The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Tips & Secrets

"to find the last pearl you need to go to the island you where born in next (climb to your boat) look all around the island on your boat and you will find a big stone wall (with signs) and use the bombs (youst select the bombs and push the button and a strange canon will appear in the boat, start throwing bombs to the wall next enter the cave and a big fish will give you the pearl.

*A whirlpool is at the enter you can go to it (you need it) youst try to destroy it fast unless you want to dye. (when you destroy the wall it will disappear)" - murrea

"ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS have a fairy in a bottle wherever you go. No matter how good you think you are, things happen unexpectedly. I've been playing Zelda since I was old enough to hold the NES controller but I always try to be prepared for any situation. Also, after every big thing (getting past a hard room ect.) SAVE or you'll be sorry. One time I forgot to save for a long time and we had a power-outage -_-; I had to do the WHOLE of Forest Haven to Earth Temple over again!" - Ghost_Twin_Reloaded (on neopets)

"When fighting Gohma keep in mind there are broken wooden ledges near the top of the arena. when you release youre grappling hook from Valoo's tail aim for the ledge. once Valoo's tail re-enters the room latch on to it again. When you're up on the ledge it buys you a lot of time because it takes gohma a while to find out where you are" - Aaron Mason

"In the beginning,go to grandmas house and go up the ladder then take a few steps you talk to grandma.She gives you your clothes then talk to your sister.She gives you your telescope.Stay up there and use your telescope.youfind a red postbox and then she tells you to look in the sky.Do so.Go to Orca.He will train you with a sword.You get it.WEll THATS ALL I CAN TELL YOU CHEATER." - Tony feng

"How to defeat Gohdan:When his hands are floating around press L to aim then use the bow&arrows and shoot the eyes on his palms his eyes on his head he will fall down, quickly throw a bomb in his mouth. Repeat this three times. If you run out of arrows don't worry,Gohdan will sniff an arrow of his nose." - Ben