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About The Game:
Q:  Should I buy this game?
A:  Yes.  Absolutely.  Your life won't be complete without it.
Seriously.  Alright, alright, here's  a more detailed answer...  It depends.  If
you work or go to school a lot (and I mean a LOT, like where you wouldn't be
able to play the game for days at a time), then try renting it first.  Since it
works on real time, then the game keeps going even when you stop playing.  So if
you stop playing for 4+ days or so, sometimes your town will have lots of weeds
you'll have to pull, or some of your villagers will move out.  This game is good
if you don't necessarily need for a game to have a big, advanced storyline.  Or
perfect graphics (the graphics are great, but a lot of people like perfection.

Q:  Is this game like the Sims?
A:  It's the same concept (control your own life, meet people, make
friends, etc.), except it's about 2,000% better than the Sims because
it's so much more detailed.  You can control what you say to others.
You can create patterns, get original 8-bit Nintendo games that you can
play on your GameCube, go fishing, go bug-catching, buy stuff, sell
stuff...  I could go on and on.  Just trust me.

Q:  So this game works on "real time"...  What's that mean?
A:  It means that even when you're done playing and turn off your
GameCube, time is passing in your game.  If you don't play for a few
days, your house may become infested with cockroaches and your
villagers will be upset that you haven't come to see them.

Q:  That sounds like a lot of trouble for just a game.
A:  First of all, Animal Crossing is not just a game, it's a state of
mind.  It's a way of life.  Secondly, it's not so much trouble.  Just
taking a bit of time to talk to everyone and pull out the weeds in your
town is enough to keep most of the villagers happy.

Q:  What's this e-Reader I've heard so much about?
A:  The e-Reader is a product from Nintendo that plugs into your Game
Boy Advance.  Using either the cards that it comes with or cards you
buy separately, you can swipe the cards and get new items in Animal
Crossing or play old Nintendo games on your GBA.  For more information,
please check out NHaines's FAQ at or
log on to Nintendo's website at

Q:  I have a Game Boy Advance and a GameCube/GBA Link Cable!  Now where do I
get the E-cards?
A:  Wal*Mart, Fry's (best bet), Target, and basically any other video game
store.  Beware of clueless game store clerks, though!

Q:  Do you have a list of the available e-cards?
A:  Of course!  Here they are:

    Series 1 Character Cards:
    001 -- K.K. Slider
    002 -- Rover
    003 -- Porter
    004 -- Tom Nook (Nook's Cranny uniform)
    005 -- Tortimer
    006 -- Mr. Resetti
    007 -- Blathers
    008 -- Sable Able
    009 -- Mabel Able
    010 -- Kapp'n
    011 -- Bob
    012 -- Mitzi
    013 -- Punchy
    014 -- Ankha
    015 -- Paolo
    016 -- Teddy
    017 -- Potia
    018 -- Peanut
    019 -- Bliss
    020 -- Bunnie
    021 -- O'Hare
    022 -- Bill
    023 -- Joey
    024 -- Maelle
    025 -- Biff
    026 -- Lobo
    027 -- Rasher
    028 -- Pigleg
    029 -- Rhoda
    030 -- Plucky
    031 -- Tad
    032 -- Drift
    033 -- Chevre
    034 -- Bangle
    035 -- Rowan
    036 -- Buck
    037 -- Bluebear
    038 -- June
    039 -- Cheri
    040 -- Apollo
    041 -- Cube
    042 -- Flash
    043 -- Yodel
    044 -- Faith
    045 -- Bud
    046 -- Flossie
    047 -- Pinky
    048 -- Nibbles
    049 -- Dotty
    050 -- Scoot
    051 -- Boris
    052 -- Goose
    053 -- Admiral
    054 -- Kody
    055 -- Pierce
    056 -- Puck
    057 -- Bones
    058 -- Dora
    059 -- Spike
    060 -- Jane

    Series 1 Design Cards:
    D01 -- Shine Sprite
    D02 -- Jumpman Mario

    Series 1 Music Cards:
    M01 -- Only Me
    M02 -- K.K. Faire
    M03 -- DJ K.K.
    M04 -- Mr. K.K.

