Robotech: Battlecry Review


You are further hampered in the levels which feature cramped canyons and roadways by the lack of maneuverability of your Veritech in Battloid or Guardian mode.  The controls are a bit sluggish and the turning radius of the Veritech is huge.  One would imagine that a giant robot would be able to change direction in an instant, but you will find yourself constantly missing turns and hitting buildings, and jogging in half-circles in an attempt to attack enemies coming from your rear.  The game's frantic action makes it quite exciting at times, so it is a shame that the other issues can detract from your enjoyment.

The opposite is true when in space and in Fighter mode.  You are given a wider degree of freedom of movement, and the Veritech in Fighter mode is a lot more maneuverable and agile.  You also have the option of using certain button combinations to pull off maneuvers such as loops, barrel rolls, and high-speed afterburner turns.  As a result, the space levels are the most enjoyable in the game as you are free to fight the swarms of enemy ships without the need to fight with your controls.

Although the missions take place in three basic environments and share a lot of similar goals, the game does give you a lot of them.  The game's Story Mode contains five chapters, some which contain over ten missions.  Completing a mission unlocks the next in the sequence, and often unlocks additional things as well.  Veritech variants, different paint schemes, and multiplayer maps are all unlockable as you progress through the Story Mode.  This feature adds to the game's replay value, as some items can only be unlocked by playing through a mission multiple times or by destroying a set number of a certain type of enemy.

The need to unlock multiplayer maps is not uncommon in and of itself, but in Robotech Battlecry you can't play multiplayer games until a map is unlocked.  What's more is that you will have to play through quite a few missions before multiplayer is unlocked.  If you were planning on renting the game with a friend, you'd better be prepared for several hours of single-player gameplay before you can challenge each other.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 74%.  Robotech Battlecry can be a lot of fun at times, but constrained environments, sluggish controls, and a lack of overall mission variety keep it from realizing its full potential.


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