Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Walkthrough


C. Other Items

These items are puzzle items to be used in the game at some point.  
They're grouped in the place you find them.  All items that can be 
found in the mansion are first.  By the way, I'm not having a separate 
spot for EVERY single item (for instance, there's no separate entry for 
a Broken Second Floor Key).



Second Floor Key: Alex starts with this item.  It's very old and worn.  
Trying to use it will break it in the lock.  To repair it, you'll need 
to learn the Enchant Item spell, which you'll find in Chapter 3.  Once 
repaired, you're free to use it on the door on the second floor.

Dresser Key: You'll find this key in the clock in the center of the 
Main Hall.  You use it after Chapter 5, on the dresser in the east 
bedroom, which you must use Reveal Invisible to see the lock.

Tome of Eternal Darkness: This is the eponymous tome of the game.  
The words of several authors grace its pages of human skin.  This is 
where you keep all your magick and your menus.  It also shows up in all 
the other chapters, but getting it is a both a snap and required, so 
there's no need to cover it there.  Throughout the game, you'll also 
find pages of the Tome, which you can use immediately once you have 
the Tome to enter new chapters.  For the sake of space, I didn't bother 
including things that held chapter pages (Message Tube, Spice Jar)

Maxmillian's Journal:  There are three pages of this journal in the 
mansion.  The first is found on the second floor in the eastern 
bathroom.  The second is found in the western bathroom.  The third is 
found in the servants' quarters.

Note: If Alex didn't find the Dresser Key before, she gets a note from 
her grandfather telling her where to find it after finishing Max's 

Note from Edward: Alex finds this in the pages of the Tome after she 
finishes Paul Luther's chapter.  It tells her to find 88 keys.

Lucky Penny: Alex finds this in the pages of Tome after she finishes 
Peter Jacob's chapter.  She can use it in the basement to restore the 
circuit to the second bathroom.

Hidden Note from Edward: Alex finds this in the pages of the Tome after 
finishing her grandfather's chapter.  It tells her about the booze in 
the basement.

Pickax: Alex finds this in the basement behind the barrels.  She can 
use it on the walled up room.

Stethoscope: Alex finds this in the walled up room on the west side of 
the house.  She can use it to open the safe in the basement.

(Ancient's) Essence: This is the same Essence that Peter took back in 
Chapter 9.  It is found in the safe.  It's used to restore power to the 
Circle of Power in Ehn'Gha.

Crankshaft: This is found in the safe in the basement.  It's not 
directly used, but when Alex adjusts mirrors in the observatory, it'll 
be automatically placed so she can move it in more than one axis.

Letter from Edward: This letter, read aloud, details what Alex needs to 
do to stop the Ancient that Pious is summoning.  It's found in the safe 
in the basement.

Mantorok's Essence: This is the heart of the Corpse God, the Keeper of 
the Ancients.  It was received by Ellia, taken back by Dr. Lindsey, 
given to Edward, and now is in the keeping of Alex, once she takes it 
from the library, behind the book "The Demon of the Khmer".  It's used 
to restore power to the Circle of Power in Ehn'Gha.

(Ancient's) Essence: This is the Essence that Karim swore he would 
guard, that was entrusted to Roberto, before being given to Michael, 
and then to Edward.  After Mike's chapter, it's sent to the house by 
courier in a parcel.  It's used to restore power to the Circle of Power 
in Ehn'Gha.

Pedestal Fragment: This is a quick puzzle.  You'll find two fragments 
of a pedestal in the Circle of Power room in Ehn'Gha.  Enchant them 
and put them back on the shaft.


Chapter 1

Granite Block: You'll find four of these in Pious' chapter.  The red 
block is in the second chamber in plain sight.  The green block is in 
the third chamber in plain sight.  The blue block is in the fourth 
chamber in plain sight.  The purple block is in the sixty room in 
plain sight.  Insert them into the corresponding holes in the room you 
get the purple block.


Chapter 2

Strange Necklace: Found on the statue in the first room Ellia is in, 
taking this will close one of the doors leading from the room.  Ellia 
can use the necklace to heal herself if damaged.  She must be standing 
still and not being attacked for it to work properly.  There are ten 
charges in the necklace.

Bronze Necklace: Ellia finds this necklace in the southwestern room on 
the first floor of the temple.  This is to be placed on the statue in 
the main hall in exchange for the Strange Necklace, which will allow 
you to go to the north part of the temple.

Metal Staff: Ellia takes this from a statue, after encountering 
Mantorok.  She needs to retrace her steps to a room with a slot to 
insert the shaft into.


Chapter 3

Message Scroll: This scroll cannot be used.  It's there as evidence of 
treachery against Charlemagne.

