The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Tips & Secrets


To get the giant magic meter go to Two eye reef (two sqares east of Outset island),then it should be pretty easy just search around with your telescope thingy, zoom in 9x and and look EVERYWHERE until you spot a flock of-guess Aryll's favorite animals if you said seagulls you are correect!
sail to that area and find a GIGANTIC Octoroc with four eyes.
Shoot the eeeeevil Octos eyes with arrows bombs or your boomarang.
I'd reccomend shooting it with bombs because they can destroy an eye in one hit but it is harder to aim.
Once you beat the Octoroc you will see a fairy she will thank you for saving her from the clutches of the big Octo plus grant you with a bigger magic meter tadah!" - Ben

"On the island with the dragon on it.Get your telescope and look around on the wall there will be a row of bams and a rock with a cheast on it call a bird with a pear and ram the balm. Now go under where the rock used to be and there will be a cheast with 200 ruppes in it!" - king of cheater island