    Promotional Cards (found only in issues of Nintendo Power):
    PR -- Link Design card

- Series 1 card lists posted by myself, Pikachu_4_President

    Series 2 Character Cards:
    061 -- Tom Nook (Nook 'n' Go uniform)
    062 -- Pelly
    063 -- Copper
    064 -- Saharah
    065 -- Joan
    066 -- Jingle
    067 -- Redd
    068 -- Stinky
    069 -- Olivia
    070 -- Purrl
    071 -- Eloise
    072 -- Elina
    073 -- Eunice
    074 -- Baabara
    075 -- Dozer
    076 -- Grizzly
    077 -- Cookie
    078 -- Butch
    079 -- Filbert
    080 -- Sally
    081 -- Doc
    082 -- Coco
    083 -- Pompom
    084 -- Derwin
    085 -- Bubbles
    086 -- Chief
    087 -- Dobie
    088 -- Sampson
    089 -- Limberg
    090 -- Curly
    091 -- Lucy
    092 -- Ava
    093 -- Leigh
    094 -- Chuck
    095 -- Patty
    096 -- Jay
    097 -- Midge
    098 -- Puddles
    099 -- Lily
    100 -- Camofrog
    101 -- Boots
    102 -- Iggy
    103 -- Tybalt
    104 -- Cyrano
    105 -- Yuka
    106 -- Elmer
    107 -- Peaches
    108 -- Vladimir
    109 -- Poncho
    110 -- Peewee
    111 -- Sprocket
    112 -- Marcy
    113 -- Kitt
    114 -- Buzz
    115 -- Roald
    116 -- Aurora
    117 -- Olive
    118 -- Franklin

    Series 2 Design Cards:
    D03 -- Samus's Suit
    D04 -- Pikmin Pattern
    D05 -- Star Fox Emblem
    D06 -- K.K. Tour Tee

    Series 2 Music Cards:
    M05 -- K.K. Country
    M06 -- K.K. Parade
    M07 -- K.K. Aria
    M08 -- Senor K.K. (with an accent over the "n")

    Series 2 Player Cards:
    P01 -- Boy (1)
    P02 -- Girl (1)
    P03 -- Boy (2)
    P04 -- Girl (2)

    Series 2 Sibling Cards:
    B01 -- Resetti Brothers

- Series 2 Character Cards list posted by omnitarian

    Series 3 Character Cards:
    119 -- Tom Nook (Nookway uniform)
    120 -- Phyllis
    121 -- Booker
    122 -- Wendell
    123 -- Katrina
    124 -- Gulliver
    125 -- Tangy
    126 -- Monique
    127 -- Kitty
    128 -- Opal
    129 -- Stella
    130 -- Cashmere
    131 -- Chow
    132 -- Goldie
    133 -- Bea
    134 -- Ricky
    135 -- Blaire
    136 -- Gaston
    137 -- Claude
    138 -- Weber
    139 -- Mallary
    140 -- Bertha
    141 -- Wolfgang
    142 -- Chico
    143 -- Anicotti
    144 -- Truffles
    145 -- Cobb
    146 -- Betty
    147 -- Hank
    148 -- Stu
    149 -- Belle
    150 -- Anchovy
    151 -- Otis
    152 -- Jeremiah
    153 -- Huck
    154 -- Ribbot
    155 -- Liz
    156 -- Velma
    157 -- Rolf
    158 -- Snooty
    159 -- Sydney
    160 -- Winnie
    161 -- Cleo
    162 -- Annalise
    163 -- Rex
    164 -- Maple
    165 -- Hornsby
    166 -- Cesar
    167 -- Rio
    168 -- Carrie
    169 -- Mathilda
    170 -- Quetzal
    171 -- Hopper
    172 -- Ursala
    173 -- Lulu
    174 -- Pango
    175 -- Tom Nook (Raffle Day uniform)
    176 -- Timmy
    177 -- Chip
    178 -- Blanca
    179 -- Kabuki
    180 -- Ellie
    181 -- Groucho
    182 -- Maddie
    183 -- Static
    184 -- Snake
    185 -- Rocco
    186 -- Candi
    187 -- Sue E.
    188 -- T-bone
    189 -- Twiggy
    190 -- Jambette
    191 -- Sven
    192 -- Gonzo
    193 -- Leopold
    194 -- Cupcake
    195 -- Queenie
    196 -- Friga
    197 -- Farley

