Halo 2 Walkthrough

Quarantine Zone

A Phantom flies hovers overhead, dropping replacements 
for your dead Elites.

“In the center of this zone is a Sacred Icon critical to 
the great journey. I must find it!” – The Arbiter

“We shall cut into the heart of this infestation, 
retrieve the Icon, and burn any Flood that stand in our 
way.” – Spec Op Commander

A loud roar of approval comes from the reinforcing 

“The parasite is not to be trifled with, I hope you know 
what you’re doing!” – Spec Op Commander

The Commander walks away.

Objects in Mirror are Larger Than They Appear

“Forward Warriors! And fear not pain nor death! Go 
Arbiter, I’ll follow when our reinforcements arrive.”

The Phantom dropped four Warrior Elites, two Ghosts, and 
a Spectre. I suggest taking the Spectre, and fitting on 
three of the four Elites... if they are willing to join 

Get ready ASAP, as an Enforcer and Sentinels are 
approaching. Clear ‘em out, then move up the hill and 
through the tunnel. Wait for the Ghost, then move through 
the next door.

“What! The Parasite controls our vehicles? No matter... 
it will die all the same.” – Warrior Elite

You’ll find yourself in a large open room. Two Advanced 
Sentinels come straight at you, with an Enforcer not far 
behind. Dodge their attacks to the best of your ability, 
giving your Elites time to shoot them down.

You’ll notice random Ghosts lying around, unmanned yet 
damaged. Don’t bother taking anything, keep your Elites 
as close as possible (AKA, most on Spectre, one on 

After clearing out the first few Forerunners, move around 
the big dividing block, and be prepared for incoming 
Enforcers in the masses.

“Commander, we’ve found a human vehicle!” – Warrior Elite

“Keep moving, I’m on my way.” – Spec Op Commander

You’ll notice an empty Warthog up against a pillar behind 
some boxes, with accompanying dead Marines.
Hold back and strafe the Enforcers for your Elites. Move 
along the path slowly.

Move down the slope, and take cover immediately. A 
Scorpion is just ahead. Your top priority – Jack the 
Scorpion. Get off your vehicle, get as close as you can, 
then cloak yourself. Jump on the back, hit it a few 
times, throw two Plasma Grenades in, then jump off. You 
should now have a damaged, yet empty and usable Scorpion.

Get in, then wipe out the remaining Flood Ghosts. Move 
through the tunnel, and out the other side. 
Healthy Competition

Move forward. Three Human Flood will drop down from above 
the tunnel. An Enforcer hovers over from the left, past 
your LoF, taking no notice of you. Move ahead and simply 
run over the Flood. A Human controlled Pelican flies 
overhead, firing the rear-mounted Chaingun down on Flood 
contacts, and carrying a Scorpion at the rear.

Move around, down the slope, rolling over the Flood in 
the process, and in through the small door.

“I’m sending you a squad of my most experienced Warriors, 
Arbiter. Do not squander their talents!” – Spec Op 

Straight ahead, you’ll find a Wraith firing Plasma 
Mortars at an Enforcer. Hit the Enforcer from the rear 
with your turret shells, then attempt to jack the Wraith. 
You’ll need the speed boost.

A Phantom will land in this area, so don’t move too far. 
It drops three Veteran Elites, and two Ghosts.

“An Arbiter! Just what are we going up against?” - Elite

Once your team is ready, move along the tunnel, and over 
the makeshift bridge. Watch for the Rocket Flood atop the 
hill ahead of the bridge. Kill off the Flood Ghost, then 
move over the next bridge. There is another Rocket Flood 
straight ahead, under the rubble. Turn left and target 
the Wraiths. Follow the path along, over the natural 
bridge. Watch for the Flood Wraith in front of the cave.

A large group of advanced Sentinels and an Enforcer or 
two suddenly ambush your team. At these numbers, 
Sentinels can be devastating. I suggest going straight 
into the tunnel. Watch for the incoming Ghosts.

After you’ve cleared this area, move through the cave, 
and leave your Wraith. A Flood-controlled Scorpion and 
Wraith lie straight ahead, in battle with Enforcers and 

Move up to the Scorpion and board it. Beat it then 
grenade it. If you’re lucky, an Elite may have taken your 
Wraith. With your supporting team (assuming you managed 
to keep them alive), you’ll be all set for the battle.

Most of the time there are just too many Sentinels and 
Enforcers though, so you will very probably be forced to 
flee through the rubble. Once you’re through, move along 
the cave. You’ll come to some windows, through which 
Sentinels are cutting down the Flood.

Drop down into the room below, and fight your way through 
to the other side. Carefully move past the Flood, 
avoiding contact when the contacts are fighting each 

Move through the exit cave. As you go out into the open, 
an Enforcer wreck lands inches from your face. Move 
quietly around the side of the hills, and through the 
cave at the other side of the pit.

As you enter the cave, hordes of Flood rush straight at 
you. Immediately cloak and leap over them, and they 
should head straight under you and into the pit battle.

Follow the tunnel along, into a room similar to the one 
you were in just before. Move to the other side, up the 
ramp and out into the open again (past some Flood on the 
way). You know you’re going the right way when you pass 
dead Marines.

Head down the left, and grab the empty Ghost. Move past 
the enemy Ghosts and Wraiths, across the bridge, and hold 
position. Watch it, there is a Flood controlled Gauss 
‘Hog. There is also a Chaingun ‘Hog, and many a Ghost, 
with a Wraith or two.

