometimes at night I can hear their weird 
               prayers and the sounds of [children] crying.  I 
               went there to complain one time, but they ran me 
               right out.  Since then, it hasn't changed a 
               bit."  In fact, this reporter was refused 
               admission when he attempted to take photographs 
               in the facility.  What exactly do the folks at 
               "Wish House" have to hide?  During my 
               investigations, I was able to discover, however, 
               a suspicious-looking round concrete tower which 
               appears to be part of their facilities.  
               Unfortunately no one was willing to tell us what 
               the tower was used for.  But it seems unlikely 
               that is has anything to do with the business of 
               raising orphans.  It may in fact be a prison, or 
               a secret place of worship.  The cult religion 
               that operates "Wish House" is known by the locals 
               simply as "The Order."  It's a religion that is 
               deeply interwoven with Silent Hill's history.  
               But its worshippers' fervent belief that they are 
               among the elite "chosen people" has a dark and 
               dangerous side.  I intend to contine my 
               investigation of "Wish House" and the cult behind 
               it.  I've always believed that "telling the whole 
               truth" and showing the children the true path, is 
               out most important duty.  

               Joseph Schreiber"

After picking up a couple of keys Henry heads for his own room.  In the 
distance he can see the young child, the one who is supposedly Walter 
Sullivan, banging on his door.  As he approaches the child disappears.  There 
is a red piece of paper under his door,  He places his piece of red paper 
under there as well.  In the next room, the long haired man who was knocking 
on Eileen's door is sitting on the stairs and holding a doll.  He says that 
miss Galvin (Eileen) gave it to him, she was younger than him back then.  He 
offers it to Henry, who is free to take it if he wants.  Down at the bottom of 
the stairs are a number of lockers, Henry uses the key that he found to open 
one and a number of letters fall out.  All of them are love letters, from Mike 
to Rachael.  Henry decides now to go back through the hole to his apartment.  
Two red pieces of paper are stuck under his door just like he saw before:

               "It was four years ago that they discovered the 
               body with "12/21" carved into it.  Right away I 
               had this terrible feeling and couldn't stop 
               shaking.  The victim had been murdered six months 
               earlier, but Walter had been dead for seven 
               years, having committed suicide three years 
               before the murder.  The police think it's a 
               copycat crime and are calling it the Sullivan 
               Case Round Two.  But something about it bothered 

               May 14"

               "I figured out the riddle behind the numbers.  
               "01121" is actually "01/21."  In other words, 1 
               out of 21.  So Walter was planning on killing 21 
               people...?  But he never finished the job.  He 
               was convicted for the murders of Billy and Miriam 
               Locane, the 7th and 8th victims.  Afterwards, he 
               committed suicide in his jail cell.  The grisly 
               mass murder of 10 people shocked the world and 
               came to be known as the "Walter Sullivan Case."  
               There are two big puzzles here.  The first is: 
               What was the motive for the murders?  The second 
               is: Why did he kill himself before completing his 
               task?  Was he simply insane...?

               May 2"

Looking out the peephole Henry sees the long haired man staring back through 
the peephole at him, until the man walks away.  There are a total of nineteen 
bloody handprints on the wall.  Back in the hole again, Henry finds the 
superintendent's room.  There is a diary on his bedside table that reads:

               "The red box seems even stranger today.  It's 
               giving off a terrible smell.  It's disgusting, 
               but I just can't throw it away.  It must have 
               been around 30 years ago.  That young couple was 
               living in the apartment, but one day they just 
               suddenly disappeared.  Ran off just like thieves 
               in the night.  I don't know why.  It must have 
               been money troubles, or maybe they got themselves 
               into some kind of danger.  The problem came after 
               that.  They left their newborn baby when they 
               took off.  I even found the umbilical cord.  I 
               called the ambulance right away and I heard the 
               baby survived, but I don't know what happened to 
               him.  Although a few years later, I often saw a 
               young kid hanging around the apartment.  One day 
               he just stopped coming by.  But now that I think 
               of it, I'll be he was that abandoned baby.  It's 
               a horrible story.  Abandoning a newborn baby... 
               That all happened in Room 302... And the 
               umbilical cord I found there... Well I still 
               can't get myself to throw it away."