    Series 3 Design Cards:
    D07 -- Hero's Tunic
    D08 -- Triforce Tile
    D09 -- Kirby Wallpaper
    D10 -- Resetti's Wrath

    Series 3 Music Cards:
    M09 -- K.K. Elude
    M10 -- K.K. Lullaby
    M11 -- K.K. Condor

    Series 3 Player Cards:
    P05 -- Boy (3)
    P06 -- Girl (3)
    P07 -- Boy (4)
    P08 -- Girl (4)
    P09 -- Boy (5)
    P10 -- Boy (6)

    Series 3 Sibling Cards:
    B02 -- Mable & Sable
    B03 -- Timmy & Tommy

- Series 3 card lists posted by mdude4

    Series 4 Character Cards:
    198 -- Tom Nook (Nookington's uniform)
    199 -- Pete
    200 -- Copper
    201 -- Tommy
    202 -- Gracie
    203 -- Redd
    204 -- Jack
    205 -- Kiki
    206 -- Tabby
    207 -- Tom
    208 -- Dizzy
    209 -- Vesta
    210 -- Tutu
    211 -- Biskit
    212 -- Lucky
    213 -- Hazel
    214 -- Mint
    215 -- Gabi
    216 -- Genji
    217 -- Freckles
    218 -- Deena
    219 -- Rollo
    220 -- Freya
    221 -- Penny
    222 -- Rizzo
    223 -- Spork
    224 -- Hugh
    225 -- Egbert
    226 -- Oxford
    227 -- Bessie
    228 -- Piper
    229 -- Twirp
    230 -- Ace
    231 -- Emerald
    232 -- Cousteau
    233 -- Prince
    234 -- Alli
    235 -- Billy
    236 -- Zoe
    237 -- Ozzie
    238 -- Ed
    239 -- Octavian
    240 -- Aziz
    241 -- Murphy
    242 -- Pudge
    243 -- Tiara
    244 -- Sandy
    245 -- Astrid
    246 -- Amelia
    247 -- Gwen
    248 -- Boomer
    249 -- Axel
    250 -- Nate
    251 -- Bitty
    252 -- Gruff
    253 -- Huggy
    254 -- Valise
    255 -- Wisp
    256 -- Don
    257 -- Rosie
    258 -- Woolio
    259 -- Daisy
    260 -- Pecan
    261 -- Pippy
    262 -- Pate
    263 -- Fang
    264 -- Carmen
    265 -- Hambo
    266 -- Hector
    267 -- Petunia
    268 -- Robin
    269 -- Wart Jr.
    270 -- Alfonso
    271 -- Nosegay
    272 -- Savannah
    273 -- Tank
    274 -- Louie
    275 -- Mr. Resetti

    Series 4 Design Cards:
    D11 -- Yoshi's Egg
    D12 -- Poke Ball
    D13 -- Li'l Miser Shirt
    D14 -- Kapp'n's Kisser

    Series 4 "G" Cards:
    G01 -- Copper & Booker

    Series 4 Music Cards:
    M12 -- K.K. Chorale
    M13 -- K.K. Folk
    M14 -- Comrade K.K.

    Series 4 Nintendo (8-bit) Game Cards:
    N01 -- Ice Climber
    N02 -- Mario Bros.

    Series 4 Player Cards:
    P11 -- Girl (5)
    P12 -- Girl (6)
    P13 -- Boy (7)
    P14 -- Girl (7)
    P15 -- Boy (8)
    P16 -- Girl (8)

    Series 4 Sibling Cards:
    B04 -- Pelly & Phyllis

- Series 4 card lists posted by myself, Pikachu_4_President

Q:  What is a "pitfall"?  Is it a game?
A:  Not in Animal Crossing.  A pitfall is an item.  It looks like a
white circle with a large red exclamation point on the front.  Bury it
and then you or one of your villagers will fall in it after walking
over it.  It's meant to be a prank to play on your townsanimals.

Q:  What kind of fruits are there?
A:  Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, oranges, and coconuts (only found
on the island).

- answer by TRDNiteLife

Q:  Why does my character have horns?
A:  She/he doesn't.  It's hair sticking out from underneath their hat.

