Silent Hill 4: The Room Walkthrough

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+-- /  | ATER PRISON WORLD ------------------------------------------ 1.12 --+

The key you found at the bottom is used to open the door in this room leading 
East.   Right when you get outside there is a ladder beside you, climb up it.  
Now climb up the other one to reach a set of large double doors.  Go through 
the doors.  Really the only room of interest here si the up-right (1 o'clock) 
room.  There's a diary in it that you can read, that's it.  When you're ready 
to go then leave the cell area and head back to the outdoor walkway.  There's 
a ladder next to the double doors, climb up it.  Climb it a second time to 
reach the roof and go through the doors.  Run around behind the large tank in 
the centre and turn the handle to open the gate.  Leave the roof area and 
climb back down the ladder once, enter the cell block here.  Run around this 
area to find two large two-headed enemies.  Personally if I were you, I'd pull 
out the Pistol for these things, and make sure to stomp them right away after 
you do.  Enter the up-right (1 o'clock) room and kill the wall man above the 
-Pistol Bullets-.  Also be sure to check out the two diaries in the right-down 
(four o'clock) room.  When you're ready to proceed go to the left-down (eight 
o'clock) room.  There is a hole in this room, drop down... three times.  

Be ready with your weapon because you aren't alone down in the shower room.  
Unlock the door and exit the shower room.  Run up and climb the ladder in the 
middle.  Read the memo sitting on the desk.  Feel free to look through the 
holes, now climb the ladder up to the next floor and read the document on the 
desk.  Climb the ladder once again and read the memo on the wall.  The secret 
number for getting through the door will be here.  You don't have to right it 
down, it will always be in your scrapbook.  Turn the handle here to the right 
once and the man on the first floor should be set free.  Climb down the ladder 
three times to reach the basement and trigger a cutscene.  Go through the 
South door and there should be a ladder just West of here.  Climb up and go 
through the door beside you.  Feel free to make a return trip to your 
apartment to save your game and heal up.  Once you're ready, head back.

Leave this room through the East door which takes you outside again.  CLimb 
the ladders to reach the third floor cell area.  This time enter the right-
down room (four o'clock) and jump down the hole.  Before jumping a second 
time, check the table on the left to get a -Stun Gun-.  Drop down to the very 
bottom to reach the Dining Hall.  Go through the North door to find the 
kitchen, but it's too dark to punch numbers into the panel.  The solution 
follows.  Leave the kitchen and the dining hall, climb the ladder in the 
middle to reach the surveillance room again.  Go up to the second floor 
surveillance room and turn the handle to the right four times.  Now climb up 
to the top and turn the handle to the right once.  All of the bloody beds 
should be lined up now, you can use the peepholes to verify.  Return to the 
kitchen once again and now the panel is illuminated.  Examine the door to get 
the -Watchfulness Placard-.  Check your scrapbook (press triangle on the map 
screen) and read the secret number memo, this is the number you need to punch 
into the door.  Put in the code and the door should open, triggering a scene.


Plot Summary