The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Tips & Secrets

"How to get the Hero's Charm.
The Hero's Charm is a mask that can see enemies life.
To get it catch all of the Killer Bees in their little game,then go to the school on Windfall Island and give the Teacher 20 Joy Pendants you will get a Cabana deed (you now own the Private Oasis in the southern sea.) Then go back with 40 or more Joy Pendants and give them all to her you will get the Hero's Charm." - Ben

To get the Hurricane Spin go to Orca on Outset Island with ten Knights Crests talk to him and give him the crests then he will fight you and teach you the Hurricane Spin. Its a pretty crazy attack and it makes you dizzy after you use it and it takes up some magic but it comes in handy sometimes." - Ben

"After you beat the Earth Temple, go to the Forest Haven. You will hear Makar's violin playing. The musical notes are coming out of the right waterfall. You HAVE to use your Deku Leaf to float through the waterfall. You will be in a secret cave. Makar is inthe middle of the cave. Talk to him. Then use your Windwaker to awaken him as a sage." - The Boko Baba Killer

"How to defeat Hemlock King in Forsaken Fortress:
He is a pretty big bird so, be prepared. For this boss, you can either use your skull hammer, or master sword. He will try to peck you with its beak, so run around until its beak is stuck in the ground. Hold the L button, and use either the skull hammer, or the sword. Repeat this until Hemlock King is defeated. Your boat will tell you that your sister escaped and went home safely. You're now done with this boss." - Link

"Something fun to do on Windfall Island is to slash the pigs multiple times with your sword. After about 6 hits, they turn red, and start chasing you. If they catch you, the attack you. It hurts.I like to run around with a pig parade following me ^_^

When you want them to stop chasing you, climb a ladder, or go into the water." - mangacheese1818