Q: Why do I keep finding soccer/basket/volleyballs around my village? What am I
supposed to do with them?
A: Sometimes, when asking a villager for a favor, they will say they're bored
and mention that if they had a ball to play with, they would be happier. It is
your job to kick the ball over to them. After you do that, talk to them, and
they will thank you. Also, you can kick the ball over to an townsanimal (even if
they didn't ask for one) and they will kick it around. You can kick it back and
forth between yourself and the villager.

Q:  Do you really get presents from your villagers on your birthday?
A:  Depends.  If they've already asked you what your birthday is and
you have been being completely nice to each and every villager (even
the not-so-nice ones), you will most likely get presents.  My birthday
is October 6th, and I got presents from almost every villager in my
town.  Plus, one of them was even standing outside my house waiting for
me with a present that turned out to be an NES game!

Q:  What if I get something from someone to return to someone else, but
the person I have to return it to has moved?
A:  You'll have to go to the town they moved to and give it to them
there, or, if you don't know where they went, you'll have to carry the item
for a few days and then go to the Well.  Say you have something to apologize
for, and the Well should take the item.

Q:  How many Computer-Controlled Characters can I have?
A:  15, not counting Nook, The Able Sisters, the Post Office staff, or
anyone else not living in a house.  You can have 4 human characters, but only 1
will be able to play at one time, and you will not be able to see the other
human characters in their houses.

Q:  What's this "island" I've heard about?
A:  You can only get to it using a GameCube/Game Boy Advance Link Cable
to link up your GameCube and a GBA.  The fishing is better on the
island, you can create designs for free, talk to the animals there, and
do all sorts of other nifty things that you can't do on the mainland.

Q:  What can I do after I pay off all of my house extensions?
A:  Donate bugs, fish, paintings, and fossils to the museum.
      If you haven't visited the island yet, do that.
      Go bug your friends/relatives' neighbors in their towns.
      Catch every species of bug and fish in the game (I believe
         there's 40 for each).
      Stare in awe at the statue you've received for paying off your
      Work on creating new designs.
      Work on getting every item available in the game (this includes
         all the shirts, in which case it could take you years to collect
      Get a new memory card and start another town.
      Spread the word about how wonderful this game is.  Start a fan

- answer posted by myself with help from dman53 and ACTrader

Q:  What can I do after Nook closes his store at night?
A:  Clean your house.
      Catch fish and/or bugs and store them in your house until you can
         sell them.
      Re-arrange your furniture.
      Answer your mail.
      Dig up all the fossils, etc. and send them to the museum (the
         Post Office is open 24 hours a day).
      Do chores for the villagers that are still awake.
      Wake up the villages sleeping in front of their houses.
      Pull weeds.
      Cut down trees that are too close together.
      Catch bugs and fish and carry them around with you.  Talk to villagers and
         they might buy them for lots of money.
      Wake up your villagers.  At least six of mine will fall asleep in
         front of their houses at night.  Make sure they go into their houses,
         because sometimes they'll walk around a bit and then fall back asleep

Q:  This game includes Feng Shui, doesn't it?  How do I use it to my
A:  Yes, this game uses Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging
furniture to encourage the flow of good chi (energy) and a happy,
healthy life. Using it will earn you more luck in finding items and money. To
use it, arrange your furniture like this:

Orange furniture in the North (top of your house) for finding bells and items
Yellow furniture in the West (left of your house) for finding bells and items
Red furniture in the East (right of your house) for finding items
Green furniture in the South (bottom of your house) for finding bells and items

- answer posted by myself with help from Knightshade

Q:  Why did you create this FAQ?
A:  Several reasons, really.  To help out those on the Animal crossing
Message Board, because they asked me to.  I also did it for my sister,
who hasn't been playing the game nearly as long as I have.  And because
I wanted to give back to those on the Message Board who have always
been so kind and helpful to me.

