Tribes Aerial Assault Tips & Secrets

"When using your jetpack to fly across large distances, conserve your energy by 'pulsing' the jetpack.  Keeping the jetpack button depressed until you run out of energy won't get you as far and will cause you to take damage from hard landings." - TEM

"In the single player campaign, your first CTF game can be difficult thanks to the poor AI of your team.  If you leave your base along the left side of the valley and travel almost to the boundary, you'll find a platform with a shield pack.  You should also be able to see the enemy flag from your location.  Cross the valley in a direct line for the enemy flag.  Make sure that your power is fully charged, and then make a run up the hill for the enemy flag.  As soon as you start to receive fire, enable the shield pack by pressing Circle.  When you crest the hill, fire your jetpack so that you land right on the enemy flag.  Then get out of there as fast as you can.  This won't work every time, but you should be able to get the required six flag captures by using this technique." - TEM

"In the Gen Defender campaign level (i don't remember if that's the right name, but its close) get Medium armor with any weapons, but make sure you have Remote Turrets for the pack and Mines for the Grenades. Then, place the turrets around the big room next to the Gen room so they'll have good clean shots to the enemies. I put about 5-6 in there. While doing this, throw mines along the main path of travel AFTER your three buddies are in the room. You can also put a couple turrets down the chute thing, but mine usually ended up getting blown up. Then get Heavy Armor with shield pack when you get the second message that enemies are coming. Stand so you can see both openings and when your hear your turrets going off, get your chaingun ready. Repair anything in the time between attacks (remember there is an inventory station through the door that Bioderm don't come through) Near the end, just keep chaingunnin' an throwin grenades if its safe. Its total mayhem near the end cause of all the mortar rounds they shoot an a lot of it is luck for this one. This is about the hardest level to me." - Jacob

"When your going to disrupt the enemy base and the bases on the certain map are rather small be sure to get a shield pack and Regular or concussion grenades along with a grenade launcher.

If your playing on a map such as slapdash you should be able to take out the generators the inventory stations and blast quite a few people before they finally take you out!" - Shrine~Knight