Henry comes across Riachard Braintree's room as well.  The electric chair 
where Richard died is there, and the revolver he was carrying is sitting on 
the chair.  With nothing else to check out, Henry crams all the red paper 
under his door in the Apartment world and returns to his real Apartment.  
There are now four pieces or red paper and torn red paper under the door:

               ...protect you...ith love,

               "I lost the key to Eileen Galvin's room.  I've 
               gotta find it and bring it back.  Let me think... 
               The last place I saw it was..."

               "Oh yeah, I had a really wicked headache that day 
               and just collapsed on the bed.  Maybe if I look 
               near the bed in my room -302's bedroom- I'll find 
               it.  I get headaches every day now.  It's 
               terrible.  What am I going to do?

               May 22"

               "I picked up the key that Eileen from Room 303 
               must have dropped.  I thought I'd return it but 
               she wasn't home.  I guess I'll give it to the 

               May 20"

In his room, like the letter describes, Henry finds the Doll Key, the key to 
Eileen Galvin's room, Room 303.  In the Apartment World again, Henry uses the 
key to open Eileen's door and hears a scream.  Inside the little boy is there 
and Eileen is on the floor, bloody, with the number "20/21" carved into her 
back.  She says "thanks" to the kid and asks "did you ever find your mommy?" 
before collapsing on the ground.  Henry wakes up in his room to hear sirens.

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+-- (_/       OOM 302 - PLOT SUMMARY -------------------------------- 2.17 --+

Through the window Henry sees an ambulane pulling out of the apartment parking 
lot, presumably with Eileen.  Looking through the peephole in the wall into 
Eileen's room you can hear a conversation between two cops.  They are talking 
about Eileen's murder, saying she's not going to make it.  They call it the 
Walter Sullivan Case Round Three, but since they never caught the guy behind 
Round Two it could be the same one, or perhaps, the same guy for all three.  
The pink bunny (Silent Hill 3) sitting in Eileen's room now faces the 
peephole, rather than away from it.  Under the door there are two things, one 
piece of red paper and another thing.  The piece of red paper reads:

               "I don't think I can protect myself.  He's truly 
               insane.  I can'thold on any longer.  His power 
               can't be measured.  I was so scared today that I 
               sealed off the back of the storage room.  I 
               wonder if Eileen Galvin is okay.  She has no idea 
               what's going on... But she's in danger 

               July 13"

The other object under the door was something called the Succubus Talisman.  
The hole in the bathroom has been totally covered over.  Henry finds in his 
laundry room, some weird image on the wall.  With the power of the Succubus 
Talisman it turns into four indentations and some writing in red:

               "After he did the Ritual of the Holy Assumption, 
               other worlds began to force their way into his 
               universe and it began to swell horribly.  But his 
               universe is different than ours -- it has limits.  
               And in the limits of that universe, he rules as a 
               king.  And in the deepest part of his kingdom is 
               his Mother."

This causes four indentations to appear, each labelled with names that match 
those of the placards Henry found before each of the corpses.  Placing them 
into the wall, a new hole appears in the laundry room of his apartment.

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+-- (_/   (__ OSPITAL WORLD - PLOT SUMMARY -------------------------- 2.18 --+

Henry wakes up in some kind of hospital room.  The long haired man is there 
covered in blood with his hands inside the cut open chest of a woman, white as 
a ghost all over her body.  He quickly runs out of the room before the man can 
do anything.  He finds Eileen's handbag lying on the ground, and in the 
reception room there is a large whiteboard with X-rays and photographs of 
Eileen's many injuries.  There's also a nurse's memo sitting on the table:

               "I lost Eileen Galvin's hospital room key.  She 
               was a patient brought in with severe injuries.  I 
               wonder if I left it in one of the other gospital 
               rooms.  I really hope not..."