Q:  I'd like to give something back to you for creating this FAQ.  What can I
A:  Drop me an e-mail to say thanks!  Just that makes all this work fun and
worthwhile.  But, if you really feel the need to go above and beyond, I'd like
two things:  I'm trying to find AC plush dolls.  They were only made in Japan.
I'm looking for the Tom Nook, Porter, Rover, Girl with net, Boy with net, and
Boy with fishing rod.  If you have a friend in Japan or something, they might
have one.  I've tried eBay and, but they're too expensive.
Also, e-mail me for a list of the e-cards I need to complete my set.  Also, I'm
looking for anything and everything Animal Crossing (Doubutsu no Mori)-related
from Japan.  I'm also looking for promotional AC 3-D models from video
game/software stores.  All items I'd be willing to pay or trade for.

Golden Tools:
Q:  How do you get the golden tools?
A:  If you have an extra shovel, bury it in a glowing spot.  A golden
sapling will appear.  After a few days, shake the full grown tree and
out will fall a golden shovel.  After catching one of every type of
fish, Tortimer will give you a golden fishing rod.  After catching one
of every type of bug, you will get a golden net.  After keeping your town
"perfect" (please see "How do I get a 'perfect town'?") for two straight weeks
according to the Well, you will get a golden axe.

Q:  What do these golden items do?
A:  With the shovel, you can dig up random places and find money bags
worth 100 bells.  With the axe, it will never break.  The golden
fishing rod makes fishing easier, the bobber doesn't have to be as
close to the fish to get a bite, and it takes longer for the fish to
steal your bait.  You also get a fish weather vane on your roof.  The golden net
is two to three times bigger than a normal net, which makes it a little easier
to catch bugs.  You also get a butterfly weather vane on your house.  (Thanks to
Loto610 for the golden net information!)

Q:  Can I trade or sell golden tools?
A:  No.

How Do I...
Q: How do I plant a tree?
A: Plant fruit by digging a hole where there's lots of sunlight
(not by a house or around lots of other trees), and click on a fruit in
your inventory.  Choose the "plant item in ground" option and your
character will automatically plant the fruit.  Remember not to step on
the sapling at all!

Q.  How do I write a letter?
A:  Pick up some stationary.  Click on it in your inventory and choose
"write a letter."  A keyboard will come up on the screen.  All the
buttons on the GameCube controller on the screen are labeled.  Simply
follow that on-screen picture to see which buttons do what.  When done,
press the Start button.  Be sure you use proper punctuation and that
your spelling is correct, or else whoever gets the letter may write
back saying they don't understand.

Q:  How do I get the present floating around tied to a balloon?
A:  Wait for it to land on a tree, then shake the present out of the

Q: How do I catch a bee?
A: It's not as easy as one might think. Try running real fast and then, when
they're real close to you, run in a circle. Apparently bees don't turn as well
as your character does, and they will keep going straight. Repeat the process,
and they will be further behind you. Turn and get your net ready. When they've
almost caught you, release the A button.

Q:  How do I get rid of a villager I don't like?
A:  The easiest way to do it (without having any other memory cards or towns) is
to ignore them.  Don't write to them, don't do favors for them, and don't talk
to them.  Ignore them, and eventually they will probably leave.

Q: I shined up Gracie's car 'til it sparkled and she still insulted me and
gave me cheap clothing!  How do I get a Gracie original?
A: Be sure to tap the button as fast as you possibly can, or even faster than
that!  A good way to do this is to get a capped pen, set it horizontally on the
controller, and kind of "rub" the pen across the controller to make it tap very

- answer posted by Loki 174

Q:  How do I talk to Pete?
A: At 9am and/or 5pm, stand in front of the Bulletin Board in front of your
house. As the clock chimes, you'll hear his wings pounding as he flies
overhead, then he'll land in front of the board. Immediately walk over to him
and press the A button like you would talk to any other animal. If he has mail
to deliver to your house, he'll talk to you for a bit, then when the
conversation's over, he'll walk over to your mailbox, flip the flag up, and
put mail in your box, then he'll fly off again.

Q: How do I get an item from/return an item to an animal that's sleeping?
A: Here's a fun little secret I learned while playing Animal Crossing. You know
how a townsanimal gets mad at you when you push them around? Well, they don't
get mad at you if you push them around while they are sleeping. This information
comes in very handy when you need to talk to them after their usual bedtime. If
the animal has fallen asleep in front of their house, push them far enough away
from their house so that you can stand between them and the house. Standing
between the animal and their house prevents them from walking inside after you
wake them up. Then, simply talk to the animal as you normally would. They will
thank you (or yell at you, depending on their mood) for waking them up, and then
try to walk into their house. Immediately press the A button to talk to them
again, and you can give or retrieve the item.

