Silent Hill 4: The Room Walkthrough

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   \_
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.05 --+

Take a look out your window upon waking here.  Something odd is going on 
outside.  Leave your bedroom and listen to the radio transmission that chimes 
in.  Once it ends, take a look under your door for a scrap of paper.  After 
reading it you've done pretty much everything there is to do (besides take 
another peek on Eileen, you can do that whenever you want.)  Head for the 
bathroom and get ready to enter the hole once again.  Before you go check your 
inventory.  You can drop off most of the irrelevant items, in fact the only 
two things you absolutely need are the Chocolate Milk and Steel Pipe.


Plot Summary