Upstairs in one of the rooms, Henry finds Eileen.  She seems to have survived 
the attack, her arm is broken and the numbers are still carved into her back, 
just more faint.  He explains to her that he found this hole in his apartment 
and he saw people getting killed in weird worlds, including her.  There was a 
child with her.  She says she remembers now, the child saved her from the man 
with the coat, she was getting ready to go to a party.  She asks Henry to take 
her with him.  They go back down to the first floor and enter the hole.

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+-- (_/       OOM 302 - PLOT SUMMARY -------------------------------- 2.19 --+

Henry wakes up in his apartment and something feels odd.  Eileen has not come 
with him, and the air seems somewhat heavier.  In game terms, at this point 
Henry is no longer healed automatically when he comes back to the apartment.  
He walks out into the living room, the ceiling fan is now broken and lying 
against the coffee table, it has fallen down.  There is also a red envelope 
under his door with a key and a note written on it:

               "You've seen that horrible world as well... That 
               horrible nightmare.  But if you get sucked into 
               it, it's not just a nightmare.  Don't get lost in 
               there.  If you get pulled in, you'll be killed.  
               But there's still hope.  Maybe this small key 
               will guide you.  If you've seen the door with the 
               placard set in it, look on the other side of the 
               door.  Then keep going down.  To the deepest part 
               of him.  And look for the ultimate Truth.

               July 20 - Joseph"

Three more pieces of red paper sit behind Henry's bookshelf.  They read:

               "Walter Sullivan did kill himself.  He died in 
               his prison cell of blood loss after he stabbed 
               himself in the neck with a spoon.  His body was 
               buried in a cemetery just outside his hometown of 
               Silent Hill in an unmarked grave.  After that, 
               his name became famous all over the world and it 
               looked like his string of mass murders was 
               finished at 10 out of 21.  But 3 years later, 
               they found a corpse that had "12/21" carved into 
               it.  The corpse was from six months earlier.  In 
               other words, the person was killed two and a half 
               years after Sullivan committed suicide.  The MO 
               was exactly the same as Sullivan's.  Except for 
               one thing.  All 10 of SuUllivan's victims were 
               found with their hearts cut out and their chest 
               wounds sewn together expertly with thread.  On 
               the other hand, the "12/21" victim still had 
               their heart.  Naturally the police think it's a 
               copy cat and are proceeding on that basis.  But 
               they haven't made any progress and recently 
               discovered victim number 13.  This corpse also 
               had their heart intact.  The police still havn't 
               even identified a suspect.  I've got a working 
               hypothesis.  Very few people knew the details of 
               the original crimes and would be able to copy 
               Sullivan's MO so precisely.  First I'll head to 
               Silent Hill... To the graveyard near that 
               beautiful little lake.  Maybe I'll find the 
               answer there.  

               June 11"

               "How long has it been since I left this room?  I 
               can't tell if it's been days or hours... But 
               during that time they've found the body of 
               "14/21."  I've been having hallucinations lately.  
               I think I'm losing my mind.  

               (No date written)."

               "The weather that day was very strange.  Even 
               though I avoided the earlier storm, there was 
               still a thick fog clinging to everything.  
               Fortunately, that allowed me to avoid being seen 
               and get right to work.  The police are still 
               stubbornly acting as if it's just a copycat case.  
               So I figured things probably hadn't been touched 
               here.  But I was wrong.  I should have come 
               sooner.  The cemetery was in such bad condition 
               that it was almost sad.  The storm must have 
               raised the sea level.  Anywaym that's how it was 
               when I found Walter Sullivan's grave.  

               (The diary is pretty damaged around this point 
               and I can't read anymore...)

               I'm still in shock... There was no body in the 
               grave... And on top of that, written on the 
               coffin were the numbers "11/21"...

               June 14"

With that Henry goes back into the laundry room and proceeds through the hole.


Plot Summary