Q: How do I get a "perfect town"?
A: According to Tips & Tricks magazine, follow these steps to earn a perfect
       1. Be sure to ask the Well "How are things"? and pay close attention to
          what it tells you. If it says "In areas where there is very little
          green..." make sure you plant at least nine trees per acre, except the
          acre your house is in (B-3), the acre the Wishing Well is in, all of
          the F acres, the Museum acre and the acre with the large lake (where
          fishing tourneys are held). If the Well says you have too many trees,
          make sure you have less then 16 trees in the acre it specifies. Once
          you've statisfied the specific are requirements...
       2. Keep track of where trees are by drawing the gridlines for your town
          on a piece of paper, and putting dots where the trees are. Once you
          have this information collected...
       3. Check to make sure you have 12, 13, or 14 trees per acre, except those
          mentioned above. These acres are worth two points. If you have nine,
          ten, 11, 15 or 16 trees in an acre, that acre is worth one point. If
          you have less than nine or more trees per acre, those acres are worth
          zero points. If you have trash anywhere but in the Dump, that acre
          will be worth zero points. If you have three or more weeds in an acre,
          that acre is worth zero points, unless you have flowers planted in
          that acre.  One flower reverses the negative effect of one weed, two
          flowers reverses the negative effect of two weeds, and so on.
       4. When you reach 34-60 points, you will get the perfect town message
          from the Well. Maintain your town this way for two weeks (replant dead
          trees, pick up trash, pull weeds, etc.), and you'll receive the Golden

Q:  How do I make a snowman?
A:  Please refer to the "Snowman F.A.Q." in the "Special Event/Holiday F.A.Q."

Making Bells:
Q:  What are some good ways to make money?
A:  Money-wise, the game is pretty balanced.  If you are patient, you
can collect fruit daily and sell them for money.  If you are not quite
THAT patient, you can collect shells hourly or so along the beach for a
less consistent but reasonable money source.  If you want to work for
it, and have a low skill level, and no patience, you can catch bugs.
Some are very easy to catch.  If you have a higher skill level, you
should fish. A player good at button timing and speed can quickly land
pay dirt after pay dirt by hitting the ocean during off hours of the
day.  If you want to farm cash, you can plant and maintain foreign
fruit, which with some work can become pretty easy and lucrative,
although a little time intensive, very simple and reliable.  If you
enjoy treasure hunting, you can shake trees for minor payoffs and
occasional gifts, and occasional bee attacks.  If you've got the skill
you can turn the bee attacks into opportunities for quick 4500 bell
hits as you search.  If you like treasure hunting but prefer a more
controlled method, and have more patience, you can hunt down the red
rock and try to score 13,300 from it.   People who mine and mail with
sufficient patience will get rewarded with extra fossils that sell for
hard cash.  Risk-takers can invest their hard-earned bell in trees that
just might sprout and triple their investment.  SMART opportunity
takers will always plant that tree or not, based on the shiny spot's
position, surrounding landscape, and whether or not it rained
yesterday.  Property mongers will sell everything and buy everything to
keep the flow of bell up while increasing their item catalog.
Travelers can go get foreign deals and profits.  Socials will run quest
after quest, attaining merchandise and either hoarding all the spoils
or selling 90% of it, turning a profit THAT way.  The ultra-patient
will invest a lot of time in socializing with the villagers, improving
the landscape, writing letters, and increasing the town size - happy
villagers that like you will have a naturally high freebie return
rate (it's true - the better your PR with someone, the better deals and
specials you can snag), and a town of 15 villagers that all like you
can pay back bigger on a daily basis than anything else. It's the gift
that keeps on giving, so long as you give back.  And REAL risk takers
can play the turnip market, and try not to lose their shirt as they
invest many thousands in the hopes of earning millions.

- answer posted by shockfrost

Q: I'd like to make more money.  I've heard about "money trees."  What are
they, and how do I grow one?
A:  After digging up a "glowing spot" with your shovel (you'll know
what I'm talking about when you see one), you should get a bag worth
1,000 bells.  Plant it in the ground and a little sprout will come up.
For the next 24 hours, the tree will be in the sapling stage, so do not
run over it and hopefully, if it has lots of sunlight, it will grow
into a money tree.

