Silent Hill 4: The Room Walkthrough

      (__/  ) 
     ) /      
+-- (_/ UBWAY WORLD - 2ND TIME -------------------------------------- 1.21 --+

You're back in a familiar place now.  Around the corner before the door you 
will find a -Holy Candle- on the shelf.  I will explain the use of these the 
next time you go back to your apartment.  Unlock the door and head through it.  
Be ready with your axe to fight these enemies, actually I find the axe isn't 
too effective against them (unlike the Stun Gun) but it gets the job done.  
Run around to reach the washroom and go into the men's washroom.  Grab the 
-Nutrition Drink- from the stall and leave.  Now into the women's washroom, 
jump into the hole and head back to your apartment once again.


Plot Summary