Whatever you do, don’t stray too far. A Phantom is on the 
way. When it arrives, it drops a Spectre, the Spec Op 
Commander, and a Warrior Elite.

Get on the Spectre and move up the hill. As you move 
along, watch for the Enforcers, which most likely 
dominated the ongoing battle.

Don’t draw too much attention to your team, as a couple 
of Wraiths usually sit far to the left, far enough to 
last the battle.

Once you have cleared the entire area out, move along 
over the hill, drop off to the ground below, through the 
mini-cave, and into battle with Enforcers, Ghosts, a 
Wraith and a Scorpion.

“A Human Heavy-assault vehicle!” – Elite

Leave the Flood and the Forerunners to battle it out, and 
move on to the right of the clearing, under the huge 
structure overlooking the Quarantine Zone.

In here, there are hordes of Flood all gathered up, with 
a couple of Flood manning Human Turrets.

I suggest getting off the Spectre, making sure your 
teammates get off too, and moving in on foot.

Grenades are your best friend here. Toss them in, fire 
off at the turrets, and clear out any remaining Flood. 
The Commander will do most of the tougher groups for you, 
as long as you support.

Once all is clear, move through the door at the center of 
the structure wall. Head along one of the corridors, 

“Warriors... well done!” – Spec Op Commander

The Arbiter and the Commander head up a ramp and towards 
a computer. The Arbiter activates the Gondola, calling it 
to him. Just then, the next gondola along starts moving 
to the next structure.

“More Humans? They must be after the icon!” – Spec Op 

Growls and screeches come from back down the ramp. The 
Commander turns and draws his Sword.

“On your way, Arbiter. I’ll deal with these creatures!” – 
Spec Op Commander

As the Commander leaves the gondola, it starts moving 
along. A Phantom flies down next to the gondola.

“I see that coward didn’t join you. I’ll do what I can to 
keep the Flood off your back.” – Tartarus

Shooting Gallery

“We cannot let the Humans capture the Icon! The Hierarchs 
will not suffice to your failure.” - Tartarus

You’ll find yourself surrounded by teammates.

They are all Minor Elites.

“Look! Up ahead – the parasite gathers for an attack.” – 
Minor Elite

The Elites will gather at the front of the gondola and 
exchange fire with the Flood. They are position on a 
small platform to the left of the gondola’s path. Take 
out as many as you can. If any are left when the gondola 
passes, they’ll jump on. Chances are most jumpers will 
miss. Kill them all off.

As soon as you’ve cleared that, watch the bottom floor, 
but stay on the top side. When the Flood come through 
gaps near the bottom of the gondola, rush down with and 
keep them as low as possible. As soon as they start to 
rise, you start to lose.

Once that set has been cleared, more Flood jump on above 
from another platform, and these ones rarely miss.

More come out the bottom after that. Now you have to 
worry about one or two at a time, which can be worse, 
because they have a tendency to keep quiet when you don’t 
know they’re there.

After a couple of singles, a huge horde enters from the 
bottom. Watch for those with shotguns. Grenades, and 
shotguns I might add, are your friends.

“The Humans are already inside, Arbiter! After them! I’ll 
watch the perimeter!” - Tartarus

Eventually, a large circular door will open, and the 
gondola stops next to a small ramp.

That Old, Familiar Feeling

“Go Arbiter! Get the icon!” – Tartarus.

Run down the walkway, and across the familiar layout of 
the Library. Some Combat forms run after something, 
taking no notice of you at all. When you get to where 
they were, a couple of infections leap out of the ducts, 
but still taking no notice. They follow after the 
Combats, ignoring the dead Flood bodies, which they could 
have revived.

Dotted around among the Flood bodies, are the bodies of a 
few Marines. Follow them along the path. Head through the 
little passage-way on the left.
The wreck of an Enforcer lies straight ahead.

Miranda – searching for the index – comes across it 
floating over a large drop. She can’t reach it as it 
floats over a large drop.

She grabs a nearby vine, then leans out, and grabs the 
”Gotcha!” – Miranda

Just then, the vine slips, and Miranda begins to slide 
over the edge. Suddenly, the vine stops, holding Miranda 
in place.

“You know, your father never asked me for help either.” – 

Sarge pulls Miranda up.

“The index is secure.” - Miranda

“McKenzie, Perez! How’s our exit? You hear me Marines!? 
We got trouble!”

Sarge scans the area with his Battle Rifle. Sarge notices 
a distortion in the air. Knowing this is a sign of active 
camouflage, he opens fire on it, yet missing. The 
distortion leaps over the wrecked Enforcer.

“Damn!” - Sarge

 It grabs Sarge. The camouflage wears off, and the 
Arbiter appears underneath.

“How ya doin’?” – Sarge

The Arbiter head-butts Sarge, knocking him on the floor.

“Sergeant, stay down!” - Miranda 

Miranda raises here dual-wielded SMGs and fires at the 
Arbiter, knocking his shielding offline. The Arbiter 
leaps back behind the Enforcer, and rushes round the 
right of the room to cover.

Miranda turns to the Sergeant.

“Johnson, you all right? Johnson!?” - Miranda 

The Arbiter takes his chance, and leaps out to Miranda. 
Miranda looks back slowly, understanding her mistake. The 
Arbiter knocks her guns away, then she is pulled by 
Tartarus’ Hammer.

“Excellent work, Arbiter. The Hierarchs will be pleased.” 
- Tartarus

Tartarus has Miranda in his right arm, with the index on 
her waist.
”The Icon... is my responsibility.” - Arbiter

“Was your responsibility, now it is mine.” - Tartarus 

To be completed...