NES Games:
Q: Which NES games can I get and how can I get them?
A:  Balloon Fight
    Clu Clu Land
    Clu Clu Land D
    Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    Donkey Kong Jr. Math
    Donkey Kong 3
    Ice Climber (series 4 e-Reader card)
    Mario Bros. (series 4 e-Reader card)
    Super Tortimer (a fake NES game, given to you by Tortimer on 4/1)
    Wario's Woods
      You can get these games through presents on your birthday, E-Reader cards,
trading, as rewards for helping your neighbors, shaking them out of
trees, finding them in the dump or as a lost item at the police
station, and the first person to move into town on a brand-new memory
card will receive a letter from Nintendo that contains two NES games
and a song from K.K. Slider to put into your tape player.

- game list posted by ACTrader

Q:  How do I get my townsanimals to wear my design?
A: Enter the Able Sisters' Design House.  Go up to an article of clothing on
display, and press the A button.  Mabel will talk to you about the design of
the clothing, and you'll get a list of options.  Choose "Display mine!" and
then choose one of your patterns.  She will get rid of the current design on
display and your design will appear on the article of clothing.  Then the
other townsanimals may see your design and decide to wear it.

Q: Where can I find more patterns?
A: T. Cromis (see the link to his website below) also lets me bug him.  He will
do any design you ask for, and he's very nice.  For more texture websites, see
the "Helpful Websites" section.

Tom Nook:
Q:  I heard that Tom Nook expands his store.  When does that happen?
A:  After reaching a total of 25,000 bells by buying or selling items,
Tom Nook will close Nook's Cranny and re-open the store under the name
Nook 'N' Go.  After you've spent or made a total of 65,000 bells in
Nook's store, he will close Nook 'N' Go and re-open the store under the
name Nookway.  After his transactions total 150,000 and someone from
another village has visited Nookway in your town, he will close his
store for the last time and re-open it as Nookington's.  Each time he
closes his store, he will send you a letter, and you will not be able
to buy anything from him for a whole day.  However, you will find that
each upgraded store includes more items.

Q:  Why does Nook keep giving me raffle tickets?
A:  Because on the date he tells you, he will hold a raffle.  For every
five tickets you collect, you get a chance to win a prize at the
raffle.  Nook will hold the raffle at his store (you won't be able to
buy anything on raffle day).

Q:  How do I trade?  Do I need to use the Internet?
A:  No, you do not need to use the Internet.  If you know anyone that
has the AC game and you'd like to trade (or give) an item, go to Tom
Nook's store and talk to him.  When he asks what he can do for you,
choose "Other Things" and then choose "Hear Code."  He will ask you the
name of the town and the person you want to send the item to.  Type in
the information and then confirm it with Nook.  He will then ask what
item you'd like to give.  Click on the item in your inventory and then
he will give you a password.  Write down the password very carefully on
a piece of paper and give it to the person you sent the item to.  All
they have to do to pick up the item is go to Nook's store in their own
village and choose "Say Code."  Then they will have to type in the
password you gave them, and Nook will give them the item.  A good place
to trade items is on the GameFaqs Animal Crossing Trading Board:

Q:  I'm having trouble making the codes work.  What do I do?
A:  Try changing the lower-case L's to capital i's or vice-versa.

What/Who Is...
Q: What's with the animal that sells turnips every Sunday from 6am-12pm?
A:  Her name is Sow Joan, and she is a boar.  If you buy the turnips, remember
what price you bought them at.  Then check Tom Nook's store every day and ask
him (under "Other Things") what price he'll pay you for your turnips.  The idea
is to sell them to Nook for more money than what you paid Joan for them.  You
have a week to do so; if you don't sell them within a week, they will go bad and
you won't be able to sell them at all.

Q:  Who is Mr. Resetti and why should I not upset him?
A:  Mr. Resetti is a mole that will appear if you reset your game.
Each time you reset your game or don't save before turning off your
GameCube, he will pop up in front of you and lecture you relentlessly
and make you feel like a total heel.  If that's not bad enough, and you
keep resetting or not saving, he'll reset your game himself!