Blue Urn: This urn is found upstairs in the monastery, and has a Rune 
inside.  Use it to get the Rune.  You'll break it in the process, 
however.  You'll need to repair it with the Enchant Item spell.  
Afterwards, you'll fill it with water and use it to weigh down a switch.

Green Urn: You'll find this urn in pieces on the floor where you found 
a monk being attacked.  You'll need to pick up all three pieces and 
Mix them to make the whole urn, and repair it with the Enchant Item 
spell.  Afterwards, you'll fill it with water and use it to weigh down 
a switch.

Red Urn: You'll find this urn filled with foul water near a fountain 
later on.  You'll use it to weigh down a switch.

Bishop's Key: With this taken from the body of the Bishop, you can 
open the door to the audience chamber in the Main Hall of the 
monastery and speak to Charlemagne.


Chapter 4

Talisman: Karim starts with this Talisman.  He can use it to heal 
himself five times.

Statuette: These vaguely man-shaped carvings are our next contestants 
in the Weighing Game.  You'll eventually find a room with a stand with 
braziers on it.  You'll need to use the two Statuettes you find to 
weigh down two of three circle plates in the area, and the third button 
you stand on yourself.  The first Statuette is in plain sight on the 
way there, the second is past it, and you'll need to pass a Rune 
Barrier to get to it.

Ruby Effigy: You'll find this statue up a ladder, after passing the 
two Rune Barriers.  It depicts a warrior admitting defeat in combat.  
It is not used in this chapter, though.  It will be used in Chapter 11.


Chapter 5

Medical Journal: Max Roivas uses this to catalog his pathological 
findings, and document the results of his autopsies.

Letters: There are four letters in the estate to read.  One is in the 
Master Bedroom, one is in the main hall, one is in the Tome of 
Eternal Darkness, and one is near the stained glass window, and only 
findable if you've taken the Tome.  They contain some interesting clues.

Pump Handle: You'll find this in the pantry in the Kitchen.  Use it in 
the basement to drain the water leading further under the mansion.

Basement Key: This key is in the Envelope you find near the stained 
glass window after taking the Tome of Eternal Darkness.  Use it on 
the basement door once you make it visible.


Chapter 6

Archaeologist's Brush: No explorer would be complete without one.  
Lindsey uses this in several places to brush away dust or cobwebs.  
You'll feel a rumble if you're near a place to use it.

Bronze Bracelet: Found in the center of the main room in the temple 
after brushing off the dust, use this on the statue to open the south 

Metal Bracelet: Found in the southern trapped corridor on the first 
floor.  This Bracelet is used to weigh down a platform that has a 
Silver Bracelet on it.  Once you take the silver, put this one down 
in its place.

Bronze Necklace: This is found in the southwestern chamber of the 
first floor of the temple (near that huge Horror).  Use it on the 
statue in the main room to open the north door.

Silver Bracelet: This is found in the northeastern chamber of the 
first floor of the temple.  You need to place a Metal Bracelet in 
its place after taking it.  Use this on a Statue in the western 
corridor, combined with......

Silver Necklace: This is found in the southwestern chamber of the 
first floor of the temple.  You need to dispel the magick surrounding 
the Horror, then kill it.  Take the Necklace to the statue mentioned 
above.  Both items open the door behind you.

Golden Necklace: When you first find this necklace behind a web in 
the northwestern chamber of the first basement, it's covered in gunk.  
Bring it to the southeastern chamber, drop it in the bowl, and hit 
the button to have the acid burn off the grime.  Then, you can place 
it on the statue in the eastern corridor, along with....

Golden Bracelet: In the southwest chamber of the first basement of the 
temple, you'll find a guard statue, and another on the wall and it's 
covering the Bracelet.  Basically, stand on the nearby button until the 
guard is facing you, then run over and snag the Bracelet off the 
Statue.  Use it on the statue in the east corridor to open the door 
behind you leading down to the second basement.


Chapter 7

Meditation Rod: Paul starts with this.  It can be used to restore 
Sanity three times through the power of prayer.

Book of Requilaries: Paul finds this book in the guest chambers of the 
cathedral (the first basement).  It says, among other things, that the 
Hand of Jude is a forgery.

Podium Key: You'll find this in the vestry on the west side of the 
first floor of the cathedral.  It opens the podium drawer in the 

Diary Pages: There are three of these, and they tell you what Brother 
Andrew found in his stay here.  The first is in the podium, which 
you'll need to unlock.  The second is in the Old Tower, up the stairs.  
The final is on the evil altar in the basement.

Emerald: This is found in the east room off the foyer.  See Sapphire 
for how it's used.

Old Tower Key: Given by the old man in the Bell Tower after you speak 
to him, this will unlock the door in the east side of the main church 

Music Sheet: This is found upstairs in the Old Tower.  Use it on the 
organ to open the tabernacle.

Ruby: This is found in the old church, on Anthony's body (once you 
kill him).  See Sapphire for how it's used.

Sapphire: This is found in the crypt in the basement, in a Horror.  
Once you have all three gems, insert them in the triangle in this room 
to open the crypt.

Sacrificial Knife: After finding all three Diary Pages, you can speak 
to the custodian in the Bell Tower, and he'll give this to you.  Use 
it in the Effigy in the basement room near the evil altar.


Chapter 8

(Ancient's) Essence: This Essence is found where it has lain for aeons, 
in the very same spot.  This is the only remaining one.  One Pious used 
to raise his Master, and the other he sealed away in the Cathedral.  
You will not use it here.

Ruby Effigy: After taking the Essence, you'll also take the Ruby Effigy 
Karim had back in Chapter 4, if he took it.

"Forgotten Corridor" Key: This is in the Granite Block room, and you'll 
need to activate a 5 Point Reveal Invisible spell to get to it.  Once 
you take it, use it on the locked door some ways back.

Sapphire Effigy: After taking the Key, you'll find this in an alcove 
in the next corridor, if your Reveal Invisible spell is still active.  
It depicts a sorcerer failing to understand something.  Guess what, 
Roberto won't use these effigies either.  They'll be handed off in 
Chapter 11.


Chapter 9

Lucky Penny: Peter starts with this.  It brings him luck (and it's 
doing a great job, might I add).  The use of this is to put into the 
fuse box in the basement, to power up the organ.

Flash Pan and Flash Powder: Normally used for photography, Peter starts 
with this and six charges of powder total.  Use the Flash Pan to 
stun enemies and give yourself a bit more of a chance to run.

Soldier's Letters: These tell the story of a soldier and how he was 
driven mad by what happened in the cathedral.  There is one on a table 
in the first room, and another on an ammo case halfway up to the Bell 
Tower, and a third in the secret study down in the second basement.

Soldier's Orders: These are found in a Sealed Envelope on the podium 
of the church main hall.  They are to be given to the soldier standing 
guard in the cathedral's foyer.

Music Sheet: This is the very same sheet that Paul Luther had two 
chapters ago, but it's 400 some odd years old now, so you'll have to 
remember the end for yourself.  (It's ABYXBYA in case you can't 

Door Handle: Odd thing to keep in a tabernacle, but there it is.  Play 
the organ and you can get the Handle.  Use it on the hidden door on the 
west side of the main hall (Reveal it first, though).

Magickal Elixir: This is found in the sacrifical room in the tunnels 
under the cathedral, on the altar.  To put it simply, it restores your 
magick power completely five times.  You'll need it...

Key to the Binding Hall: After having fought your way through the 
secret tunnels under the cathedral, you'll find this on the evil pulpit 
at the end.  Use it on the black door leading to the hall of the same 


Chapter 10

Liquid Courage: God bless the game for having a sense of humor.  This 
flask has seven draughts of sweeeeeet, sweet courage, aka Sanity.

Historical Journals: There is one in the library depicting the ancient 
history of the Roivas line, and another in the upstairs study depicting 
the "current" history of the Roivas line.  Both of these have clock 
hands in them.

Minute Hand, Hour Hand: One is found in each of the preceding mentioned 
Historical Journals.  Put them on the clock in the Library, and set the 
time to 3:33 to get your freak on.

Basement Key: After finding the Tome, you'll be attacked.  One part of 
this key is in the vase in the Library, which the attacker will knock 
over as it tries to escape.  The other part is with the attacker 
itself, and will only appear after you slapped him around three times.  
Mix them together and Enchant them to open the way to the basement.


Chapter 11

Flashlight: Although you can equip it like a weapon, this Flashlight 
doesn't interfere with your normal weapon, as you can't use it to 
attack.  All you use it is for lighting your way.

(Ancient's) Essence: This Essence is entrusted to Michael at the 
beginning of the chapter.  It's not used in this chapter.

Ruby Effigy, Sapphire Effigy, Emerald Effigy: The first two are given 
to Mike by Roberto's spirit if he had them at the end of his chapter.  
The third is in the temple, in the north corridor.  When placed in a 
room with three reliefs, a stairway will be opened to the Enchanted 

Staff: There are two parts to this, an Amulet and a Staff.  Both are 
found early on in the area, in rooms off a long corridor.  The Amulet 
is found in a room with two Reapers, and the Staff in a room with 
four Zombies.  They're put together, and used at the end of the 
corridor, where they can focus light.

Detonator Caps, Plastic Explosive: The Caps are found in the Forgotten 
Corridor (with the magickally protected floor) and the Explosive is 
found in the same room that the Essences were originally found.  When 
combined, they will be a powerful bomb.  Enchant it to power it up, 
then place it on the bridge to destroy the evil Forbidden City.


Autopsy of the Game